Nerd By Northwest #202 – “Truth Hurts… Sometimes Literally”


Naya's self-image takes a hit...

Nerd By Northwest #202 – “Truth Hurts… Sometimes Literally”
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From what I remember, our group pretty much steamrolled the sea hag encounter in our run-through the Princes of the Apocalypse campaign, but since it was the first time I'd ever encountered one I had to look up the entry for it in the Monster Manual after the game.

Fast forward months later where I'm looking for another idea for the D&D story arc. At first I didn't really envision Jen (or her D&D alter-ego Naya) as the self-absorbed type. Hair-trigger temper maybe, but not necessarily vain. But I'm taking a bit of advice from the cartoonist Scott Adams, where he says selfish or self-absorbed characters tend to be most effective for humor.

And I suppose I can always just blame it all on the evil influence from powerful enchanted spear she's wielding... 😉

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