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Since February 22, this @goodreader account has been on the steem and hive platforms, insisting on more than 80 issues of "steem中文区「以文会友」" . Even @goodreader was marked as spaminator blacklist by hive community, it doesn't stop .

自从 2月22日以来,本账号在steem和hive平台上,已经坚持80多期 steem中文区「以文会友」。即使被hive社区标为 spaminator 黑名单,也未停止。

Such as:steem中文区[以文会友]20200222(like赞赏公民拍)steem | hive

It is time to seek the support of the steemit official organizations.


At the same time, steemit officially launched the "100 DAYS OF STEEM" activity:100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 29 - Community Curators - June Applications

正好 steemit 官方在发起 百日steem计划活动: 100 DAYS OF STEEM : Day 29 - Community Curators - June Applications

Through this post, @goodreader actively applies to join the 'Community Curators' activity of steemit. Even if there is no official support, the "steem中文区「以文会友」" that this account adheres to in order to actively promote the development of steem will not stop. However, if there is official blessing, I will further promote the "steem中文区「以文会友」" to the hive ( the hard fork of steem ) and of LIKE coin, added The steem platform and article exposure also earn more STEEM/HIVE/LIKE income for the selected articles.

@goodreader 通过本帖积极申请加入 steemit 的 Community Curators 活动。即使没有获得官方支持,本账号为积极推动 steem 发展而坚持的steem中文区「以文会友」 也不会停止,但如果有官方的加持,我会将 steem中文区「以文会友」 进一步推广到从steem硬分叉出来的 hive 平台和 LIKE coin的,增加 steem 平台和文章的曝光率,也为入选的文章获得更多的STEEM/HIVE/LIKE收入。

The community or subject areas you would like to curate

This account focuses on all content related to 'Chinese', including "Chinese , Chinese human, Chinese characters, as well as anything about them", mainly related to the tag of #cn #chinese #hk #tw , etc., and related communities.

本账号关注所有跟'chinese'有关的内容,包括 “中国、华人、华语/汉字,以及中国的、华人的、华语/汉字的”,主要涉及的标签为 #cn #chinese #hk #tw 等,以及相关的社区。

Your experience and background on Steem

On the platform of steem and hive, I have insisted on more than 80 issues of "steem中文区「以文会友」" , one issue a day, starting from February 22, without interruption. Even if it is marked as spaminator blacklist by hive community, it does not stop.

已经在steem和hive平台上,坚持80多期 steem中文区「以文会友」,每天一期,从2月22日开始,从未间断。即使被hive社区标为 spaminator 黑名单,也未停止。

12 articles are selected in each issue, involving 12 authors, and through the recommendation and guidance of the steem users to install the LIKE coin button, steem authors can get additional LIKE income by using the steem articles, which is more than the steem income of most Rep.70 steem accounts.

每期入选12篇文章,涉及12个作者,并且通过推荐引导steem用户安装LIKE Coin按钮,帮助steem作者利用steem文章获得额外LIKE收入,超过大多数70级steem账号的STEEM收入。

What languages you are fluent in

Fluent in Chinese and English, translate important English content into Chinese from time to time, so as to let more Chinese users understand and participate in steem.

熟练使用中文和 English ,不定期将重要英文内容翻译为中文,以便让更多中文用户了解和参与steem。

Why you think you would make a good curator

First of all, to be a good reader can be called a good curator; second, to help more steem users get attention, improve their income, increase their interest in writing and reading, and make the steem community greater.


The principles and opinions of this account are:To be an excellent reader, don't miss interesting original ideas because of personal preference!



「BuyVote」Applications for Community Curators


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阅读者 GoodReader

To be an excellent reader, don't miss interesting original ideas because of personal preference!


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I have a deep desire to be a curator.

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Thanks for that spectacular performance, even you didn't mind all that the public talked about you, but you still went ahead to do what is right & expected. My great hug for this rewards♥️

Thank you for your application to become a Community Curator.

Look out for more news coming shortly.

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Steem network to seize $5 million from its own users
A hardfork has been scheduled for May 20 which will seize the accounts of several Steemit users, and drain $5 million worth of STEEM coins from their wallets.