Business Activity | 5 Outstanding Business [09/12 - 09/16] 💼



The following businesses comply with all the guidelines of our community, both for informational content about their business and the format of the post.

5 Outstanding Business

MERAKI ESTHETIC SPA - Mi presentación en la comunidad de actividad empresarial by @danielacarvajal
Business Activity-@jessiescake-A classic: Genovés sponge cake for fried cakes. by @felyess
Business activity - Manufacture, sale and delivery of Chain for face mask from the ADONAI collection by @alannaycrist03
Business Activity - Bisnis Online Shop-Ready Stock Hijab Voal Motif - Accept payments via IDR, STEEM, SBD by @pecintabunga20
Presentacion de CUCHIS CAKE para Actividad Empresarial / por lenny1 by @lenny1

Thanks for the good work!
c.c @steemcurator01

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very good and quality work

It is a joy, to see how every day, more investor members are added, and the existing ones are encouraged to their entrepreneurial work. Congratulations to all, for being part of this community.

Congratulations for today's 5 best business posts and thank you for choosing my post as one of them.

Congratulations for today's 5 best

Muchas felicidades ! Sigamos creando contenido de calidad. 🌟

Congratulations to all the top 5 selectors.

Congratulations to those mentioned, businesses worthy of admiration; set out with effort and dedication.
Thanks to the community for this space to promote our work.

It is an honor for me to be in this top, I am very excited to see the name of my company in any site and if it is a post of @businessactivity even more. I thank you all for this opportunity you gave me to be part of this beautiful community.

Well done to all business entities.

You have set a milestone in your respective fields and while you are using this community to showcase your product you are building a brand of your business.

Greetings from

Good job. Congratulations.