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Hi🌹 Greetings and blessings to the entire #BusinessActivity community. Today I will show you my last candy sale: It was some delicious and colorful sighs, for a girl's birthday. And the things I like to do the most are sighs, I love them, I love them... What are they like, how do they look, I see them and they cause me a lot of tenderness.🌹


On previous occasions I had already talked about tips, techniques and procedures necessary to obtain a stable meringue and beautiful sighs.

On this occasion, we are going to learn about the history of this exquisite sweet.

The story goes that meringue was created by a Swiss pastry chef named Gasparini, who lived in a town called Meiringen, hence the name "Swiss meringue". This was in the 1600s.

Stories of Italian meringue.


Different versions of the story.

🌟Another story tells that it was the creation of a confectioner who works for a Polish King. That he was preparing a German recipe, and a meringue came out.

Like all good desserts, this one came out of a preparation error, the pastry chef wanted to prepare a mayonnaise with the eggs, to spread some empanadas that they were going to eat, but he beat them so much that the meringue was formed, at first the diners did not like it a lot, but little by little he was giving them arrangements, improving, investigating and there is the great meringue with which we decorate most of all the desserts.

It is 100% sure that the first meringues were prepared in France, at the court of the Polish King, because his daughter was addicted to these sweets, and she made them famous in the French court.


In those times there were no sleeves or nozzles, so they used spoons to shape them before putting them in the oven.

The French pastry chef and chef Antoine Careme was the one who introduced the sleeves and nozzles to the world of pastry.

A good meringue should be smooth, shiny, and above all sweet.


It really is not known with total success, who was the first to prepare this delicacy, what I do know is that from here I thank that wonderful person for this creation.🤤🤤🤤

Sigh prices:

50 White sighs:

2$SBD 0.514STEEM 5.554

50 color sighs:

2.5$SBD 0.517STEEM 6.941

50 sighs with shapes:

3$SBD 0.775STEEM 5.614

Sale of the week: Choco-Arequipe.

2$SBD 0.514STEEM 5.554

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See you in a next post. I wish our businesses to be prosperous and blessed.

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Gracias por escribir en español !
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Saludos amiga, que rico suspiros me encanta, lo malo es que nunca me quedan perfectos jejeje.


La constancia deja una flor 🌹, sigue intentando seguro te saldrán


Si amiga, asi es, el que persevera vence.

Hello @felyess , we are happy with these desserts, delicious sights to sweeten our days.

The clients must be fascinated with learning about their origin and in this way delve deeper into this wonderful world that makes everyone happy.

Thank you for showing a different part with which customers enjoy not only how they are made but also by whom they were possibly discovered or made for the first time.

Please share your post on a social network and add the capture in the comments section of your publication. The goal is to increase customers, members and investors.

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Hola @cindycam, gracias visitar mi post. 🌹

Hello @felyess it is a pleasure to greet you.

Thank you for entering the world of meringue through your business, you provide us with delicious and attractive products both in combinations and designs, we are delighted with your production.


Hello @felyess this is a delicious dessert all well presented we are sure the client will be satisfied thank you for your wonderful publication