Weekly Report of Greeting & Curating with @steemcurator03 in Newcomer's Community

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Weekly Report


In the new roaster for curation, I've got 3 days in a week (Saturday, Monday & Thursday) to curate with @steemcurator03. I've already submitted a report of curating on last Saturday. Today, I'm going to publish greeting report of the last week and curating report of last Monday & Thursday.

Greeting List

1@razzak01Post Link
2@naimuuPost Link
3@nasir16Post Link
4@selinasathi1Post Link
5@shaha.alamPost Link
6@jannat01Post Link
7@shamimhassan414Post Link
8@anik4143Post Link
9@roky75Post Link
10@hakim42Post Link

There is some issues regarding these two introduction post and they are under observation now. We are now more aware as some people are trying to game the system.

@dilip.kumarPost LinkSuspicious DetailsUnder Observation
@shakib777Post LinkFully PlagiarizedRequested to Post Again

Here is the list of posts that I curated with @steemcurator03 on last Monday & Thursday.

Curation List

NoUsernamePostCatch-up Vote
1@jannat01Achievement 1
2@alamin.islamAchievement 1
3@hakim42Achievement 1
4@roky75Achievement 1
5@anik4143Achievement 1
6@shamimhassan414Achievement 1
7@balyphoollAchievement 1
8@ipingrahmatAchievement 1
9@emytex993Achievement 1
10@marianasdf30Achievement 1
11@ajirfalakyAchievement 1
12@cristanzaAchievement 2
13@judyredAchievement 2
14@jeansmachadoAchievement 2
15@yibril84Achievement 2
16@amgypinedaAchievement 2
17@phlexygeeAchievement 2Post Link
18@shakib735Achievement 2
19@arauAchievement 2
20@hernalis12Achievement 2
21@marisabrilAchievement 2
22@morenaberaAchievement 2
23@denilxonj263Achievement 2
24@anz94Achievement 3
25@ramsesgAchievement 3
26@pepo84Achievement 3
27@jhoanemcAchievement 3
28@joanacAchievement 3
29@anronnyAchievement 3
30@fida143Achievement 3
31@dexsyluzAchievement 3
32@jhoanaaquinoAchievement 4
33@sonimarAchievement 4
34@patrickbonyahAchievement 4
35@auroragil06Achievement 4
36@richard-pAchievement 4
37@angdavid21Achievement 4
38@jorgelacAchievement 4
39@marianavilaAchievement 5.1
40@sromerovillalbaAchievement 5.1

Here is the summary of this weekly report-

GreetedOn-HoldCuratedAchievement 1Achievement 2
Achievement 3Achievement 4Achievement 5Catch-up Vote
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