IAT's (Lifestyle Curators) Curation Report for June, No. 3

4일 전

Another week has passed in which the Lifestyle Curators IAT had to prove how much team spirit they have because of some surprises that life brings. All the more proud we are now to be able to tell you in this report that our team - supporting and representing each other - has mastered its task brilliantly this week as well and curated the most valuable contributions of the community to the best of our knowledge and belief with the @steemcurator08.

128 Upvotes to 105 Accounts

We are satisfied with the spread of 128 votes to 105 accounts in seven days - this equates to a CSI of 18.6 and is quite respectable.

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Each curated post is #steemexclusive and of course free of plagiarism.

Three curated authors are new or on their way to be eligible for a club, the others are powering up regularly:
#club100: 24 authors, #club75: 22 authors, #club5050: 56 authors

8 Hashtags

#food, #garden(ing), #health, #leisure, #nature, #sport(s), #travel(ing) - and several subcategories. Oh, there were so many - we don't really care, because the main thing is that the content (which we always read carefully) fits our topic: #LIFESTYLE

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18 Countries

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9 Languages

Many users write in two languages: English and their native language resp. native language and English. In this statistic, we have only taken into account the first language offered in each case though we are glad that a lot of user take the opportunity to write in their mother tongue. Then it flows much better - the interested reader notices that!

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27 Communities

So many different communities, even three authors who are not "organized" at all - evidence of our search for quality content that is independent of all friendship...

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7x TOP Quality Content...

@lanegra2804 club5050

Mi Astucia Scout. Desafío de participación de Steemit, semana 2 por @lanegra2804

Lanegra2804 continues to spoil plastic bottles :-) This time she will show us step-by-step instructions on how to turn an unnecessary used plastic bottle not into an environmental killer but into a decorative flower pot.

@jufrimj club100

#burnsteem25 | prevent stunting by improving diet, parenting, sanitation and clean water. sub-district meeting

The author as a health worker explains about stunting prevention by improving diet, parenting, sanitation and clean water. This is his activity at a meeting at the sub-district level. He explained that Stunting can affect behavioral aspects, especially in poor parenting practices in the daily practice of feeding infants and toddlers, starting from education about reproductive health and nutrition for adolescents as the forerunners of the family, until expectant mothers understand the importance of meeting nutritional needs when they are young

@ariful2 club75

A trip to Natore's Green Valley Park

The author tells about his experiences during a trip to the amusement park in the region where he lives. He also photographed the different human sculptures he showed us in the park and shared them with us.


Un Padre sin igual

It is rare to find a post written not by hand but by heart. This is exactly the post. @jesusjacr tells us about his childhood without a father and about the one who replaced his father throughout his life.

@astilem club5050

Club5050/ The Diary Game Jueves 16-06-2022 - Bailo Mix, bailando por más de dos horas

In Europe, we believe in a prejudice: "South Americans pick up rhythm with their mother's milk." At least since this article by @astilem I know that it is the pure truth!

@don-t club5050

Andalusische Blickwinkel (25) | Perspectivas andaluzas (25) #club5050

The author lives in Andalusia, a beautiful region of Spain. He can make a trip almost on foot to the impressive "Caesar Springs", of which he reports with spectacular pictures in an easy-going, easy-to-read style. Write a travel guide, @don-t!

@marlyncabrera club100

Steemit Engagement Challenge S2W3 | Steem4Nigeria Contest | Chicken and Noodle Soup

It is so far the best food post I have come across. A detailed article about chicken soup which includes the recipe, information about its ingredients and much more.

Enjoy reading the selected posts -
CYA next week!

IAT - International A-Team

@alee75 club100 | @chriddi club100 | @event-horizon club75
@o1eh club75 | @the-gorilla club100 | @whyshy club100


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Muchas gracias!! Aprovecho para preguntar: ¿Por cuanto tiempo debería estar encendiendo mi STEEM antes de poder usar una etiqueta de un clubX? (es que me andan diciendo "únete al club" y no se a que se refieren pues estoy encendiendo todas mis recompensas desde hace mas de un mes, solo que no hago divulgación de ello)


Hihi, congratulations - NOW you are in #club5050.

When we looked at your post you were not, since your last transfer to exchanges was on 2022-05-22 which was more than you powered up in 30 days.

This is a good tool to check your club status if you are not sure:

It's fine, you don't have to use the hashtag - every (good) article gets checked anyway. We prefer a hashtag that is not set than a hashtag that is lied about... ;-)
But I don't know how other teams and other communities see it. Some seem to see only the clubs and challenges...


How nice, I wouldn't want to go around saying "I'm in the club" trying to get something for it, but I wouldn't want them to show up telling me "you're not in the club" either (makes me feel like a criminal Although I understand that they do it with the intention to motivate ), and I'm not saying that for you but for other comments, that's why I wanted to be clear on how things worked.

And it's good to know thanks to your clarification that I should only be in powerup without needing to use hashtag. That's why I love steemit so much, it seems that every thing happens with a natural perfection (at least in the way the code works).

Greetings from Venezuela!

Thank you for another great report.


Thank you for the appreciation!
Well, I think the report is average - the work of the team it is based on is great though... ;-)

Thank you very much for your positive review of my post. I did put a lot of love in writing it :)

Cheers, @chriddi! CC. @steemcurator08, @event-horizon

In this publication you can see the dedication and the search for excellence. In the good style @chriddi.
very good selection.


Thank you very much. We really try hard and you can believe me that it is quite a time-consuming, sometimes also nerve-wracking effort to track down very good contributions that meet the curation criteria... 😉