Daily Report as Greeter Helper on Newcomers Achievement Program 03-June-2021

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Greeting Everyone!

I am @jawad101 a greeter helper from Pakistan and today I am here to present my report as a Greeter Helper in Newcomer's Community. Today I have verified 30 Achievements - I have also guided 10+ users on their achievements where I found any mistakes and all of them are listed below.

List of the users which I have Verified :

NoNamePost Link
1oliveroronaldPost Link
2muliadi07Post Link
3owner99Post Link
4drjawad32Post Link
5dra.kgerdePost Link
6esmeraldasojoPost Link
7rhonbastardoPost Link
8fadhilah26Post Link
9jesusgarPost Link
10auxiliadoraPost Link
11ramces97Post Link
12crismaryvPost Link
13adrianach19Post Link
14nellita66Post Link
15josselindvPost Link
16soyeniferPost Link
17buyahananPost Link
18mariasilva15Post Link
19rajulunsyujaPost Link
20bonbonsPost Link
21roxy06Post Link
22yanmarlucePost Link
23elizabeth031171Post Link
24ahmadbaidawiPost Link
25recushPost Link
26maralop16Post Link
27noelisdcPost Link
28miguel001122Post Link
29pastorjosuerPost Link
30mayberlingPost Link

I have verified all of them and informed them to move to their next achievements and I hope they will post their next achievement soon😊

List of the Users Whom I Have guided:

NoNamePost Link
1skjajuPost Link
2gabyparejoPost Link
3muhibbuttabriPost Link
4aifulPost Link
5hanyphonnaPost Link
6irianaramirezPost Link
7ali2207Post Link
8adribarriosPost Link
9joel7hmprotocolosPost Link
10zulnovitaPost Link
11moonlockhartPost Link
12yadielisaquinoPost Link
13elvis701Post Link
10joel7hmPost Link

Thank You So Much For Reading My Report - Have a Nice Day

💖 @jawad101

Together Let's

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