CLUB75||Weekly Country Representative Report for Nigeria (week ending 12th May, 2022) || BY @NGOENYI

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Dear team, hope you are all having happy days? My report is ready. As a requirement for country representatives, I was able to carry out activities that shows that I am still active. My report will cover the following
  • My powerup for the week

  • My account stat from my steemworld page

  • My publications for the week

  • Engagement challenge update for the African women and men from my own vantage point

  • My admin/mod duties in steemkids and steemwomens club community

  • Team 7up

  • My Greeter's and curator's report

  • Conclusion


My PowerUp For The Week

My weekly powerup this week happened on a grand scale because as a practice, I usually check my club status to ensure that it is still intact. But after my power up of 325.425, I discovered that I had to power up more 400 at least to maintain my club status. I quickly used my Tron to do that. This brought my power up for the week to 725.425 steem for the week.



With this powerups, my total steempower is now 42707.766 sp



My account stat from my steemworld page

With my steempower, I have been supporting both my fellow users and communities. I support users with upvotes and I support communities with both upvotes and delegation. Below is the stat from my steemworld page


I have made 121 upvotes on 88 different accounts in the last 7 days.


My voting CSI is 11.3

My reputation is 75.354


My publications for the week

To show my activeness, I have made the following publications

Cover imageLinkpost title
linkClub75,I Powered up 450 Steem,I Had A meet up with fellow steemians in my city
image.pnglinkFarming Season Is Here Again, I Have Planted My Cassava Stem, Corn, Pumpkin Seeds, Turmeric And Ginger
image.pnglinkMy experience with The Diary Game +A Mirror To View My Lifestyle , by @ngoenyi
image.pngLinkWeekly Report Of The Activities Of The African Men And Women (Week Ending 8/5/2022)
image.pnglinkSteemit Crypto Academy Contest / S1W3 – Blockchain through the concepts by @ngoenyi
image.pnglinkSteem Women club Engagement Contest ,Recreation, Farming, Christian meeting, Blogging in Steemit/Steem Promotion Are the Activities I Enjoy Doing With My Family And Friends-By @ngoenyi.
image.pnglinkWeekly (6-04-2022.......12-05-2022) curation with SC03 and greeter's report in newcomers achievement program by @ngoenyi
image.pnglinkSteemit Engagement Challenge (week 3): A design for Mr. Steem by @ngoenyi

That's a total of 8 publications.


Engagement challenge update for the African women and men from my own vantage point

The ongoing community engagement challenge initiated by steemitblog has been moving well. Users now have a target of what to publish. In African region for instance, users have been actively supporting the challenge and publishing as much as they can.

We are already in week 3 and on the 6th day, the table below shows the statistics of the African women and men participation in the challenge though not all of them drop their links in the WhatsApp group chat as most have other groups.

Steemwomens clubSteemfoodsSteem VenezuelaSteemit Parkistan
Steem EntrepreneurSteemit cryptoacademyColombia-Original

That's a total of 139 entries

The week 2 that was concluded was great. I made a report of the total participants from Africa in the steemwomens club community contest. The report, along with other activities of the Africans that they did in steemwomens club community are what I presented in the post link below 👇👇👇


Meanwhile, I made sure I review all entries of the African women and men in the steemwomens club community to check their club status, and other things.


My admin/mod duties in steemkids

As an admin in steemkids community, I have continued to monitor the activities of the community and to make changes or improvements where necessary.

In our #steemkidsedu, we have been able to higher some tutors and most of them have already began their learnwithsteem tutorials. They give homework tasks which the kids are happily carrying out. Soon, I will compile all the tutors in one list. I haven't done so because some are yet to start

I have made a change in our weekend contest. Since it has to do with the weekend activities of our kids, it will be wise if they can also share their activities within the week. Hence, I named it funny, Annoying and Exciting Diary With Kids/Kids Diary Game. So it is now a diary game that will include even mytownin10pcs. The announcement is below

Adjustment In Our Weekend Contest: Now Daily diarygame 👉 Funny, Annoying And Exciting Diary With Kids/Kids Diary

The community updates and other projects that were updated within the week are pinned in the community

  • As an admin in Steem4Nigeria community, I along with other fellow admins have been doing our best to keep the community running. It's not an easy task but we believe in a better tomorrow. We have started making selection of the daily publications to be rewarded with our little resources. Steemkidss and campusconnectng take turns to upvote the selected publications after doing so with the community account. We choose 3 publications to reward to keep encouraging the publishers.


  • Team 7up

As a member of the 7up curation team, I take my turns to make selections of the publications to be supported, I then upvote once the account is fully recharged, I leave comments to notify the user. This past week, I also upvoted quality comments as we announced in our application. At the end of the curation, I chose the post to be supported by the SC01.

The screenshot of the Publications I supported is below


I followed #steemgrowth and #contest to locate the Publications. One outstanding thing about us is that, we have been educating the users of the need to upvote others. We take time to check the voting CSI and if it's not upto 5, we advice the user to support their fellow users. One of the evidence that shows that the users are responding is the user I selected to receive support from SC01, @aaliarubab. As at the day I curated his post, his voting CSI was zero (?). I advised him and by the time I finally made the selection, the voting CSI was already 14.1. so he took the advice and learned the habit of supporting other users



I have compiled my report for the week of the curation with SC03 and greeter's report. This past week was great, see the report link below




Curation (Total) with SC0322
Achievement 112
Achievement 2-611
Compilation task2


my Plan for the Next Week/Conclusion

I will continue with my greeter's work, my admin and mod activities in my communities and then with my curation with the 7up curation team with steemcurator07, let's see how it goes. My greatest plan is to keep building my steempower to reach one Orca which is 50k sp.

This past week was a great one. I am glad I was able to carry out my responsibilities. I appreciate everyone who has made it a success.
See you next week!!!

Cc: @steemcurator01

From @ngoenyi,
CR for Nigeria


This is my introductory post here


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Friend @ngoenyi you are doing great job. I can feel it's bit difficult but you have manged very well. I'm a girl of 21 from Pakistan. It's my dream to have 5K Sp, want to be a Clubdolphin. I'm doing my hard work to achieve my goal. Friend , May I publish a post of Steemit promotion in POD because I helped others to create accounts ? I just want your precious suggestion ?
And #myarea10pics I'm going to use this one tag to publish a post with w3w locations and we'll presentation but still I'm member of club5050. Share your what's app no if possible ? Thank you so much Mam 🎉


You will achieve your goal with consistency. You are doing great already


Thank you so much Mam @ngoenyi ❤️

As usual a great report from an iron lady!
We are all the behind you!


Thanks my first Lady! It takes a first And an iron Lady to identify one. Kudos to you. You are there to give me support and encouragement. I appreciate all you do for me and others.


The pleasure is all mine! 🌼