Greeter and Curation Report 27 by @steemcurator03(Curating for Bangladesh)


Week: 13/03/2021 to 19/03/2021
Area: Indian Sub-Continent
Published Date: 31/03/2021
Last Week Report: Report 26
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Week 27


This is my 27th Steem Greeter Report as a Country representative(Bangladesh). I have been assigned the following tasks:-

  • Greeting Achievement (1-6) of Subcontinents in Newcomer's community.
  • Bi-weekly Status Update for Uganda(Active/Dormant users in Newcomers' community).
  • Curating Achievement (1-6) from Bangladesh with @steemcurator03 account.


Greeting with 03 Account in Newcomers Community

From 13/03/2021 to 19/03/2021, almost 05 people from Bangladesh and 05 people from India post their intro in the Newcomers Community, and all of them have successfully passed the Achievement 1 program. Here are all the links to those posts.


1@bashar0214/03/2021Achievement 1
2@sshifa15/03/2021Achievement 1
3@fatemaakter15/03/2021Achievement 1
4@mamunxxx16/03/2021Achievement 1
5@rifat316/03/2021Achievement 1


1@riya222213/03/2021Achievement 1,2,3
2@trapt15/03/2021Achievement 1
3@amanpratapsingh16/03/2021Achievement 1
4@crowley8818/03/2021Achievement 1
5@jyotipal18/03/2021Achievement 1


I had voted all of their content and comment on their post by providing the link of all active communities of steemit. I also provide the information link of all running contests.

I also included the latest community link which is basically focused on the crypto project to increase the knowledge of crypto. The vision of this program is really great. I sincerely thank the steemit team for providing such a project.

Curating Achievement (2-6)

From 13/03/2021 to 19/03/2021, I haven't find unrewarded Achievements of 2, 3,4, 5 and 6 from sub-continent

Last Weekly Status of Uganda

1 & 2 of March11718


Thanks to @cryptokannon, @belenguerra & the whole Greeter Team for guidance and support


@steemitblog, @steemcurator01

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Thank you for your collaboration in updating the status of the Newcomers Project participants.