Weekly report for Community Fund & the Steemit Communities Support Curation Report || Steem Challenge Community

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Week report for the Comuunity Fund Report & Steemit Communities Support Program & Curation Report || Steem Challenge Community


Hi every one

Due to some private engagements, I have not been able to publish the report of CR Pakistan for a month but as the Country Representative of Pakistan, I have run a full-fledged campaign in my district Mianwali to promote the daily basis steemit.

And so in July and August we have spread steemit a lot and I am very happy to say that a lot of new people from Mianwali district and Isa Khel tehsil of Punjab province are joining steemit social media.

And in this promotion campaign, the group leaders of my community are also running a full-fledged campaign in their respective areas.

Today in this post I will mention my new users who belong to Mianwali Tehsil of Mianwali District. In addition, I will also give the report of the new user joining from different parts of Pakistan in the weekly report so that we know the total number of active Pakistanis on steemit and what work or activities they are doing.

But before that I would like to tell you about myself as a CR how I am guiding my region and Pakistan to new and old users. First of all, I and the entire team of Steem Challenge Community hold Whatapp Online meeting every week, so that the user can be encouraged and kept active.

In addition, every community member will now have a steemit meetup on the 10th of every month, but if the government does not allow more than three people to gather in one place due to covid-19, then whatapp meetup will be arranged in this situation. In addition, I am doing my best to promote steemit in my area and in Punjab.

Steemit Meetup

Steemit Meetup is a very unique program. This allows all steemit users to understand each other in addition to online and in also in social life and all can also confirm each other. All group leaders in the steem challenge community meet regularly with users in their area. And have been in touch with each other since July.

Steemit Crypto Academy

I instructed all users to increse their SP and join the steemitcrypto academy and take part in various courses to increase their knowledge, and I am glad that the members of the steem challenge have started following this. there are few users that are taking participate in steemcryptoAcademy since three week

My Steem Mobile

I have given my mobile number to all community and every Pakistani and whenever new or old steemit friend has any problem or need information they contact me and I try to guide them completely. It is also my duty to guide them, so i am 24 hours connected with my steemit pakistani community on whatapp and also on phone. so i am feeling proud feel to thelp them. i got at leat 20 to 30 calls every week in this regards. there new users , who want to join steemit , and also there old user who get information about different programe of steemit blockchain. so i try to guide them in every way.

This report booming program is from July 1,2021 to July 31 ,2021

As you know, the booming support for the Steam Challenge ended on August 1st and that day was especially depressing for me as all the community members were being encouraged. but i have great hope that soon steem challenge community will be selected again for this support because steem challenge community is one of the active community and playing vital role to guide the new steeemit, people of Pakistan and also trying best effort to make the steemit block chain best so now all the Booming report for the month of July is being given in this report who received vote from this programe in july.





Curation Report with "Curation Using @steemchallenge community account my personal account @yousafharoonkhan "

OutGoing & incoming Votes top 250 @yousafharoonkhan

OutGoing Votes top 250 @steemChallenge


Month june( w 1 and w 2) & july (week 3)community fund report STEEM CHALLENGE

First of all, I would like to briefly mention here what was this community fund program which was started by the team of steem challenge community two months ago.

This program was a program to increase the steem power of the steem challenge community as the rest of the community owner has started.

Under this program, all community members were transferring a portion of their reward to the community two to three times per month and thus the community account was being added to the SP.

But all this was possible only with Booming Support but we very much hope that the support of the steem challenge community will definitely start and again the steem challenge community will be attracted towards becoming self-sufficient.

UserJune W 1June W 2July W 3W 4
@shafiullahz22.000 STEEM+ 2.389 SBD1.486 SBD+2.698 STEEM5.459 STEEM+2.016 SBD3.478 STEEM+1.590 SBD
@khalidniazi48.000 STEEM20.000 STEEM1.164 SBD
@haseeb-asif-khan21.615 STEEM50.000 STEEM24.000 STEEM5.292 STEEM+2.180 SBD
@makniazi46.505 STEEM21.000 STEEM45.000 STEEM2.274 SBD
@amirhayat28.989 STEEM27.437 STEEM31.966 STEEM22.511 S
@saleembk30.468 STEEM23.000 STEEM4.000 STEEM +1.451 SBD4.054 STEEM+1.731 SBD
@ansardillewali1.877 SBD+3.410 STEEM1.394 SBD+5.765 STEEM5.687 STEEM +2.081 SBD5.124 STEEM+2.386 SBD
@asif12342.566 SBD +1.740 STEEM+0.421 SBD7.671 STEEM+2.914 SBD5.205 STEEM+2.450 SBD
@saleem4562.589 SBD+4.702 STEEMnill3.686 STEEM+1.381 SBD
@ arro wgate48.195 STEEM
@ghulam11.974 SBD+3.584 STEEM5.375 STEEM+1.809 SBD5.038 STEEM+2.431 SBD
@naveed151252.840 SBD+5.214 STEEM1.669 SBD2.958 STEEM +1.094 SBD3.544 STEEM+1.673 SBD
@fazalniazi122.440 SBD+4.480 STEEM1.907 SBD+7.892 STEEM2.671 STEEM+0.941 SBD
@aslam2342.800 SBD+5.171 STEEM3.386 STEEM+1.248 SBD3.418 STEEM+1.621 SBD
@shehzad5531.000 STEEM +17.000 STEEM50.000 STEEM27.000 STEEM
@karim12341.636 SBD+3.022 STEEM0.961 SBD+3.9743.447 STEEM+1.315 SBD4.989 STEEM+2.370 SBD
@hammad4426.000 STEEM32.000 STEEM
@saleemkhana31.000 STEEM23.000 STEEM22.000 STEEM35.000 STEEM
@sajawalniazi34.800 STEEM
@mohsinkhan521.000 STEEM
@arbazkhanniazi27.236 STEEM
@hafizmunir78625.500 STEEM
@tanzilasarwar30.000 STEEM50.000 STEEM
@sagar031.000 STEEM30.000 STEEM
@abassimit29.000 STEEMnill5.832 STEEM+2.057 SBD
@yousafharoonkhan30.000 STEEM300.000 STEEMdone
@jessica56636.000 STEEM50.000 STEEM
@hafizullah10.000 STEEM
@salmanwains10.000 STEEM
@adeebkhan18.000 STEEM
@samikhana27.000 STEEM+3.000 STEEM17.000 STEEM23.000 STEEM22.000 STEEM+
@khang5725.017 STEEM w 33.415+1.433 SBD w41.955 SBD
@faizanaliniazinillnill35.219 STEEM33.000 STEEM
@zubairkhan422nill3.146 STEEM w 44.000 STEEM+1.472 SBD
@umair8nillnill30.000 STEEM
@tariqkhanptinillnill25.000 STEEM

Community Summary


subscribersActivity : 2,762
Total active poster : 84 active

Our steem team is requested that at present all the members in the steem challenge are doing quality of work. We need @steemcurator01 little walk to community to encourage the users, proof of it is that all verified user trying to contribute to build community power through fund .

Special Thanks to all steemit team for their starting Monthly support plan and I hope they will start providing their support to STEEM CHALLENGE and without their support we are zero. now steem challenge community post quality is best

Comments contest

in steem challenge community , every member is trying to visit every user post, every member is visiting each other post, and there are dozen comments under every post, it is proof that every member is active . steem challenge community only providing support to active and verified users.


UserContestReward distributed postTotal rewardStats
@yousafharoonhankc 1,c2,post link30+30=60
@saleemkhanac 1,[https://steemit.com/hive-104522/@saleemkhana/result-steemchallenge-three-pictures-of-motorcycle-contest-week1)30 steem
@shehzad55c 1post link20 steem
@haseeb-asif-khanc 1post link20 steem
@janemoranec 1,c2,post link

Currently around over 30 posts are being written posts daily in the steem challenge community. And all are writing more in the case of Diary post.

And steemchallenge and yousafharoonkhan are voting from account. Hopefully in the coming days steem challenge will be a quality community.

The whole steem challenge community team hopes that booming support will definitely start in the near future which will be a source of encouragement for the community members.

May Allah keep you all very happy.

Yours YousafHaroonKhan
Country representative of Pakistan

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Excellent performance sir you have made fabulous report and thanks to everyone for sporting the community and olso each other’s. everyone is doing his work very well. I prayed that Allah bless you all

Walekum salam
Dear sir @yousafharoonkhan Your Repat is very good. You are running sterechallenge commimity on Steem with great way. My prayer that SteemChallenge Community will make its many power. In the coming days

God willing, you have prepared a very good report. God willing, we will take this community a long way together with you.If the support program continues like this, it will be very beneficial for us As the community continues to support us, we will increase our participation And I am very grateful to @yousafharoonkhan

@yousafharoonkhan You are doing a great job as a CR.
Hopefully more people will work on this platform because steem Challenge is a great platform. Inshallah one day steem Challenge will be very powerful. And of course you encourage every member well. May Allah make you successful.

Sir you prepared good report .May Allah bless you

Yusuf Sahib may God bless you further and we pray that you take this network even further

Great leadership... your reporting is excellent sir.your are doing excellent job as guide.

thank you very much every one, stay happy, and my effort is build quality community and you all are great content creator, thank you very much , stay active, enjoy steemit

God willing our community is doing a great job and all the members are working actively and our community has been participating in the community fund for four weeks and has done a great job they are requesting our steemit team to support our community

Mashallah great effect dear sir @yousafharoonkhan
Community fund such a great effort for poor peoples.
I appreciate you respected @yousafharoonkhan for this program

very good photograph