CONTEST Looking Back/Look Forward 2.33 [ENG] CONCURSO Mirando hacia atrás / Mirando hacia adelante 2.33 [ESP]


Let's look to the future:

Thanks to robotics, the future presents us with the disappearance of many professions and the appearance of new ones. Many people see this scenario as one of great uncertainty and global chaos. But this should not be the case. We should let the new robots do the automated tasks and humans devote themselves to doing the intellectual and craft tasks that they cannot do.



It is a time of crisis and change but every time of crisis also means a time of opportunity. Opportunity to reinvent ourselves and be able to grow and be better. I don't believe in Patricio Rey's (a rock band from Argentina) phrase that in his song a whole stick says the following: The future arrived a long time ago, a whole stick you see. Making reference to the fact that the future is as much or more apocalyptic than the present.



We are in time to control the effects of pollution and to invest in technology instead of spending and being able to be sustainable. There is talk of living on a basic income, I do not see what is wrong with that if there is a shortage of work but I do see the need, if the state grants it, to give tasks to the population in exchange for that universal basic income.

Because otherwise what happens is that in many countries that give it without consideration where many become lazy and want to receive everything from heaven.The future is complex and somewhat threatening, but that does not mean that we are not going to make an effort to forge it and adapt to it.

This world was, is and will be of the bold and those who know how to adapt better. Captivate yourself, find something in which you are irreplaceable and you will succeed.


Miremos hacia el futuro:

El futuro nos presenta gracias a la robótica la desaparición de muchas profesiones y la aparición de otras nuevas. Muchas personas ven este escenario como uno de gran incertidumbre y caos mundial. Pero no debería ser así. Deberíamos dejar que los nuevos robots hagan las tareas automatizadas y los humanos dedicarnos a hacer las tareas intelectuales y artesanales que ellos no puedan hacer.



Es tiempo de crisis y de cambio pero todo tiempo de crisis significa también de oportunidad. Oportunidad de reinventarnos y poder crecer y ser mejores. No creo en la frase de Patricio Rey (banda de rock de Argentina) que en su tema Todo un Palo dice lo siguiente: El futuro llego hace rato, todo un palo ya lo ves. Haciendo referencia a que el futuro es tanto o mas apocalíptico que la actualidad.



Estamos a tiempo de controlar los efectos de la contaminación y de invertir en tecnología en lugar de gastar y poder lograr ser sustentables. Se habla de vivir de un ingreso básico, no le veo lo malo si hay escasez de trabajo pero si veo necesario que si el estado lo otorga, de tareas a la población en contraprestación de ese ingreso básico universal.

Porque sino ocurre lo que en muchos países que lo dan sin contraprestación donde muchos se vuelven flojos y desean recibir todo del cielo.El futuro es complejo y algo amenzador pero no por eso vamos a dejar de esforzarnos por forjarlo y adaptarnos a el.

Este mundo fue, es y será de los audaces y de quienes sepan adaptarse mejor. Capcitate, encuentra algo en lo que seas irreemplazable y triunfarás.

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Sorry for the mistake my friend.


@healthrecipes it is no problem. Your commenters will just not be rewarded. Greetings @wakeupkitty

We have the "industrial history" behind us and machines took over jobs.

The present robots developed are AI. They are invented to take over the intelligent jobs although my personal experience with them are bad. Perhaps they work if you are very simple minded.

Besides of robots we deal with overpopulation. There are simply not jobs enough for each person. Social security is there and already gives money for doing nothing, in some countries you have to work for it. Picking dirt from the street for example or taking care of the parks. This instead of sitting in a bar and drinking.

The overpopulation is the biggest problem by now. The group of working class is getting smaller the group of doing nothing bigger. A huge group of them is the youth and are the emigrants (it is for free so why work).

Thank you for your entry but it is not valid because you did not add the "invitation".
Nevertheless a good subject.
You have my upvote.
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Thank you. Enjoy your weekend. 💕


Thank you my friend for your upvote and your comment. I will keep in mind the invitation for the bnext contest. Sometimes I post too fast and forgot to add things. Thank you for tell me again. In my country the thing is working class getting smaller and the group of doing nothing bigger. And we only have 50 millions o population for a big country (Argentina) and the tax pressure is day to day more heavy. Have a nice week. Greetings from Argentina.


@healthrecipes You are welcome. If I see it in time I can warn you but my connection lets me down too many times.

Here it is the same. Only a very small group provides a big group. 🙁

Es que siempre tenemos que tener la capacidad de reinventarnos dentro de nuestras posibilidades, cada cual con sus fortalezas y aprendiendo algo nuevo, siempre que utilicemos la robótica como ayuda y no como suplantación del ser humano, todo será viable.
Me gustó tu artículo...


Muchas gracias amiga. Thank you so much my friend. Ten una buena semana. Have a nice week. Saludos desde Argentina. Greetings from Argentina.

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Thanks a lot my friend. Have a nice day. Greetings from Argentina.

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