Netflix: La catedral del mar / The cathedral of the sea

2개월 전

Rating 5/5

The first thing I can assure you is that it will hook you from the first chapter ... yes, sometimes you may feel frustrated by the injustices of the time (it is set in 14th century Barcelona-Spain), which is when the feudal The lords abused their power and their people 💔, in addition to some arbitrariness of the Inquisition.

Without a doubt it is a story that will make you suffer until the last chapter 😅 but the important thing is that, in the end, it is shown that the
love, courage, friendship and faith emerge as the only hope in those dark times (I cried).

Another highlight is its impeccable surroundings. Oh and how can we forget its leading actor 🔴 Aitor Luna😍, who maintained the necessary dramatic charge for us to connect with his character (I can't imagine anyone else playing that role)

Anyway, do not hesitate to see it, I only warn you that your heart will be beaten by so much suffering, but even so❤ you will not regret it!

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