Netflix: The woman in the Window

3개월 전

Synopsis: Dr. Anna Fox, who suffers from agoraphobia, spends her days locked up in her New York home, drinking wine, watching old movies and spying on her neighbors. One day, as he looks out the window, he sees something happening in front of his house, at the Russell home, that will change his life forever.

-Amy Adams gives us a very good performance, she carries the weight of the film interpreting problems of this difficult character, with many mental and traumas; and the actress does it perfectly.
-The rest of the cast is very good, and it could not be otherwise due to the number of talented names we have in this film.
-The film does quite well in keeping us intrigued at all times, it is a good psychological thriller that plays with your mind and transmits us many moments of tension; It also keeps us always alert and thinking about whether everything that happens in the film is really happening or everything in the head of the protagonist.
-The production design is very well achieved, we practically have only one stage in the entire film and the director plays quite well with the images, the plans and manages to convey that feeling of claustrophobia.

-The movie starts off quite well, but as the story progresses and the twists appear, it loses the power it had in the beginning. I think the biggest mistake was the order in which the turns appeared, since the first revelation, for me, was the most powerful, and the following ones did not have as much impact.

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