The Diary Game: How I spent my day today 25/10/21 by @anthony27


I got up from the bed this morning at around 7am, I woke up very tired and wanted some extra sleep , but I had to get up . I began the day like every other day as routine by saying a prayer .praying to my God Jehovah is a way I appreciate his mercies every morning.

After silently praying,I went straight to my office A.K.A , my farm. I own a small Fish farm right in my compound, where I hatch catfish eggs and grow their fries till fingerlings stage before I sell off.

I began changing their water first, because I could see them hanging upside down which indicated that the oxygen level in the water was depleting after that its feeding time. I normally feed them with formulated feed, but unfortunately none was handy so I have to get them live feed to eat and by live feed I mean Daphnia. I go around the estate sourcing for daphnia in small water bodies and in gutters. After finding them I bring it home, wash them thoroughly and feed them to the fishes.


After leaving the farm at around 9:15 am I went in to have breakfast, I had Jollof rice for breakfast and a bit of coffee.
After a nice breakfast and a minute rest I head out to meet a friend at his place of work, he works in a Mini bank, a small kiosk where money transactions are made by individuals daily. We talked at length, at 11:01 I left his shop. I had to get home because I was late.

I was late for an appointment I had with a cyber café at 11:30am.
I quickly bathed got dressed and took a long trek to the place quite far from my home. I was not attended to immediately because of the delay I made. They were to help me with some corrections i needed with my documents that I needed to use to get into the University. But I was told they couldn’t help me and redirected me to another location a lot farther than were I was.

First off I got home took another cold shower because of the unusual weather condition. I got into another dress, got to my Bus Stop, and stood for a bus to arrive to take me to the place. I had to endure Lagos traffic for a while and when I finally reached there, I located the person in charge, he made some phone calls and gave me another disappointing response, that I had to come tomorrow. Again!. With what I faced today, will I still have the energy to return the next day.

I made my way back home and went straight to the kitchen to prepare lunch, Eba and egusi soup .This was around 3:30pm. I rested for some time before I started doing a bit of review of what I was going to handle in the evening - evening lessons I hold for kids at their homes, which was around 4:30pm, and the time was saying 4pm. I had 30 minutes left to get to the venue. i eventually got there and had the lessons conducted, which lasted for about an hour and forty five minutes.

When I got home at around 7pm, so exhausted and very thirsty, I reached out for some chilled water in the fridge, I really trekked out today. Immediately dropping my bags I went straight to my pond to check up on my fishes and feed them too. And now late in the night am writing all about my day.

It was a truly hectic day, yes, but it was ok and I can say I really enjoyed today. I am thanking God for his care and mercies. Thank you for reading to the end.


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