Head Of The League : A SPORT FREEWRITE.

26일 전

Copy of Freewrite.png
Goals coming in well
Fans cheering, players at their best
Kicks, penalty flow, as fans expect
No deal breaker or board pass
The blow of the referee
Hand gesture but this team
Never lost a match, not for once
As rules changed, field starts to move.
Ball throw cool, fans kept mute
Clean sheet game, no black hood
The goal came in swift
Sending player to shout
Opponent stood still
Who wins this game
Gets to be king
Head over the league.
Then a bang, gunshot from afar
The rush among fans
The horror is coming closer
The emergency light went on
Sirens from the mainland
As we evacuate from his stadium
An entry into @mariannewest everyday freewrite.

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This is a good sports poetry. But horror is not good. Terrible end to your poem.