Steemalive City Cordinators report for owerri: Entry by @ceendy20

3개월 전

Hello steemians, am @ceendy20 and I bring us report from the owerri city. It's been an awesome journey so far and am here to give us report.


Membership Growth

The owerri city steemalive group is growing massively in this recent times, some of our members are doing a good job in recruiting new people every single day.

For the past one week until now, we have been had more than 10 people register on steemit

New recruits

NameAchievement post
@just-iceAchievement 2
@chinadennysAchievement 1
@luchy-olyAchievement 1 @
@mm-writesAchievement 1
@t-martinsAchievement 1
@willimasdivAchievement 1
@mirableifyAchievement 1
@rechie23Achievement 1

And many more to be registered.

Challenges faced recently

There are no current challenges faced as at now, everything is going on well. Av been able to start proper communication with the owerri steemians once again, and we are moving forward.

Recent Development

  1. The owerri city steemians are planning for thier first steemit Meetup, on the 31st of this month


We have met severally both online and offline to make put our heads together,and making plans to make that day a success, and it's going well so far.

Recent Engagements

One of our newly recruited steemain @yugoze from the Blue Amazon company we visited the last time had his wedding, which we graced with out presence. I and @alexander peace took it upon ourselves to attend the wedding

The blue Amazon group


Members steemalive owerri

Currently we have new and old members in the city of owerri,am going to be listing them out

NameActivity levelAchievement
@ceendy20Active5 task 2

Summary of Steemit users in (Owerri)

Total Users in the city40
New users recruited this week8


We have some stated plans on ground, that would enable us recruit more steemians in the city of owerri.

1 To creat awareness via radio station
2 To hit the social media platforms
3 To get an office
4 One on one creating of awareness
5 To organize meet ups and hangout for the owerri steemians
6 To visit nearby high institutions and let them know about steemit and it's benefit

These and many more we would do to get more members from the city of owerri.

My special thanks goes to @steemitblog @steemalive @focusnow. I am @ceendy20, reporting from the city of owerri.
Best regards


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Many more progress, I'm really happy for the growth.

This is fantastic, owerri to the moon. We the stemians in owerri are greatly behind you on this.

Steemit rocks. Let do more

Wow,we are really progressing. Many more achievements ahead.

Many more progress, really happy to be part of owerri Steemians

Yes ma we are moving forwad. We will not stop publicity about steeming. Owerri we move

Grt plans ma.. Owerri get ready to steemit

Well said ma. We are growing. Glad to be an owerri steemian.

Am super ready for this

Kudos to you ma

Thanks for the update. Looking forward to first meet up.

We are really progressing. That is really good

That's right....we are so doing well @ceendy20.... Owerri to the moon...🥰🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗

Wow. It's amazing being a part of steemit. Let's steel to the moon

Owerri city is progress and there no moving back..