The diary game// 20th April, 2021// Commencing Water Therapy (100% power up)

28일 전

Dear diary, it's been a week plus since I penned activities of how my day went. It's a Tuesday and I could rightly say it's the beginning of the working week for me since I did not go to the office yesterday.

I woke up by quarter past 5a.m and was so lazy to get out of bed. (I repeated malaria medication again). I forced myself up by past 6a.m, had morning devotion with my family and headed to the kitchen to prepare breakfast. I was happy I had stew from the weekend so I only had to boil rice and make little salad.

By past 8a.m, we were all ready for the day, my sweetbunch to their school and my hubby and I to work. So I have this interesting picture of my son crying because he does not like the trouser he is putting on. He prefers slim-fit trousers as against normal size trousers. Can you imagine a boy of 3years+ dictating the kind of clothes he wants to put on! I have been indulging him on other occasions but today??? No!


At work, I tried doing some tasks even though I was not really in my optimal state of health today.

I could not wait to get back home since my head was pounding. I had an apple, took panadol and went to sleep.

By the time I woke up, I felt slightly better but was advised by my mum who is a nurse to go check my blood pressure. So many young people now suffer from high blood pressure. I wonder if it has to do with what we eat.

Anyway, I checked mine and it was 120/74 which I was told is a normal range of blood pressure. I was then advised to commence water therapy.
I could not even watch my favourite TV series tonight since I had to manage to help my son with his take home assignment.

I have to rest my head with my water filled tummy. I hope I won't spend my night in the ladies.

Good night diary.

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It's the food and apple for me.. my love for quality content that has food is second to none.. Thanks for the image food but would have appreciated it more on-set..(hahahah)

Best Regards


The food is available for you...thks bro for everything.