The Diary Game Season 3 || How I Spent My Day Freshening Up - by @cn-humphrey

5개월 전

HELLO Steemians!
It's a good day to make a dairy entry for Wednesday, 19th March, 2021.

Today, I decided to go make my hair... A story!

After dragging myself away from my self, if you grab, I was finally able to leave the house and attend to some important business. But before then, I had to put my hair in order...

Before I go on, I did promise to respond to @evegrace's request on how I care for my hair, but that will not be today. Thank you for your anticipated understanding... Smiles.

So, I went to put my strands in order. And something happened.
Upon arriving at the saloon to fix my hair, the chief was absent! But, there was someone else. I suppose I can call her the franchise friend. Doesn't work there, no. But very present, even in the absence of the chief. And she was the person to put a call through to announce my presence. She's anyways cheerful, I must say!

And that wasn't what happened.

I had already imagined how I was going to spend my time while I was being attended to. Reading a paper back would be no use, as I would be at their mercy during the time, as usual. Watching a course video would be waste of data. So, I settled for something, a movie, and I watched Fee Dance, a 2018 musical. I thought I liked the movie.

What style to make...?
At this point, I was beginning to see the chief as a good non-trending stylist. You know why? She had nothing since 2010 to show me, like nothing I could relate with. I was going to go on Instagram to check — but I felt no.

Then I said make it all back! Nope, nothing added, just my hair only.
It was at this point I realised I was in for one. My hair really is a stubborn one. I knew if my hair was touched with a comb I'd have gone berserk! For technique the chief used water to soften up my hair a little. It felt tricky. But it worked.

Then the braiding started, while I was watching the movie. I was looking at the hair, but not seeing. I was not observing the size of the lot she was making. By the time she was almost done, I didn't know.

When I realised that I'd been taken by the movie, I asked if she was done, and she, smiling, said yes. That she's been telling me, but I was into my movie. Now, that was hilarious! And something more hilarious was about to hit me.

Now, here is what really happened.
When I saw my face in the mirror, I was in denial, because I couldn't believe she made my hair that tiny! Yes. It was rather too tiny. Tiny enough to alter my looks towards the femine side, I think...

After I was done there, I went to a male saloon to shave. There I took my time. I got home in time to prepare for midweek service in Church.

That Bible teaching was terrific! It was a real blessing. The title was How Men Miss Their Desyiny. I truly was blessed. And it was a beautiful way to call it a day!

Oh well, I suppose this would be a no brainer to any guy who is not into making hair beyond the barbershop!

Finally, thank you for your time reading through. I hope I brought you interesting pictures with my literature.

Till you read again.
I remain, CN Humphrey.


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