The Diary Game Season 3 || How I spent my day impacting and blessing some students by @cn-humphrey

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Hi dear. Please keep smiling...

OK. So, here's my dairy entry for today, and my name is CN Humphrey!

One thing I love doing and I am very passionate about is speaking to especially students, teaching them some school and life hacks to help them succeed, both in school - the university, and outside of school. Look at it like a practical training experience for the future. It is all encompassing!

Enough of the the intro.
So, I went to a federal tertiary school somewhere in Lagos, Nigeria. Akoka to be precise. That is the Federal College of Education (FCE) Akoka.

I didn't go alone, by the way. I went with my team members, Isaiah and @ammyy. @ammyy happens to be both a Steemian, and an active one. They're a formidable force to work with.


Upon arriving at the school, the first thing I learnt was that the students were not just writing their exams today, but were writing their last paper, after which they were to vacate the school. This didn't sound good.

Our mission in the school was to go the classes and address the students (whatever classes we could find available), speaking to them on topics such as how to easily read and pass their exams, school hacks - nuggets on succeeding in school, fanning the embers of their spiritual awareness, etc. These, of course, were not to be covered in a day. Our goal, therefore, was to interest them enough to create a platform for further interaction and training. And to achieve this, we had to show them enough proof in our presentation, get their contact details, establish a relationship, etc., and take it up from there with subsequent meetings.

With all that in view, you can understand the seeming disappointment for the time we were meeting them. But we were dauntless!

Haven consulted with a lecturer, I proceeded to a particular class where I further discussed with the lecturer (invigilating the ongoing exams) about my intent and purpose. I was refused. Interestingly, that only served as a morale booster!


I pressed further, giving him reasons why it was important I spoke with the students — after their exam, of course, being their last paper. His objections were not without merit, but I was not about to leave without giving the students something to go home with. Permission was finally granted! Success number one. But it was far from over.

After that, we went about mapping out our approach, giving the situation on ground — and the possibility of extending our mission to other classes, taking them in turns. But such extention was not to be.

The said class was a combination of science and technical students of the school. They had a combined exam, which lasted for over three hours! They started their exam by 9am and were not done till about past 12 noon.

Let me mention at this point that we didn't quite grasp the challenge ahead of us, which was how we were going to make these students wait for the presentation (which had been announced to them by one of their lectures/invigilators).
Upon noticing some students hanging around upstairs, we went to ascertain their progress with the exam. We spoke with the few around, encouraged them to wait for their colleagues, and asked them to share same information with the others.

Alas! By the time we were called upon by the students to come up, with everyone done writing, we had just a handful of 18 students waiting, out of over 60 students who wrote the exam in that class that day. Talk about keeping tab!

When the moment came, we went in to the class with the students, and our presentation began. After the introduction and opening speech by Isaiah, we were rolling!
@ammyy was about organising the class in orderly fashion. She also took their details - names and phone numbers, and the photos attached herewith.


I spoke to this smart students who kept looking at me with probing eyes, and after just a few minutes, their eyes turned from probing eyes to hungry eyes, asking for more of whatever it was I was blessing them with! In about 30 minutes I was done. Keep in mind that they just finished writing an exam, so both food and rest was pressing behind their bellies and minds.

At the end of the class, I took stock of their impression, and it was a very good one! We were excited we pulled through this one, my team and I.


I ended with prayers and encouragement, challenging them to a better first semester upon their next resumption. We did establish a means of subsequent meetings to build upon the new knowledge they just gained.

All this could not have been a success without the presence and of Isaiah @ammyy. Thanks to them both. Our mission continues.

And, a very special thank you to you in particular, yes, you, for taking the time out to read through this not boring piece, I hope!

I look forward to more exciting dairy entries.

Bye for now...

@talktofaith @ammyy @anyenaya1 @focusnow @bright-obias @ngoenyi @whitestallion @steemcurator03

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