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My great and beautiful steemians, trust the day is going great. It is my pleasure and honor to partispate in this great contest organized by @steemalive.



Today day 4 I'll be reviewing these three products and their different brands. Please read along as we do this together.



IMG_20210911_151228_923.jpg OPTIFRESH SYSTEM 8

OPTIFRESH system 8 toothpaste is a Toothpaste with icy peppermint for extreme freshness and it gives 12 hours protection. **OPTIFRESH system 8 is good against CAVITIES, PLAQUE, TARTAR, GUMS, ENAMEL, BREATH, ACID ATTACK, STAINING. **OPTIFRESH system 8 is manufactured in Poland. It is a product of ORIFLAME. ORIFLAME is created in Sweden with branches all over the world.
It's NAFDAC approved with Reg No 719017. INGREDIENTS: GLYCERINE, SORBITOL,AQUA, HYDRATED SILICA PEG-8, SODIUM FLUORIDE, ZINC SULPHATE... . It cost 10steem. You hardly see it in the market. You can buy it on line. I've been using it for 6 months. Though there is no side effects, but due to the difficulty in getting it, I switched to the next Toothpaste we will review.


DR AGNES NWANMA Dental herbal toothpaste is very good to our teeth. I also find satisfaction in this toothpaste. You readily get it at markets, kiosk and road and street hawkers with blarring advertisement coming out of their speakers. You can get the toothpaste for as low as1 Steem. It's readily available in this part of the Country. INGREDIENTS: Calcium carbonate, sodium caurly sulphate, mint flavor, water, Aloe Vera...
NAFDAC approved with Reg No A7-2265L. There's no side effects. A Product of Agness Nwanma LTD. No 3Akpaduma Uratta by Old express Rd ABA, ABIA STATE




**CHIKKI CHICKEN FLAVOR is a delicious instant noodles, that is very very quick to cook. Manufactured by CHIKKI FOODS INDUSTRIES LTD. Plot 112 Ikorodu industrial layout Ikorodu Lagos State Nigeria. Ingredients : wheat flour, vegetable oil, salt,Guar Gum,food color (Tartrazine Cl 19140. SEASONING POWDER: Salt, Sugar, Monosodium glautamate... You can buy it at any supermarket and food market for 80 steem a carton. Eating much of it is not healthy.

IMG_20210911_150835_444.jpgMINIMIE Noodles.

MINIMIE is another brand of delicious noodles, in a smaller pack manufactured by DE UNITED FOODS INDUSTRIES LTD. Distributed Nation wide by Multipro consumer products LTD. 44 Jimoh Odutola street Iganmu Lagos Nigeria.
NAFDAC approved with Reg No 08-1757. It can be bought at any supermarket for less than 1steem. INGREDIENTS: Wheat flour, Cassava fluor, vegetable oil,palm oil,...



IMG_20210911_150101_859.jpg TOPGON Insecticide

TOP GON As it is popularly known, is a very popular brand that kills all household insects pests. It is effective on mosquitos, cockroaches and many other flying by and crawling insects. Produced in Nigeria by Gongoni Company limited 89A Sharada Ind. Estate phase 111 Kano- Nigeria. NAFDAC approved with Reg No A5-0552. Available at any supermarket and market, at 10steem
The container is highly inflammable. Do not expose to direct sun light or heat of more than 50degrees C.
CAUTION: Do not sprayon persons food or animals. Avoid contact with skin or eyes. Keep out of the reach of Children. Wash hands after use. Keep in a cool place.

IMG_20210911_150018_729.jpgCHERRY Insecticide

CHERRY INSECTICIDE Is another brand of Insecticide that kills mosquitos and other insects. It has a sweet, mild scent to humans but kills insects fast. Regularly available on major road intersections or markets . The container is highly inflammable, this product resently hit the market, currently it is sold the equivalent of 5steem. It is NAFDAC approved with Reg No: A5-1847. Manufactured for Mezeco & sons Enterprises
Manufactured by YUANLONG(FUGIAM) COMMODITY COMPANY LTD. Tanhhua Mountain Industro Area Youngchun county China.
Thank you for reading through this product review. Please drop a comment, we want to know your opinion.

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This a great presentation @emjeak .I wish these companies knew you were making so much advertisement for their products.
Some of your pics did not load well.
You may want to check it.

Thanks for this educative post .

· Thanks a lot for reading. Have a nice day. Best wishes.


Thanks and same to you.

You did a very great exposition on the various products. Especially that Agnes Nwamma, it's indeed a great product. It's dental friendly.

Keep it up bro


@vibrant6689. Thanks for finding time to read my post. Appreciated.

I love the way you formatted your post. Nice products you’ve got. I will give them a trial someday


@tripplem. I like your comments and I'm glad you love it. Please give it a try, you'll love it. Thanks for finding time to read my post. I appreciate.


Thank you sir

Thanks for the nice product review, my sister once told me about the optifresh system 8 toothpaste feom oriflame. But i didn't buy. Maybe, base on the promotion you gave to it. I will taste it.


Thanks a lot for finding time to read my post. Best wishes @marajah


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