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Great and beautiful steemians I trust our day is going smoothly according to diligent plans. All the best. I'm really privileged to participate in this 7 days contest and also to write to you all
Please read along as I review these products today Tuesday 7 September 2021.


IMG_20210907_142008_915.jpgVEGETABLE OIL



Vegetable oil

KING'S VEGETABLE OIL is an edible oil which can be used for cooking. We prefer KING'S VEGETABLE OIL because it's pure oil extracted from plant, that makes it healthy. Also it is cholesterol free. Can be purchased at the market or any supermarket. I prefer buying it at the supermarket, to avoid adulteration. Might be slightly higher in price at the supermarket, but then YOU are buying non adulterated. It costs 5 steem.
It is NAFDAC approved with Reg No 08-2360
The ingredients: Refined bleached deodorized palm olein, vitamin A. It is manufactured in Nigeria by PZ Wilmar foods limited. Km 6 shagamu road opposite army barracks losi-oba village Ikorodu Lagos State.

POWER OIL Is same vegetable oil, also extracted from plant for me power oil is better than any other vegetable oil. It's also cholesterol free. It is scarce in the market and there is no adulteration of POWER OIL. It costs about 6-7 steem when available. Ingredients: Vegetable cooking oil, Refined palm Olein Vitamin A. It is also approved for the Nigeria market NAFDAC REG NO:B1-8258 Produced in Nigeria and distributed by Multipro consumer products LTD. Igamu Lagos State.



HAVEX FOREVER Is a perfumed body spray, that doubles as a deodorant and body spray. It is available in supermarkets and cosmetics shops around YOU. Costs 8-10steem depending on the point of purchase. Manufactured in UAE. Approved by NAFDAC Reg No Ingredients: butane, cyclopentasiloxane, fragrance c12-c15, Alkyl benzoate... I like this brand because it serves two purposes (1) it dries my armpit, taking care of all the sweat that causes odour and (2) it leaves YOU feeling fresh all day and that boost your confidence. Be cautious not to spray it on your eyes, also hold it 15cm from the under arm and spray.

My SOULMATE is another perfume spray that I use in case I don't get the former. This one is produced in Europe but distributed by FRAGRANCE WORLD LTD. British Virgin islands. It is sold for 5 steem. YOU can buy it at few cosmetics shops. I prefer buying the original product at Asa road ABA. For external use only. Dispose container properly to avoid adulteration, remember that it is highly inflammable, pressurized container.



WHITE OPAL Just the taught that this beautifying lotion contains carotene and egg ,makes me feel real good. It is good for my skin, it also has protective sunscreen. I've been using it for one year. It can be purchased at any cosmetics shops. It's NAFDAC approved. Make sure it doesn't come in contact with the eyes.

It is made in Nigeria by "CARING CHEMISTRY LTD." Km 14 idi iroko road, It's Ogun state.

CRISTAL CLEAR This is the cream I used before the current one. I discontinued the use because it makes me sweat a lot, I quess it's not proper for my skin, but it sure has a good fragrance. It is a product of Beauty fair laboratories LTD. Redemption crescent, gbagada industrial estate, Lagos.
Ingredients: Deionized water, Shea butter, Alcohol, Stearic Acid Silicon fluid, Vitamin C, Lemon extract, Fragrance...
Avoid contact with the eyes. If skin irritation occures, discontinue usage. For external use only.

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I discontinued the use because it makes me sweat a lot,

I had stoped using cream because of the sweat and I felt I was alone in this. Now I know I was not an isolated case. Thanks for sharing your experience


@manuelhooks. Thanks for visiting my post, I really appreciate.

Thanks @emjeak for embarking on this contest. You explanation to each of the featured products is clearly presented and to the point. Please note that the two vegetable oils you covered In your post,are the oil I like to use. The two brands are Power Oil and King's Oil.
Thanks again,


@johanjahb. I appreciate your finding time to read my blog. Best wishes

Am in love with kings oil. Its as if its the best of oils to me because it suits my needs and thirst. Thanks to Devon Nigeria ltd


@marajah. Thank you so much for finding time to read my post. Really power oil is second to none.


It's the power oil for me. Am yet to use kings oil.

the cream I used before the current one. I discontinued the use because it makes me sweat a lot, I quess it's not proper for my skin

Some creams can make you sweat alot. It's good you discontinued using it.

Truth still remind that lower life and king oil are the Oga kpata kpata of them all in the groundnut Oil business. Well detailed post


@tripplem. Thank you so much for finding time to read my post. I appreciate. Best wishes


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Thank you so much @steemalive for supporting my post