Situation report of protests in Nigeria and how it might affect our activity here.




@steemcurator01 may have noticed reduced activity among users from Nigeria in the last few days. So I make this post as a Country Representative to report the current situation we face in Nigeria and how it might affect our blogging activities here on Steemit.

Few days ago, peaceful protests began in some cities across Nigeria to demand for a change in how a particular police unit (Special Anti Robbery Squad (SARS)) operates. There have been alleged human rights abuses by this unit. Some Innocent citizens said they have experienced or witnessed harassment by this unit, hence the protests. The protests started peacefully in cities Lagos and Asaba, but has since turned violent after the authorities reportedly fired at unarmed protesters. Some where reported dead and others sustained various degrees of injury. As a result, the protest has turned violent and spread to other cities which resulted in the destruction of property and loss of lives.

How it might affect users in Nigeria

Because of how violent the situation is right now, many states have imposed 24 hour curfew, which is designed to limit the violence and loss of lives. Although the protesters have continued, defying government order. The two hardest heat cities are Lagos and Aba. Unfortunately, the two country representatives live in these two hardest hit cities. I @focusnow live in Aba, and there is a 24 hour curfew now until further notice. @beautychicks live in Lagos where the alleged shooting of unarmed protesters happened. Lagos is also on a 24 hour curfew. Aba is the city with the largest number of SteemAlive members and we also have our training center directly opposite Central Police Station. Police stations and army check points are now target of the violent protests. At least one police stations has been set ablaze and several checkpoints destroyed in Aba and Lagos.

Because of these situations, some of our users and community members may not post regularly within this period as everyones priority is to stay safe. In our group chats, we continue to encourage our members to stay away from trouble, especially from the protests that have since turned violent. There is restricton of movement due to the curfew, so most of us have been at home for two days now in the two hardest hit cities of Aba and Lagos. Other cities have recorded far less confrontations and activities remain largely normal.

While we will continue to write and post to the best of our circumstances, there could be reduced activity due to the unrest. I make this report so that our situation would be well understood. I and @beautychicks will continue to check on our dear Steemit users in our country. We hope that no one gets injured or dies as a result of the present situation.

We hope that the protesters voice would be heard and demands met. Thank you @steemitblog for your support of Nigerian Steemit users in these trying times. We hope to get over it sooner than later. Attached are some images from the protests.

Situation report gallery

Aba Town Hall set ablaze. Image taken by @marydexplorer

Aba Town Hall was featured in the mytown10pics of one of our new members @nehkalus 3 days ago. Its the Local Government headquaters of Aba South.

Orile Police Station Lagos, set ablaze. Image Source

Orile Police Station Lagos, set ablaze. Image Source

cc: @cryptokannon


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Hmmm, this is becoming serious, please lets hid ourselves for safety, in some places at portharcourt, it has been reported that some police stations were burnt down and they also beheaded a Divisional police officer, that is to show that the situation is getting out of hand, please lets stay safe.


Safety first @bright-obias. We can do much only when we stay alive. Let's keep Steeming


exactly! safety is very important.

That's what we facing currently, but with the curfew we all should try to stay online


@fluzzy. Yes, we will try to remain active on Steemit and make the best of this situation. Thank you for the motivation.

Thanks @focusnow for a detailed report such as this....
The emotional trauma is not really an easy one but thank God for peace Been restored..


@godsbest. We hope to see calm in the next few days. Let's stay safe and strong.

@focusnow thank you for this report.
The present state of Nigeria is so heartbreaking and it is affecting our performance in so many things. Some of our loved ones were involved in protest and some of them lost their lives.
@steemcurator01 and @steemitblog, we will sure bounce back to our normal stuffs.
Thanks for understanding.


Thank you Lagos City Coordinator @talktofaith. Pls stay safe and away from the unrest. I hope it will be over in the days to come. Thank you for your WhatsApp meetups and recruitment efforts. Let's do more!!!


@focusnow now, thank you sir.
We will always do our best with your support.
Yeah we are safe already.

This is endemic, I suggest there should be a good Reformation and total overhauling of the system, truly our country is highly living out of Constitution and standard, where the rich gets richer and the poor gets poorer still affected with high level of unemployment , this is really the situation, endsars was just a medium to the focal point. This is a great malady and absolute negligence of the citizens by our leaders, honestly I must air my voice with ultruism


@davchi. We hope that your voice and that of others will be heard. For the meantime, do not allow the current situation to make you become inactive here. There could be light at the end of the tunnel.


I pray Sir

The unrest is really heartbreaking, some of my recurits have been overwhelmed by these incidents. I believe this will soon be over soon, meanwhile I will try to get my recuirts active as possible.


It is indeed @whitestallion. We hope the situation would be addressed sooner than later. Let's keep our fingers crossed.

Nice reports... Really direct. The situation is somewhat of a shit show. Really heartbreaking and annoying. Well, I know we'd all be Alive when this storm passes


@nehklaus. Sure. We will get over it together. Keep Steeming.

It is really affecting a lot of steemians. The situation is out of control. You have given such a detailed situation report. Thank you for that. @focusnow
#twopercent #nigeria


Yes. @ngoenyi. We will keep motivating everyone to stay strong, positive and away from trouble. Some have lost friends and others are hurt. But we hope to get over it soon.

I hope your country is fine. I in Indonesia feel sorry to see her. keep the spirit of friends. this world is like a spinning wheel sometimes happy sometimes difficult


@imamalkimas. Thanks for your concern. It's quite unfortunate, but we are staying away from.the protests and violence. We hope it will soon end.

Good report from you @focusnow .....The unrest in the land could affect the activities of steemians.

Thank you @focusnow for your tireless efforts aimed at encouraging activities on Steemit through voting of posts and other things.

I hope the gory situation Nigeria is brought to a hurt in shortest possible time.

Another factor that has reduced activities among Nigerian steemians is that most steemian's posts expires without being voted....I have experienced it so often and even this present time.

However,I have continued to post, comment and encourage activities on steemit.

Special thanks to @steemcurator01 @steemitblog for your concerns and observation on the activities Nigerian steemians.

Remain safe!

#onepercent #nigeria


@samuel20. We will keep on working hard and stay away from trouble. Thank you for you unwavering support so far. Together we win.

Thank you for your detailed report on the situation. It's not a good thing with the turn of events with protests. We pray all gets to normal soon and you all stay safe and away from protests zones and activities. Courage
#twopercent #cameroon


Thanks for.your kind words @tenguhatanga. We will stay away from trouble and keep alive.

This article has detailed everything with every positivity.

We hope for a better Nigeria that's all we are asking for .

Let our leaders treat us like humans not animals.

It hurts me so much seeing all the wickedness and evil secrets they keep just to squander the allocation given to them to take care of the masses.

It is written "no evil hidden under the sun that won't be revealed" .

God will fight for us.😢😥😥


@marydexplorer. Thank you for your kind words. Let's hope that things will improve after this. But please stay safe and away from harm's way.

The #endsars protest is not a joke at all. A few days ago, I trekked from my office to my house spending hours on the road. It was not a good experience. I walked with fear. No bus, and bike charged at high rate. The one I carried was stopped and I had to keep using my leggedis leg to move. I nearly collapsed when I got home because I am not strong when it comes to trekking.

Another challenge is the bad internet services. I can't just explain how worse this moment is for us all in Nigeria. If any of our family has not fallen a victim of the protest, please let's advice them to stay safe and stay out of trouble.

We all know that the protest is worth it, but it has given birth to violence.

Please let's all stay safe. Peaceful protest would have been the best, but it's all turning into war between protesters, the abokis, thugs, and the armed forces.

We are going to escape the trial moment and bounce back like a tennis ball. You hit it @focusnow.


@beautychicks. It's really a sad and worsening situation. We just have to wait and see how things turn out. Like you said, it's better to stay out of it all. Life is precious and should not be thrown away. Please stay safe


Thanks man.

I'm sorry about what happened there. I hope you all stay safe and avoid all of those danger zones if possible. Take extra care.