SteemAlive Official Application for Community of the Month Support Program.

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Its indeed a pleasure to see the Steemit team working hard to assist communities stand on their feet and support their members. On behalf of the SteemAlive admin and team, I am delighted to make this application for the brand new Community of the Month support program. We hope that our application would receive a favorable consideration from the Steemit team. Let me tell you more about SteemAlive community.


SteemAlive Community - Our Purpose

In our community Introduction post, we made clear our mission. Here is a quote of our mission once again:

Our mission is to take Steemit to every house in the world. We want Steemit to become a household name. We will use all marketing strategies to create awareness for Steemit and the Steem blockchain. If we can get and retain 1,000,000 new users to Steemit in the next few years, we would have accomplished our mission.

We have not lost focus of our mission. SteemALive is fulltime into recruitment, mentoring and supporting of newbies to embrace the Steem blockchain. We were and still are one of the earliest communities to take up promotion of Steemit in Nigeria. SteemAlive recruitment and mentorship programs has made it very easy for so many users to join the platform. We have been so effective that our recruits grew and became valuable members of Steemit. For example. @ngoenyi, @talktofaith, @whitestallion, @alphafx, and many others are products of SteemAlive recruitment and mentorship.

People, especially Nigerians, should join community because apart from the mentorship and support, we represent the largest and most active collection of Nigerians on Steemit.


SteemAlive Community Team

The community has grown because we got a lot of people involved as part of the team. Since we are into Steem Promotion, it definitely requires a Proper team. Here is our team makeup

@focusnow - admin and founder
@Steemalive - admin (Community account)


City Coordinators
@talktofaith (Lagos)
@ngoenyi (uyo)
@prolee (Port Harcourt)
@ceendy20 (Owerri)
@samuel20 (Aba)
@peachyladiva (Nasarawa)
@godsbest (Enugu)
@tenguhatanga (Bamenda)
@pricelesspresh (Asaba)
@fredquantum (Osogbo)

All the team members are Nigerians. We speak English which is the official language. Then we also speak the local dialects of our home towns. The city coordinators receive support from the community wallet usually at least once within the Month. They also get a sure vote from their weekly report which is voted by booming. The two moderators @ninapenda and @samuel20 are paid full-time staff. They help @focusnow to work at the Aba center. The moderators also make some posts for the community, so they have the posting key.


Community Curation account

@steemalive is the community curation account with 11,000Sp. It used to be the main curation trail account until recently when the trail website was shutdown. We have joined the new trail - worldofxpillar. Currently we are the third mostly popular trail with 182 followers. We created a new trail account with @steem-alive. Currently it votes with $2.75 at full power.


We swap some SBD earned to steem and power up within each 2 week circle. Thats one of our plans to build community power. Additional, we have Save2soar, a project where commuity members save some steem each week and we power it up. We will do this for at least 1 year February 2020 - February 2021. We are in the 24th week with a total of 9,921 SP locked. @save2soar is also following our curation trail. We also have the city curator accounts where members also save at least 5 Steem each week. Its also locked up for 1 year.

Not all our posts are powered up. Some are used to reward the Team members. We run a daily contest called LID, we send a least 0.5 steem to participants everyday. So we do not power up the account. @ngoenyi, @focusnow and @talktofaith used to handle the voting account under the old trail. But the new one is handled by @focusnow since we are just building it afresh. The old trail had 378 followers and votes at $5.76. But the new once votes at $2 or less. So @focusnow handles that for now. Up to 50 votes are given out in a week. This will increase once more as we build the new trail.

@steemalive voting CSi


Plagiarism and Abuse

Education is an important tool we have used to fight plagiarism. Our mentorship classes stress the importance of original content. So our members are properly informed. The moderators @ninapenda and @samuel20 and @ngoenyi also check for plagiarism. We mute plagiarized posts and ban the member from our group activities. We will soon add @endingplagiarism to our moderators.


Engagement and commenting

We take engagement serious. Which is why we have a post promotion Telegram group where members must comment meaningfully on 2 posts before they drop a link of their own. LID reporting also has similar rules. Besides @ninapenda and @samuel20 have commenting as part of their daily work for the community.


Plans and Update

We post updates weekly through Steemalive account. Updates on our numerous projects such as City curator project, City Coordinators and other projects. We have a robust Telegram Group where we also drop updates. It makes it easy to quickly reach our members with any information. Additionally, the City coordinators also have Whatsapp groups for the city through which they reach their members.



We encourage all the City Coordinators to promote Steemit robustly and they are all doing that. We encourage Radio Adverts and Facebook Sponsored ads. Our Facebook ads have been effective and has brought in many users such as @talktofaith. We also use referrals by rewarding users with a little fiat incentive to bring their friends. The Aba center has been consistently broadcasting on Radio every Friday - Real FM and Buzz FM. Lagos and Uyo also speak on Radio periodically. @ngoenyi has been the our most active promoter in the City of Uyo. She implements our recommendation to conduct regular weekly meetups to the core. We appreciate here and all the City coordinators.

Steemalive is all about recuitment, mentorship and support and we are happy to see all the leaders work hard in these areas.



Steemalive has demonstrated in just 1 year what a united and coordinated team can achieve. We have produced all the Nigeria Country reps and 3 Cryptoacademy professors. Our results speak for us. We have a lot planned for the next year. Our projects are many. If we get selected for this Monthly support program, it will help us achieve our ambitious Mision - to take Steemit to every doorstep.

Thank you.



:::Whatsapp :::join trail

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One of the fast growing community in steemit i have seen is the steemalive community. This is a community that has carried everyone along. I want to believe that if the are given support they will do better. They have been using limited resource to promote steemit in no small way and if given more resource through support i believe they will do better.


Thank you so much for coming around to support us. Be rest assured that we will do more for you and everyone if given this support. Thank you so much. @simonnwigwe

This is nothing but the truth! Steemalive have trained and continue to train many people to become active steemians of which I am one of those undergoing training now.
I love so many things about steemalive community which the admin and founder @focusnow highlighted above.
I also plead for our application to receive a favourable consideration form steemit team.
We eagerly look forward to hear such good news from steemit team.


I value your support, it means a lot to us. Thank you so much for choosing SteemAlive. @aizeeck

Indeed in consistency lies power and productivity,, steemalive is a product of consistentency


We are optimistic great things await all of us if we put our resources together in this community. Thank you @peterabagi

I am in full support of this application @focusnow, Sir.
Steemalive has been a foundational and nurturing community for many Steemit users like me. I found my feet on this platform through Steemalive. She just clocked one but has achieved so much that needs commendation and more support.
I plead for positive response to this application from the Steemit team.
Thank you so much.


@nneoma08. Thank you so muh for these great words of motivation. We are eager to continue working hard to support everyone and build a community we will continue to be proud of.


I strongly believe that we will achieve these dreams because we have the zeal and dedication.

Thank you so much Sir for all your efforts.


I appreciate your kind support. Together we can.



Very comprehensive. Thank You sir for this applying on our behalf.
Together we will achieve greater things.


@uzoma24. We hope to receive a favourable consideration of the above application. Great wins ahead.

True talk, steemalive has empowered and trained so many people. I really appreciate its efforts


Thank you for supporting us in this way. Thank you so much. @aaron1990

Glad reading steemalive application for community support, really (steemalive) our beloved community is waxing strong and focused, all because our admin is @focusnow, with a strong team of CITY CORDINATORS and MODERATORS. I'm grateful to this amazing community for upgrading my finance, increasing my knowledge of block chain and meeting great and beautiful friends on Steemit. I hope Steemit will keep taking me higher and higher...


@emjeak. I appreciate your kind support towards the community. We will achieve a lot with this kind of motivation.

Indeed @steemalive has adsed value to our lives and supported us in diffirent ways. I really recomend full support from @steemcurator01 because of its efforts


Thank you @cynthia1997. We hope to continue doing more for all. Thanks so much

Steem Alive is one of the best communities on this platform. The community offers support and this helps to improve the value of the members, and the platform at large.


@uchescribe. We are grateful to you for offering this words of support. We will do more together.

Nice approach by @steemalive and I am glad to be part of this and I hope what is stake for us will benefit everyone of here, steem to the sky @steemalive🥰😍🤩


@benson6. We will exceed the sky together with this team spirit. Lets do it.

Honestly Steemalive made me what I am today, talking about creativity and how to observe each moment was the impact Steemalive gave to me and my friends.
I gave my support to this platform.


@sammyevans. We are grateful for your support. We pledge to do more together. We can!!!

One of the things that makes me like this community is that, the Admins are well organized. They are always eager to help the members. Thank you @focus now and every other leader. I am glad to be part of this community.


Your support means so much to us. We cant do much without ou. Thank you so much for being kind to us. @msquaretk

This is great! I am happy to be part of this beautiful community.


We are proud of your patience and consistency. It pays. Lets do more together!!

I strongly believe that we are sure to get support from the main source.

Thank so much Sir, for all you do.

We are stronger together.


You do a great work for us in the Aba center. Be assured we appreciate all your kind work there. You wont regret it. @ninapenda.


Thank you Sir.

Very correct sir @focusnow. Thank you for this application. You are doing a good job.


We hope to do more with your support. Thank you for coming to join our effort in securing this community support @msquaretwins.

Wow, what a nice post @focusnow


We enjoy your support. Lets do more and push the boundaries. We can do it. @imaitor

Honestly, steemalive has done great works in people's lives,i so much appreciate @focusnow for his great works on steemalive.


We are privileged to have contributed to your smooth journey so far. More wins await all of us.


Sure we trust you,we move,ahead ahead.

Well-done sir @focusnow. I'm happy to be part of @steemalive.
Sincerely speaking, I've learned a lot because of this great community and I say thank you.
More grease to your elbow


@patience90. We are ready to support you more with this community program. You will beccome a beneficiary once we secure it


Looking forward sir

Great!,@focusnow and other admins have done great work.Indeed @steemalive has added values to our members and the entire platform.


Thank you so much @chigold1. We still have a lot in store for all of us

When persons like @focusnow, @ngoeny, @samuel20, @talktofaith, @ninapenda, etc. are at the helms of affairs of @steemalive, I have no doubt the heights we can attain.

It's obvious from the presentation. What a masterpiece!

Keep up the good work sir @focusnow and your team.


@jaspichman125. Thank you so much for being a part of our success story. You will definetely benefit more from our community programs. Together we can!!

I admire the pattern of writing here. @steemalive is actually moving steemit to the next level...I can confess that. @focusnow is really doing a nice job with the coordinators by his side, also helping for the growth of the community, all this with the objective of taking steemit to the peak level.

The story will be a good one if we're picked as one of the community to be supported this month...😊😊....not forgetting the steemit team also for always supporting it's members... thanks.

@prolee cares...


We appreciate your work so much as city coordinator PortHarcout. Although running a tight schedule as a student, you still do a lot for us. Keep up the great effort. More wins for all of us soonest. @prolee


Thanks @focusnow

More wins for all of us soonest. @prolee


We are united and growing together. @focusnow and the admins are doing a great job. Our results really speaks for us.


@alexanderpeace. You have started taking a lot of initiatives. We are taking note of that. Your rewards will come soonest. Keep up your great work.


Thank you sir. Am glad to be a part of your team


We are proud of you. Keep it up

I will say I was very lucky to find my self part of this great family.

I'm steemalive bonafide member💪
And we stay alive together.

Our mission is to uphold recruit retain and reward as many users as we can into the steemit blockchain technology and to open up individuals eyes to see the mystery about cryptocurrency.

We are working strongly towards this goal all our active members are well surported.
Our admin @focusnow and teams have been of good help in both Mentoring and Organizing tutorial class for members.

We are more than a family😘

I pray our application get approved to enable us achieve more of our goals 🙏🙏🙏

Best wish from @pricelesspresh


We appreciate all the work you do as our Coordinator in Asaba. We are so proud of you. The results may not come quickly, but it will definitely come. Lets do more together. Lets win more together. Thank you so much @pricelesspresh


Greetings @focusnow all this was achieve through your encouragement and support!
I appreciate you more you are more than a leader.
More wisdom I pray for you 🙏
As the community keeps growing 🙏🙏

We are strongly by your side


Thanks @pricelesspresh. You are indeed P.R.I.C.E.L.E.S.S

I learnt new things and became more observant towards many stuffs i usually neglect. Thanks to this great platform.
Nice approach to attaining a great height.


Thank you so much for accepting to work with us. Great things are ahead of us. You wont regret being a part of this large family. We appreciate @chigrace

I bless the day I came across this awesome Community,I've been so helped and eqquiped in this very community...the support system here is second to none and the coordination here is superb,I must also include this that we are one big family here with @focusnow as the family head. Finally,I will like to end by saying I strongly recommend this community for the the steemit Community support.


You are one of the most consistent member on telegram, always trying to create fun and engagement. We appreciate your support. More wins for you and the community. @ihorgic

This steemalive community has really been the best so far in helping and encourage members of steemit as a whole, I really appreciate @focusnow for the platform and the work well done so far


@linteg. Thank you so much for being so supportive to us. We can do more with this togetherness. We appreciate you so much.

Our growth is remarkable...@steemalive have always been of great support and encouragement to steemians.
I pray our application gets approved.


You have been part of our success story. We can do much without you. Thank you so much for being active and supportive. @peculiarem

May God continue to strengthen you.
Keep up the Good work...


@meekey41. Your kind words are so motivating. Thank you so much. Lets do more!!


Yes Boss...

Yes steemalive deserves this support.
Steemalive has really produced a whole lots of valuable steemians.
I anticipate a positive response towards this proposal.


@talktofaith. Thank you for all the work you do at Lagos. You deserve everything we can do for you.

I will support this 100%. Ever since I joined steemit, steemAlive has been the back bone of every success and development. I can't count the training I have received in this community which had moulded me to what I am on steemit. I thank steemAlive for that. One of us has been the administrators , @focusnow who works so hard to see that everyone is on track no matter where you are. That's what we call a leader. My wish is for a disruptive growth of the community and so making it successfully in this application will enable the continuous support and development of our members. This will be more impactful in the community.


#twopercent #cameroon


You have have shown so much belief and support to the community. It's amazing how much you have done for us. I remain ever grateful to your work and loyalty. We owe you so much. Thank you and keep up the great work at Bamenda.

@steemalive is one of the best community I have seen and subscribe to in steemit. So many factors make them to be the best. Name them:

  1. training of new subscribers
  2. Quick response to us when we face challenges in our steemit journey.
  3. Helping it's members to be active through daily LID report.
  4. And rewarding it's members too
    The community carries everyone along. There are so many things about steem-alive that makes it a unique community.

@udyliciouz. We appreciate your motivating words. The mean so much to us. We can only do more with these positive words. Thank you so much for everything.

Very comprehensive, detailed and easy to understand. We love what you are doing sir and we hope that our community is supported


Thank you @ruthjoe for supporting this effort. We appreciate you so much.

Thank you sir @focusenow for your assidous effort in making steemalive community a conducive enviroment for all of us, it has been fun been on this platform. Thanks once again.


You have been consistent in supporting the community. We really appreciate your kind support. We are winning together.

Nice post boss, steemalive have train many people especially me, it educate me about a crypto business like before I don't know anything about crypto currency but now am good in it and the best thing I do to self it to join steemalive and thank you for applying on behalf of us.


@val123. Thank you so much for passionately supporting our projects. We appreciate all that you do for us. You wont regret it.


Ok sir thank you.

@steemalive community is one of the great communities that has been our source of encouragement, guidance in steemit. the admin @focusnow and all the leaders are actually doing a great job and they always carry everyone alone, it will be a great joy if the team get the monthly community supports to achieve their intended goals and promote steam.


Thank you so much for your kind words. We can exceedall limits as we continue to work as a team. @yakspeace


Always welcome sir.

I'm in support of this application made by @focusnow. Steemalive has been a learning and nurturing community for many steemians and I. I wouldn't have known so much about steemit if not the intervention of @focusnow and the weekly lecture organized by this great community called @steemalive.

In all sincerity, I plead for positive response to this application and subsequent supports from the Steemit team.
Thank you so much.


@justice2550. We appreciate your support to us so much. We are really eager to do more for our members. Thank you for staying by our side.

Steemalive is one community who believe in growing every member of the community. The success of everyone has always been at the heart of the steemalive team. This support will really help them to do much more.
I stand with steemalive


@davosimple. Thank you so much for coming to support our application. We value your input so much.

@steemalive has been good and supportive to us all. It has mentored us like no other platform has, so i recomend full support to this community


@blessingamey. We are very optimistic we will be selected with support from you. Lets win together!!


Thank you boss, i admire your leadership

Very strong believe we have the zeal to achieve this dream


Lets keep the fire burning. Thank you so much. Together we can!

Indeed Steemalive is a platform organised and coordinated by sincere and trusted leaders @focusnow, sir you are doing a great work for us @steemalive I can attest for that, thanks.


@mojacdavid. Thank you so much for your kind words. We will not be here without you. We appreciate.

Wow!!!,this is awesome, thank you very much @focusnow for all your efforts,you are truly a great leader,@steemalive is simply the best.


@emyprince. Am humbled by your opinion about me. Thank you so much for being supportive

This community is massive and with the offspring they have produced, the difference is clear. @focusnow, thanks for the input🥰🥰😍


We appreciate your kind words. Thank you so much for being here with us. We will win together!!

Tell me the community that is topping the chart and I will show you @steemalive.


One of the best comments. Thank you so much. We appreciate your support. More wins ahead!!

Honestly @steemalive community has recruited so many users or member and through the help of our admin @focusnow the @steemalive community has achieve a lot, we are still moving forward promoting steem,


@ready247. Thank you so much for promoting Steem with us. You have brought in many of your friends and continue to work hard. We appreciate you so much. Lets do more!

Well spoken. Thank you for standing by, it is our desire to get this support as it will help encourage more users at a time.


Thank you @charis20 for your encouraging words. It means a lot to us.


Thank you sir

I congratulate @steemalive for the great work they are doing they have been so encouraging especially me. Thank you for the moderators for they have really been supportive and encouraging especially @tenguhatanga


@yangsifabiola. Thank you for supporting us in this way. It really matters. We will continue to work hard with the leaders to achieve what we have in mind.

I don't have much to say because Steemalive is faithful to its mission and should be considered for the purpose of this application. We trust she will do more.


Your support has been obvious and highly recommended. Thank you so much @meymeyshops for everything you have done for SteemAlive community. We can go higher together.

You have said it all @focusnow, I really appreciate you for what you have been doing many thank's to you sir @steemAlive to the world...


Thank you so much @kingcent for the support and efforts. We can do more with your support.

@steemalive this platform has always been a wonderful help to a great number of people which I am inclusive. You have really think for our progress and has never stop thinking about it. I greet you sir and I'm absolutely in support of the application.

Lovely @focus this is amazing report, all Said is true and live , l witness something said by you in this community, thanks to@steemalive for this great support to us

You are doing a great job sir. I wish every other community will be like steemalive, unfortunately we have only one @focusnow

What an impressive record. I'm specially proud of this community because of the great leaders. They work in unison and carry everyone along not just that they do everything to accomplish the 3Rs.

To be frank, Steem alive has made positive impact on me and my family. Thank you @focusnow and every other leader. I am glad to be part of this wonderful community.

Steem alive is a great community that have assisted and improved the value of its members. I am glad to be part of this great community. Thank you @focusnow and your squad.

Great project we have in this work... I'm in full support of this @focusnow

Great stuff from an awesome leader @focusnow. You have strongly brought us together here and it has extended beyond Steemit, the interpersonal relationship between Steemians has been enhanced through the structure you formed @steemalive into. This is nothing but an awesome application and this community deserves it, yes, that's one hundred percent. We hope to see the outcome of this application as a success. Thanks for writing this great piece, sir @focusnow.

Thankyou so much sir @focusnow. I have come to understand steemit because of you and our cordinators. You mentorship has been really helpful. Steemalive all the way

Thank you very much for all what you do here and we will be open to go far with steemalive.

I am in support

Having joined the STEEMIT community recently, I've come to know the much I know because of the mentorship here. I know @steemit has a lot of potential to achieve so much

@steemalive is the community that has raised many newcomers which has been doing well in steemit, infact, i have been among those who have enjoyed the mentorship from the administrator @focusnow.

If we (@steemalive) are eventually selected as one of those who will partake of the wonderful initiative by the steemit, it will really help in mobilizing, training and assisting more new investors into steemit and promote steemit to every doorstep.

Am in the right track and i know that

Steemalive has been our foundation. It has recruited and supported almost all of us in Nigeria. I pray the support is given her.

Steemalive community has been great since I joined steemit. To be candid, I will say it has been instrumental in the growth of steemians all over Nigeria. Personally, still being in steemit is atributable to him. His encouragement and motivation made me to persist in steemit. The community is just like a mother taking care of her chicks and doing very well in that respect. Great work to its founder @focusnow. He has been doing extremely well in managing this community.
I would be grateful for all the supports steemalive can get for her community.

This is a great community, they have been supportive, this community deserve support, I wish this community a success

Nice one sir @focusnow thanks for your support sir in #steem,you inspire me sir🔥

Thank you Steemalive for helping me gain stand on Steemit platform. I am in full support of this application

@steemalive is one of the community in this platform that supported new members, @focusnow normally conducted free telegram classes for newbies which has helped a lot to know how to steem. I pray @steemitblog Will give their support to this amazing community

Glad to be part of this