Weekly CR report by @focusnow October 18th - October 25th 2020.





Its been a really rough week over here in Nigeria with peaceful protests that turned violent. But amid the chaos, I was still able to perform significant work in growing Steemit as a Nigerian Representative. I am reporting my activity for the past 1 week to @steemcurator01 and @steemitblog,



The new center has been an effective for all our programs. It has made it easier to have a central location for coordinating activities. Recruitment is one area that has been enhanced. So over the last ten days, I have been able to recruit and onboard the following new users:

Recruited by my recruits


Engagement and Retention

We have maintained our weekly contests which are usually creative and personal. It helps participants to tell a personal story and engage with others. Our daily LID reports is another fun activity that many of our community members await each morning. Even a few that were inactive, have gradually come back to activity through LID. We hope to get more support to be able to sustain it. I will also announce further changes to ad more value to LID and make it more meaningful.



For my curation this week using the 5000SP delegated to me, I was able to support 47 accounts, making a total of 144 votes in the last 7 days.





Conclusion/More work

It has been a tough week on Steemit and off it, but I hope to continue working hard to the best of the current circumstances and resources available to me. Unfortunately, we have a member @ninapenda who reportedly lost her phone while running away from the violence on Tuesday. She would be inactive for some time until she is able to save up and get a new device. Apart from this incident, we are happy that no one died or got injured in the unrest of the previous week. If it would be nice, I can make a post and set @ninapenda as 100% beneficiary to assist her replace her device. She has been active in helping us run the center. The last training we had, she cleaned the center, welcomed guests and also took attendance for us. We hope to support her in any meaningful way we could.

@ninapenda at our last training program before the curfew

cc: @cryptokannon, @shortsegments.

Best regards,


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Hi @focusnow thank you for this report. I would appreciate it if you post this report at Steem Pod community here https://steemit.com/trending/hive-166405 so we all Steem POD members get to know how is other CRs doing through their weekly report in one place, which is this community of STEEM POD.

First of all, I would like to give you a huge thank you for your effort in bringing in new users to Steemit.
It is just that there is some issue here, it's been a week since you start curating the newcomers with @steemcurator03 and you been doing great without delay on curating their achievement 1 post, that's impressive.
I hope and greatly appreciate it if you could put their details into the weekly spreadsheet that I have asked the curators team to fill in after they curated newcomers Achievement 1 post and also other achievement tasks posts too.
To help you with keeping up with the data, a Total of 9 newcomers not yet on the table but already curated by you since last week.
Let me help you with the screenshot I got from https://steemworld.org/@steemcurator03 so you won't miss them on our newcomer's data.






They are the newcomers that you have curated with @steemcurator03 but not yet in the Newcomers Spreadsheet of The Steem Greeters Team. We need the data so we have the number of how many newcomers coming in from the specific country. I hope all the curators especially curators for Achievement 1 cooperate with us the rest of the team members on this. Thank you.


Let me know what are the obstacles that you all are facing with the task of putting their details into the spreadsheet right away after curating their achievement 1 post. Usually, we use https://steemworld.org/@theiraccountname
please change that @theiraccountname to the newcomers' account name.
For the "Users" column, this is the newcomers' account name, you can copy-paste either from the https://steemworld.org/@theiraccountname or your browser search bar on their achievement 1 post.

then the details of when they join on steemit can be found at "account details" tab and on the "Action " section, then there is the "create" column, the date they create/joined steemit is there. You can put this date as their "Date joined Steemit"

"Verification post date" column is when is the date you have verified/curated their achievement 1 post,

"Newcomers Achievement Program Task Completed" column is to be updated after every curation of the achievement being made, if you have curated their achievement 1 post,updated their title to "Achievement 1 verified" on the Newcomers Community, then you go to the spreadsheet and put Achievement 1 here. The same goes for the other subsequent achievement task.

For the "status" column, if you are in charge of updating this weekly, you will go to their account profile and check that if they have been not posting or commenting for more than 7 days, you can put their "status" as "dormant".

For the "Introduction Post" column, this is their achievement 1 post link, you can get this on your browser search then just copy/paste it to the column on the table.

Let me know which of these steps on filling in their data into the table that still not clear, I will gladly help you all with this.


cc: @njaywan @focusnow


This is very helpful @cryptokannon. I asked one of the curators when I first came on board and I couldn't get much help from that end. As a result, I used to visit the Newcomer's wallet and the post and calculate the exact date of the account creation. I wasn't fully well this past week which is why I couldn't do all that. Thank you so much for this.


This is very clear and understandable @cryptokannon. With this, it will be very easier for the newly appointed CR's to take records of the newcommers. Thank you very much for compiling this, its so helpful.



I appreciate this kindly remember, I would.like to use today to put them on the sheet and work on the other aspects you mentioned. I had wanted to ask whether there is a tool to know inactive ones, or do I manually check their pages. I could report inactive last week because thinking about checking them manually was a big deal with my limited time.


I had wanted to ask whether there is a tool to know inactive ones, or do I manually check their pages. I could report inactive last week because thinking about checking them manually was a big deal with my limited time.

@focusnow Currently, we don't have a tool for this. The team members have been doing it manually. I will exclude you from this task if your time is limited for this. But please if you still want to carry the task of curating achievement 1 post, please put their details right away on the table as per curation guidelines.


That is sure. I will start doing it. It's a Promise. @cryptokannon

Thanks for this report.

You still seem to be struggling with following up with new recruits.

Every post should be visited and assistance offered, for example...

Five days have passed and no visit, comments, assistance, votes...?


@steemcurator01. Will be working harder in that area. Although the previous week has been anything but easy. Will keep on assisting them and make follow ups.

Am happy to be part of this community. Thanks @focusnow for the support. I pray God will make a way for @ninapenda to be back soon.


@mexacliff. I appreciate your kind words. We hope she will find a way to get around it.

keep up the spirit of comrades even in very bad circumstances. hopefully it can be safer as usual in your country


@imamalkimas. We hope things will gradually get back to normal.

Great report for the week sir, you did great with tje new recruits especially.

God grant you more strength to do more.

#onepercent #twopercent #nigeria

I'm really glad to be part of this family. Thanks again for having me

@focusnow, you had really been doing a great job.
Please keep up the good work.
I'm so sorry about @ninapenda, I think the idea of making a post and setting the benefitiary 100% for her is a good one, seeing her inputs and activeness.

Great report from you @focusnow ....The just concluded week has been filled with tension over the recent unrest in the country.

I feel for @ninapenda for losing her phone while trying to scamper for safety.She has been up and doing as regards to promoting @steemalive and Steemit world in general.

I wish @steemitblog will bring succour to her by approving a post set at 100% for her.


Thank you for your work and contributions to the Steem Greeters project.