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Hello dear friends, how are we doing today? Sure we are fine. It is good to be here once again. I will like to present to you My Fruitful Activities for the Past Week.

Tuesday 24th August, 2021 - Promotional Activity and Food Stuff Shopping


I started by introducing Steemit platform to a friend, a business center owner in my area. I discovered that he trades with cryptocurrency. So I utilized the opportunity to tell him more about Steemit and how it works. I explained various digital currencies and communities that Steemit have as well as how he can earn weekly through quality content creation. I shared with him my experiences especially that morning on my earnings. He became very much interested and requested for Steemit Website for further details, which I gave him. I promised to get back to him for positive action by his coming on board on Steemit platform.

I then proceeded to my food stuff shopping in one of the popular markets in my area - Iyana Iba market. I went to make some withdrawals at one of the banks within the market environs.. Before my turn, disagreement occcurred between two customers on who is the first to make withdrawal, but the security operatives at the bank settled the issue. Mine was network failure and after spending some time there, I quietly went to one of the mobile banking agents nearby and made my withdrawal. This means that our banking system is gradually giving out their services to the mobile agents. That is why, we need cryptocurrency so that our transactions can be done in seconds without any hindrance and middle men.

Eventually, I got my food stuffs ready as you can see from the few captures I did.


Wednesday, 25th and Friday 27th August, 2021. - Weekly training


I attended this seminar in order to boost my network marketing. The topic was on Team Building. I learned how I can work together with different personalities, using their varying talents to build a strong team, thereby enhancing my network. From this training too, I saw the need and beauty of growing my network by recruiting more and more people into the business. I was actually moved to apply the same method in Steemit, creating awareness about Steemit as the only way that Nigerians can know what STEEM is and how they can benefit from using the platform.

Then on Friday, we had our Digital Training. Personal branding and its benefits was disucussed. The training help me to see how I can become an expert in my field, as potential investors search for me online.

After the lecture, I made the effort to introduce Steemit to my colleagues and I did just that to one of them, She was interested but her obstacle is expressing her thoughts into words and then create a content. Is there a way out for this category of people in Steemit? Is there a possibility for them to invest in Steemit without creating a content?


**Saturday, 28th and Sunday, 29th August, 2031 - Cleaning of our Place of Worship - Kingdom Hall""

it was a privilege that I had on Saturday to join my fellow believers to keep our place of worship clean. Although our place of worship is still under lock and key as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic, yet it has to be clean always. This is done to avoid it being overgrown with grass, preventing rodents and reptiles from finding their resting place there. Moreover, we serving a clean and holy God, Jehovah, who highly values physical cleanliness.. Hence, young and old alike joined hands in doing the needful on Saturday as you can see from the images below.



It was a truly refreshing work, as this shows neighbours the kind of people we are, that we still have our place of worship in mind and want to always fulfill our obligation towards maintaining and dignifying our place of worship even around the world.

Later in the day, Steemit was introduced to one of our friends. He was highly impressed and so requested to come down to my apartment to learn more. Eventually he came, so thorough explanation was done. He was really satisfied. I am indeed eagerly waiting for his registration into Steemit platform any moment from now.

To crown it all on Sunday. I enjoyed a great spiritual banquet. Along with my family, we enjoyed the last section of 2021 Regional Convention - Powerful By Faith. The convention has heightened my faith and determination to keep enduring and to continue to serve my God Jehovah, knowing that He has a wondrous future in store for me.

The original music video - With Eyes of Faith was indeed an inspiring song. I eagerly look forward to that time when the whole earth will rest, free from fear, terrorism,violence, all forms of illness including Covid-19 and death will all be gone. What a sure and firm promise by the One who cannot lie! Join me in learning more about how you can be part of this wonderful future by logging on to www.jw.org,



In fact, my week was a really satisfying one indeed!. I believed you enjoyed yours too. I am ever determined to continue to use every opportunity at my disposal to introduce Steemit to people I meet on daily basis. I greatly appreciate your going through my post.

My best wishes to @focusnow and to the Admin.

cc: @bright-obias

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I am very much impressed about your writeup. Especially the effort you made in cleaning the kindgdom hall and as well as making time for your digital training.

You’ve really enjoy your self dear, more life more wins