My Diary for Tuesday

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Hi steemians, I've missed out on my diary for quite some time now due to power failure. I've been in Aba for the past weeks and life here has been sweet and amazing. I'm catching enough rest and sleeping in most part of the day. Well I'll like to use this medium to share my diary for tuesday.

Before I dive in I think it'll be better to throw some light on my activities on monday. Monday was declared sit at home throughout the entire south east and all the cities in the south east was a ghost town,

this was in line with the order given by the Ipob directives in recognition of their leader who is being held in custody. But that's for Monday and it affects most people. Let's not debate on that as I'll be sharing my activities for Tuesday as mentioned earlier.

Tuesday was the 17th day of August and one significant thing happening is the start of waec examination for secondary school final year students. I woke up that morning and picked my phone to check for update on Facebook and that was the first thing that popped up in my screen. I remember how it used to be during our time though not this period. It's usually written between May/June but due to the covid-19 outbreak and trying to keep up with the precautionary measure it has to be postponed to this time of the year.

After getting through that update and observing my morning worship I left the bed to buy provisions for breakfast and lay back. It was really boring cause they was no light and my phone was getting low so I needed to charge it and this has been one of the criteria keeping me from updating my diary and other online activities which I'm involved in. Fortunately for me I got a place where I plugged it and went back home to catch some rest.

I slept most of the afternoon as it rained all day and woke towards evening when the rain reduced but everywhere was cozy I left the house to find a POS stand where I can withdraw some cash but it was really hard for me as I couldn't scale through cause I wasn't with my ATM card and I lost it the day I arrived at Aba and making withdraw has always been a nightmare for me here.

I tried but it wasn't easy that particular night as I couldn't succeed at first so I went home and thought of a better option until I find someone who offered to give me cash for transfer. I went home ate and retired to bed but this time I don't have enough battery that will scale me through making the post so I slept and decided to make it the next day which is today. Thanks for reading through.

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Interesting, so you are enjoying your stay here and you didn't seem it necessary to come visiting at the training center?

As for your ATM, I guess we have banks in Aba here why haven't you gone for another one and probably block the lost one, it's important.

We appreciate you, thank you for sharing your diary in steemalive community.


I'll make time for it my dear if my stay permits just that it has been raining this few days thus obstructing my movement. As for the ATM I'll go for it though I haven't blocked that one and I don't have my I.D card with me here so that will make it lil bit complicated. Thanks for reading through. I really appreciate