Adulting with me, Episode 3 | Life is a journey not a competition mindset

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Hello itinerants all over the world and steem community! What's up with you guys? In my twenty six years of existence, I have decided to share my personal experiences with this so-called adulting. Just a disclaimer, I am not an expert so everything I share with you guys is based on my personal experiences and research. I do hope we can have a wonderful discussion together in facing this quarter-life called adulting.

Adulting is such an underrated topic since it's never taught at school and people don't often talk about it because we are all always busy and caught making a living. I hope this could be a way to also get a support system that gives us hope, encouragement and advice from one another. In that way, we could make everyone feel that we are never alone and whatever you are going through, other people go through it too.


It's been awhile since my last adulting episode but if you're with me all this time, you might have read some of my travel episodes recently. It came across my mind to write my first adulting episode for this year since I've had plenty of realizations for the past year and as well as resolutions for this year to help me become a better version of myself and of course to live a happier life. I can really say that I have become more aware of my well-being and trying to take control of everything within my reach.. I am currently in a phase in my life wherein I sometimes get consumed by this quarter life crisis but I take it as a healthy challenge to inspire and motivate myself to build my character, my physical appearance and relationships with others.


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It's undeniable that most people experience mixed emotions amidst this pandemic in fact most are negative feelings that really drag us down and sometimes make us feel like we are barely heard in a doldrum and seem helpless. That is why it's imperative to cope with such situations whatever we are going through and learn how to take full control of ourselves and not let these emotions overrule our life.


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Having the right mindset is really important in our lifetime for the reason that it literally does affect everything in our life. It makes our lives less complicated and it will lead us to grow different life aspects like career, relationships and how we see life in general. With our life experiences may it be good or bad, one common denominator is learning.

When we learn, we tend to become more aware of the things that need to be done and how we can avoid committing the same failures over and over again. That's why I personally think that having the right mindset is essential to make us hopeful and optimistic in circumstances that we feel down and doubtful with our current situations.


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Nowadays, there are a lot of ways on how people easily compare themselves to other people given that everyone's highlights are always visible on social media. Perhaps all of us have at least been to that situation where we had so many questions about life about why other people are experiencing things like that and why you're not? Why do others have this or that and you don't? That's really normal because we are just a human being but you can actually take full control of that situation by having a mindset and you can change the outcome from being envious and doubting yourself or you can use it as an inspiration to improve your condition.


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There's really no greater competition than the trials that we always try to win within ourselves in our lifetime There's no need to compete with other people in terms of successes may it be in possessions or relationships because we do have different timelines and in the first place not everything we see in their own timelines are real. That's a mere facade.

Imagine a world with people having that kind of mindset, lifting each other up, helping one another when one fails, imparting our knowledge and abilities to others so we all can succeed in this journey called life. And of course that could be arguably possible since we all have different abilities and personalities but if only we all tend not to see life as a competition we all could probably create a healthier place to live in wherein everyone grows and achieves their goals without jealousy and feeling insecure and threatened of its stability.


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I used to be very competitive in my academics, extra curricular activities, performances at work and even with my relationships and I've realized that it did help me grow as a person but also it did compromise my relationships and well being. I got pressured with the things I had to maintain. I'm a very hardworking person to the point that I decided to have a couple of jobs few years ago because I've always had that feeling of being very needy of appreciation from my parents for the reason that I've always felt that there's always a competition between me and my siblings that I needed to excel to prove my worth to them. And I some of you also experience when you get to see the life events or highlights that are happening to your former classmates, friends, relatives or anyone you see on social media, we somehow feel inferior about ourselves that's because we haven't learned yet to appreciate our own worth and our mindset hasn't grown yet or it is still unorganized.


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I am still trying hard to live by that concept and hopefully can make it a habit and learn to appreciate everything that's happening in my life. I've also learned to take time as how you want your pace to be without forgetting its value and to be wise in my decisions so at least it would still be time efficient.

I really do understand why some people still do not recognize themselves as being overly insecure with other people because it's never easy to acknowledge that we are the only ones at fault why we live such a living condition because we have the wrong mindset and we haven't actually matured yet.

I've always believed that being competitive is truly essential for success which is actually true but there will be a lot of things that will get compromised not just your relationships but also with your well being and I just don't like to be successful if it does look like that.


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This year has just begun and there surely will be challenges along the way but the greatest battle to win over and over is the battle within yourself. It's about defeating your bad habits, unproductive days, negative thoughts, stressors and most importantly defeating the worst version of yourself. It's really up to us whether we spend each day comparing ourselves to others or we spend our life appreciating ourselves, embracing our flaws and improving ourselves every time.

That's basically it, if it happens that you have visited the place already, please care to share your experiences in the comment section below. Everyone's glad to hear the stories of yours! Just always remember that learning is a lifetime process. You can learn from your experiences, trips and from other people. The world is so vast. Explore and Learn! Traveling isn't is as expensive as you think! There's a so called travelling on a frugal way with a purpose! I will be posting the second part of my Singapore Trip as soon as possible. Stay tuned then.



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