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How would you explain someone who is paralyzed from the neck to the foot? He has everything a man has but can only use his head. Likely your mind must have thought about a lot things about this guy. He may have many wishes. For example, he could wish to pick up something from the floor, take a spoon to his mouth, wear his pants or brush his teeth. If he become more wishful, he may think of taking a walk around a nearby garden, sit to have his meal, jog or run with friends or ride a bicycle. On a more empathetic side, he may wish to play with his family or hug his wife.

As you may have noticed, this fellow has probably a lot of wishes and likely lots of things planned out in his life but he is incapacitated, he can only wish but cannot do. How you pity such a man really! You wish he could be more useful at least to himself. But there he lay a complete waste.

Real life situations can present a similar sceneero where people suddenly become helpless and had to depend on others for help. They live at the mercy of another, to do even the laziest thing about themselves . People with good mind often come to the aid of such individuals and they become a source of comfort.

However, you may likely imagine that I am writing this piece for individuals who are debilitated by strange sicknesses. No, but to some who have made themselves destitute by themselves. Well, not actually physical impairment but mentally.

Let me tell you a story about Abana John. This man was a born athlete. He played so well in the field of football that he earned the title " the god of soccer" by the villagers in Umuibe. It will be few people who played football that do not know Abana within the locality and equally quite few of the enthusiast who do not know him. His praise is song even beyond the province of Umuibe and to the farther Umuada. There is often this slogan, " have you played like Abana?".

Abana had this ambition of playing internationally. Just like the popular Jayjay Okocha, this man want to win international laurels and accolades and as he claimed, he want to win it for Umuibe as the first Umuibe man who will be known internationally.

To hype his dream, Abana met Mr. Bright , a white man who visit remote areas looking for raw talent. As Mr bright examined Abana in the field of play, he knew that he had what he was looking for. He had just found a pearl in this young man that would get him extra money. Soon enough the news was all over the place - Abana will soon leave to Europe to play with Arsenal football club. As the days went by the news has travelled far and wide and beyond. Men of Umuibe now hold Abana to a high esteemed. He was held as king and celebrated. People will volunteer their services to him in exchange for recognition - " should he go to Europe and come back, who knows?".

A month to the planned travel and as Satan may have it Mr bright took ill. Mr bright contracted malaria, given how tough this sickness is on the whites, Mr bright could not make it. Abana's hope was shattered. Days turn to months and months turn to years Abana seems helpless. All those glory and the popularity fled along with his quest.

Abana, a renowned footballer found it difficult to settle for something else.
He was weekend after he lost out on his ambition to become a football star. He was like a man who fell from iroko and broke all his bones. He fell but couldn't get up.In effect he made himself like a man who only wished but cannot act.

In life, circumstances can rare it's ugly head at us. Destiny is the one we make for ourselves. we must not stop where our circumstances and hopes make us stop. If we do, we have allowed ourselves to be paralyzed by events.


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