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hello diary🥰

Good evening dearest,how have you been,hope you're fine and how was your day , did you miss me? I know you did no worries am here now. So diary I know you'll be glad to hear how I spent my day,I did quite a lot today,so I'll just go ahead and tell you all about today.


So diary I woke up a little bit late as i won't be going to school. I woke up by 6:58am almost 7:00, when I woke up I was reluctant to go outside so I just stayed in my room playing cool music. After a little while, my big brother @focusnow called me and told me he was hungry ,I was just like this early morning is like you dreamt about food last night and went out but he kept disturbing me finally I collected money and went bought bread, boiled hot water for tea and served him. I also served my self tea and bread as I was starving. After eating I brushed my teeth and swept the compound. Afterwards I washed the dishes and swept the kitchen.


Around 1:32am, I went to my friend's house by name Ruth but we call her Ruthie Lee to get my uniform ironed as there was power outage In my area . When I got there ,she was so happy to see me,she took me in and we started talking about random stuffs ranging from school activities to other meaningless things I almost forgot the main reason for visiting. We kept on talking and gisting and laughing until her mum came in and told me to iron my uniform which I did. After ironing we continued talking til it was time for me to return home but she refused to let me go so I stayed for a little while . When I returned, I prepared and served lunch of bitterleaf and cocoyam soup ,did some yoga exercises, took my bath and decided to revise my notes but headache no gree me so I left them and slept off. When I woke up I helped my dad to make a diary post and then washed my school cardigan. After washing I logged in to Facebook and copied the note which our mathematics teacher dropped in our Facebook classroom. Afterwards I did my assignments on civics.


In the evening I prepared and ate dinner of jellof rice
Swept the kitchen, prepared a hot bath for big bro and my parents. Later I Finally revised my notes and spoke to my cousin brother by name prince via WhatsApp, took my bath , arranged my school bag against tommorow morning and right now I'm on my bed talking to you afterwhich I'll get rest and I guess we are done talking. Good night diary 🥰.

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