HOW CAN I FIX MY MISTAKES? Presented by : Unique Ihrieroma

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Why it matters?
Admitting your mistakes will make you more responsible and trustworthy person.imagine this scenario:while playing wit his friends ,Joe throws a ball that crashes through a neighbor's car glass.if you were Joe , what would you do?
Stop to think!!!you have three options:
*Blame someone else.
*Tell the neighbor what happened,and offer to pay for the damages.
You would be tempted to take the first option.But there are always good Reasons for you to admit your mistakes--Whether they involve broke windows or anything else.
1.1t's the right thing to do.
2.People are more likely to forgive those who admit their mistakes.
How to learn From Your Mistakes.
We all make Mistakes many times.And as we have seen,it is a sign of humility and maturity to admit your Mistakes- and to do dat right away.
The next step is to learn from your Mistakes. A man named fried say:"I try to view each Mistake as a learning experience and let it be a lesson that will help me to be a better person and handle the situation differently the next time."
You borrowed your neighbors Bike and damage it.what would you do next?
*Say nothing and hope your neighbor doesn't notice
*Tell your neighbor exactly what happened.
*Tell your neighbor what happened but blame someone else.
Now look back at the proceding scenarios and try to imagine that you are your neighbor and Mr joe.what would you neighbor and Mr Joe think of you readily admitted Your Mistakes?what would they think of you if you covered up your Mistakes?so you will agree with me that admitting your Mistakes and makin amend is better than running or putting the blame on others.and over feeling of regrets over past Mistakes will only make one like a car driver who just fixed is eye on the side or rear mirror with out looking doubt that driver will meet with we do want to dwell on our past Mistakes.. get more info at thanks.

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