The diarygame Season3 presented by me Unique Ihrieroma@nikkyfresh.dated 07 July 2021.

7개월 전

I greet you all . hope you're all in good condition. I am better now and my family is also in good health too. Today I woke at 6:30 to get ready for work.i prayed and I woke up and went to the bathroom to take my bath.i took my breakfast and we did our family worship together as a family .I drove my wife and my daughter to daughter school and drop her after which I brought her back home and went to work. Then later in the late afternoon my wife called me to help her pick my daughter from school as she was very business with one of her I went and brought my daughter back from school and lunch was already served before I came back so I enjoyed my lunch rice and stew.moreover today was also our congregation meeting so I prepared for meeting. The meeting lasted for about 1:45 minutes. I later helped my daughter to do her school assignment that was given her. After some time dinner was served and I enjoyed my dinner potato with fried eggs. After taking a little rest I decided to play music. my daughter was busy dancing when she fell down and she sustained an injury this changed my mood!!!. I was very sad because of that,we gave her some first aid,and now she had been taken care of. She cried a lot and slept off. But before sleeping my wife gave her a pain relief to help her reduce the pain. All of them has gone to sleep and I soon retire too goodnight to you all.

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