Diary Game Season 3. 1st-June-2021. Hectic lectures despite the situation of things In Abia state.

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Greatest Nigerian student.

If we are current with the happenings in the Eastern parts of our country you will come to realize that there is no peace at all anywhere in the country, but not withstanding my institution still forced us out of our comfort zone to continue academic activities.
After a long night, I woke up at exactly 7AM said my morning prayer, prepared breakfast and rushed everything so as to meet up with the 8AM-12Pm lectures where attendance is mandatory. 12pm-1pm is normally free so I ceased that golden opportunity to process my National Identification Number (NIN), because it seems like I am the only Nigerian student that does not have the NiN.


As we all know how things go in our beloved country, I was there until it struck 3pm and finally it was my turn turn to go in and do the necessary. I was out at about 3:30pm, had a class by 4pm but headed straight back to my room (body no be firewood).
On reaching the house at around 4:15pm I took a bath then a nap
At around 5pm i started struggling to organize what to eat though I have phobia for cooking 🤦🏼‍♂️ so I had to go for what is easy, got spaghetti and just put everything in the pot and waited for the end point 😁.


At 6pm exactly I had both dinner and lunch at the same..

Shot with an itel s12

thanks for reading my post.


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Wow im sure that food will be very delicious


Of course it was.
Not really a bad cook.

@offia66 it doesn't sound like a bad day.
Is that your friend a steemian?
Anytime you go out, be careful, the days are bad.


It was not a bad day.
He is a Steemian.
Thanks boss.


My dear, things are becoming worst day by day. But all are Bible prophecy