What I do to stay healthy daily.

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Greetings Fellow Steemians.

I hope we are all fine.
Today I will sharing with this community what I engage in on daily basis so as to stay healthy.
I am open for more suggestion.

What is health?

For me this is the total well being of the human body.

How do I take care of my health daily?

There are so many things I do daily so as to stay healthy and not fall sick at all. Few of the things I do to stay healthy includes:

  • I ensure I drink a glass of water immediatly I wake up daily before meal. Based on medical research this helps to rehydrate the body system.
  • Drinking of Lime water immediatly after eating: Lime water is known for it's ability to aid digestion. So as to feel free immediatly few minutes after eating I take lime water for fast digestion.
  • Daily exercise:


This one has helped me stay healthy for such a long time. Daily exercise lowers the risk of heart attack, brings about weight loss, enhance strong bones, provides you with stamina ( helps stand firm), and reduced cholesterol level. In a nutshell daily exercise goes a long way.

  • The hospital is too far leaf:
    in my country the hospital is too far is a leaf that is famous for how medicinal it is. I normally boil the leaf inside a boiling water and afterwards drink the water. It is really medicinal.


A picture of me drinking the boiled hospital is too far mixture

I have shared with you the few steps I take to stay healthy daily.

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Thanks for sharing dear..This is so helpful

I will like to look for this leaf


You should.
It is of great help.

A sure way to better life... Healthy living!

Nice right up I don't joke with warm water in the morning and sometimes I also add lemon


Thanks for reading my post.