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What is pawpaw?

Another name for pawpaw is called papaya, pawpaw is a native edible fruit that is usually 3/6inches long, it has a green skin, when ripe and ready to be eaten its will has a yellow flesh and black seeds



Pawpaw trees , leaf ,sterms and root are all functional because they are all diseases resistance, having acetogenin content in ut help in fight lots of diseases and cholesterol, it contains 21 antifungal,pesticidal properties, and neurotoxins. Different plant parts has it own different potentials.
Fruit helps in heart disease, its clear blockage that leads to heart disease.
Leaf contain Anti-carcinoganic that are effective against tumor cells, its detoxify the human system.
Fruit and seed is an antioxidant, its softened your stomach if finding difficult to flush out your system (shit)toilet.

How to effectively use leaf to achieve good result

Leaf extract the keaves, add a little quantity of warm water inna tea form, drink in an empty stomach in the morning, its clears malaria, dengue fever, improve blood sugar, its makes your hair and skin to be healthy.

mixture of stem and leaf for a greater result

*Stem/leaf * cut them in tiny pieces as many as you can, boil it in an iron pale, when its evaporate and show the high decree of heat, bring it down from you gas , get a blanket, fix the hot pale close to yourself while you cover yourself with the blanket, keep staring for the vapour to comes up, the more heat and sweet that comes out of your body the faster the healing, allow it for atlist 10mins , then bath with the water from the pale.
*usefulness * its remove body pains,its clear difficult in breathing, clears cater, fever removal, weakness of the body gone. To all steemit community, I'll urge every one to stay safe and healthy, love y'all.

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