A Proposed Idea : "Having Exact Steem Power Down Cash Not Exceeding 1/4 Of The Whole Liquidity"




Maybe this could be a proposed idea, "having the exact steem power down cash one wish to cash out not exceeding 1/4 of the total Liquidity in one's wallet."

One thing I have studied for 2 years being in steem is that "power down" is always fixed about 1/4 of the total liquidity one has in his steem wallet. Now that the power down has been brought to 4 weeks rounds, it means if I have about 8,000 Steem Power in my accounts, each week I can power down approximately 2, 000 Steem or little more than that.

Imagine if I wish to cash out only half of this 2,000 Steem( 1,000 Steem) for only the first week, that's the only steem I want to cash out, this will cost me powering down the whole 2,000 steem before reversing the other 1,000 steem to power up.

In someone's mind, as soon as he sees me powering down he might think that I have begin huge powering down that is going to drain out all the liquidity as a result of uncertainty.

I believe the Developer can fix in the "the exact amount that one is powering down not exceeding 1/4 of the total Steem power." This could help us to differentiate steem users who is powering down small amount of steem and those that are making huge powering down.

Everybody has reasons of powering down; to some people they might be facing some little life challenges that need a quick one week powering down. Maybe it might not cause them to even power down that 1/4 of the Steem power. They just need some little steem to top up their cash to resolve things.

For my opinion, powering down and reversing some of the steem to power up again isn't a big deal, but I think if specification is done to know the exact Steem that one wish to power down it would help a lot.

Thanks for your support, Steemit Teams!

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