MY DIARY GAME SEASON 3// 26//02//2021// HOW I SPENT MY FRIDAY//@ritachinwe

8개월 전

Hello community, thank God it's Friday! I'm so glad to be enjoying the opportunity to share this interesting day with you...

As usual my alarm sounded and I got up to pray. I prayed till 6am. Afterwards, I brushed my teeth, had my bath and got dressed.

I was ready to leave for work. I was already on my way when I started having a feeling to go back and change. I had even gone half way but I turned back to go change what I was wearing into something I'd be more comfortable on.I got to work around 7:45am. I signed the teachers attendance and started getting ready for today's work.

I went to class to mark the class register. Chai! Students can be so funny. I was posted to JSS3 class to invigilate..oh my God! Those students can frustrate life out of They wrote 3 papers at a stretch and it lasted for about 2hrs. Infact, I caught a student cheating and so I signed on her paper.

we were done, school had closed but I stayed back for a while to tidy up things. We, Mr Michael, Mr Abayomi, Mr Adekoya and myself went to see another colleague of ours 'Mrs Olorunibe' who was sick and couldn't make it to work. So from there, I went straight home because I was hungry and tired. I got home, freshened up, ate and started marking test scripts.




Afterwards, I went to the salon to loose my hair and have it retouched. When I was done


I came back prepared dinner, ate and rested for a while, this was already 7pm.
I took my shower and by the time I was done it was 9:30pm and I went straight to bed.

Thank you all so much and I hope you had wonderful day as well.

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