The Dairy Game// Saturday 27, March 2021//how I spent my Saturday

7개월 전

Hello beautiful stemains, it's really been a while and I'm glad I'll be sharing my day experience with you today.

It's really been a while... I've not been feeling too well.

Since Thursday I've been having symptoms of malaria so I decided to visit a pharmacist who prescribed some medications for me.
So on Friday (yesterday), I woke up very tired and weak but i managed to go to work. Although I couldn't do so much, my students noticed my mood and knew that something was wrong. After I finished taking my breakfast, I took my drugs, few moments later I started feeling dizzy.
We usually have school fellowship every Friday and I'm the fellowship coordinator but yesterday it was a different story, I couldn't attend fellowship I left immediately school dismissed while the meeting was still on.

I was running temperature so I had to dab my head and body with wet towel


I've been on medication since yesterday and I thank God I'm getting better. My younger sis has been the one helping me out. I was awake all through the night, I couldn't sleep.

She made peppersoup for me even though my younger ones couldn't allow me enjoy it...but I felt much better after drinking the soup after which I took my medication and slept for a while.


6:35pm, a friend called and came to check up on me, stayed for a few moments and left. At 8pm I had my dinner, took a shower and off to bed.

Thank you for reading... trust you had a wonderful day.

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