The diary game //21st, February, 2021//how my day went by @ritachinwe

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Hello beautiful people, trust you had a great day?

I woke up this morning 5am Nigerian time to prepare for church service.

When I woke up, I said my prayers, brush my teeth, had my bath, did my make up... light make up and then I got dressed.

From my house to my church venue is quite far... about 2hrs if there's no traffic... yeah!
I got ready around 6:30am and then, off to church. Although I had to trek to where I could board bus and begin my journey to remember it's a 2hr journey. I live in an estate where sometimes it's can be difficult to get bike or anything by that time of the morning. But thank goodness, someone gave me a lift to the bus stop where I boarded bus.
So, I got to church around 9am, though I missed 1st service which was by 7am so I joined in the 2nd service. Service was awesome... pastor preached on LAYING THE FOUNDATION OF YOUR PROSPERITY. It was a mind blowing message. I should give a summary of the message

During choir ministration

If you want to be prospered, you need to prepare for it. If you don't prepare to be wealthy you will not be wealthy, been committed in church will not make you wealthy. Preparations always opens doors for opportunities.
Preparations + Opportunities = Success. Success does not just happen, you have to plan. Ecl 9:11(KJV)
If you are willing to succeed in life you must be willing to leave your comfort zone.
Reasons why people don't succeed

  • Lack of preparation
  • Lack of knowledge
    It takes a change in character, a change in the way you think to experience financial breakthrough.
    No matter how much you earn, learn to save. If you don't know how to save you won't be able to create wealth. LEARN TO SAVE NO MATTER HOW SMALL.

During Pastor's ministration

After service, I and my friends decided to go hangout, after which I left for home.


My friends and I

From L-R pst Emeka, myself, Hanna my bestie and Dominion

I left there around 3pm, I got home 5:18pm.

On my way back from church

I got home, I freshened up and ate.


When I was done eating, I rested for a while before I started writing my lesson note for WEEK 6.

I finished writing around 11pm because I had to finish it before tomorrow and then off to bed.

Thanks for reading my diary...see you!

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@congratulations on your first entry to the diary game contest. Consistency is the key on Steemit.
Keep posting good contents. It will pay off sooner.