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Hello community, I'm always delighted everytime I have the opportunity to share my day with you...

Dear diary,
I woke up 6am this morning tired and lazy to get up from bed but I had to because I had a lot of things piled up for me to do. After my prayers, I did some laundry and cleaning. Afterwards, I had my breakfast...I had bread and tea with scrambled eggs by this time it was already 10:12am.
Few moments later, I dressed up and went to the salon to make my hair

By 12:03pm, I was at the salon. I started making my hair 10mins after my arrival. By 3:15pm, I was done making my hair. I bought few things and by then it was already 4:30pm.

Immediately I got home a friend called me and said he wanted to see me so I went to his place.
Got to his place, we got talking and I was telling him about steemit and how he can join and get registered and all. By the time I left his place it was already 6:45pm.
I got home tired and starving, my sister had made dinner. I just freshened up, ate and got things ready for tomorrow's service.

Thank you so much for reading my diary and I trust had a wonderful day.

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@ritachinwe. You had a good day and that hair style looks beautiful. You also have a caring sister. Trust you are good. Best wishes.


Thank you so much

Hi @ritachinwe, your hair looks lovely. I hope your friend will join our steemit and steemalive community soon. Cheers.


Thank you. Off course I have told a couple of my friends about steemit

One can easily forget other things when the come to be with good friends. What a day for you.