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Greetings to you all. I hope you had a lovely sunday.Today is the last day of July and we are excited to enter a new month

I wish to share with you the guidelines of the LIFESTYLE CURATION TEAM so that you can be properly guided as regards to the right and simple rules to follow.


The importance of the community curator program cannot be over-emphasized because it has been an efficient way of supporting authors on various topics and area of interest. Tags are used to sort and curate quality posts that meet the standard practices on Steemit. By this method, it is transparent and beneficial to everyone no matter how little the vote might be.

Our team was selected again for the month of August and we are grateful for such trust on us from the Steemit team. We are going to perform better than we did last month in this August edition.

I appreciate everyone that supported us and encourage us with comments during the application process.It is important to note that I appreciate all members of SteemAlive community where I serve as a moderator for their good wishes as well as the support from Steemkids.

Our team is called the SteemCor07 (Lifestyle Curation Team) which has @ashkhan as team leader and six other members namely @deepak94 @f2i5 @juzkid @marlyncabrera @mrsokal and @samuel20. As you can see,we all are from different countries and have supported the club initiative.We are going to support quality posts within this month of August across all the communities on Steemit.

Important Rules to follow so as to get Supported by our team


It is important to note that we fetch and curate posts using hashtag.On a general note,the five compulsory tags should be clubstatus,theme hashtag,steemexclusive and your country.The theme tags for our curation team are: #food #travel #health/ #fitness #leisure #gardening/ #garden #sports #lifestyle so endeavour to use any of the theme hashtag which corresponds to what you have written.For example if I have written a post about health,then my first 5 tags would be #club75 #health #steemexclusive #nigeria just like that.

2.)Club Status

This is an important considering in our team curation.A user must be in either club5050 club75 or club100 to get support from our team.The higher the club,the higher the vote.See a sample of what I mean👇

ClubVote Mana
Club100gets 50% vote
Club75gets 40 vote
Club5050gets 30% vote

3.)Quality of Post

Post to be curated after satisfying the other conditions must be of good quality.It must be atleast 300 words with justify alignment and correspond to the theme hashtag used.For example if I wrote about food and I used #sports as the theme hashtag.The post won't get attention.

4.)Other Rules

Among other rules.Posts must be steemexclusive-which means that it has not and would not be posted in another platform apart from Steemit.Plagiarism of any form would not be tolerated.Images must be owned by the author or properly sourced if gotten from another source.Use of bid-bot wouldn't be tolerated and CSI must be atleast 5%.

5.)Image Guide

If you must use an image that does not belong to you. Then this sites can help you to get free images.

However, any image that bears Shutterstock, iStock, Pinterest and Dreamstime please avoid it whether it is from those sites I mentioned or not.

Note:If you use the correct tags but you aren't in any club or your post has an element of Plagiarism. It cannot be curated. So pls make sure you belong to atleast club5050 and stay away from text or picture plagiarism.

Curation Schedule



I am pretty sure we have going to support more users in this new month. It is left for the users to follow the rules. Once again the first 5 tags must be club status,theme hashtag, steemexclusive and your country.Ofcourse, I have listed the theme tags for our team. Thank you as we look forward to supporting you.

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Thank you @samuel20 for sharing this great guidelines. August will be pleasant to us all.

Hi, @samuel20 :) So nice you have shared tha guidelines for curation on August. Let us hope this post helps a lot of users to get their posts curated. Cheers!


Thanks for your comment. I am happy to have someone like you in our team. This guidelines will help users to get our unalloyed support.

Thank you for sharing. Let us work together again. More Success in August


Thanks aplenty friend.


Your post made it to our top 4 selection for today, Congratulations! Could you please support at least one other nominee by commenting meaningfully and voting their post? Thank you in advance for doing that. You can see the other 3 selected posts in the link below:

Curation by: @focusnow20
For: Steemalive

Wow,thank to you @samuel20 as you have shared the days of your team's curation with us.

I will try to make posts that correspond to your tag.

Thank you @samuel20 for this guidelines. It reminds me of son many things after not being active for a long time. I will always put that in mind

Wow, thanks for this great article I enjoyed reading it and I also learned from it.


Congratulations! This article has been manually curated using our community account. Always publish great content, free of plagiarism and make sure you are participating in club5050, club75 or club100. Congratulations once again, hoping to see your next publication soonest!

Curation by: @focusnow20
For: Steemalive

This is very useful and I've already pinned it in my browser
Thank you so much

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Thanks for the support @steem4nigeria

Very instructive and an informative , though it was only once my post got seen last month . Nonetheless , the SteemCor07 . Have indeed rightfully performed , that getting to be reason . The Team still getting select to get on again for the month of August. Thank you so much for the information.


Yeah. Just follow the rules, we will curate your post.

No plagiarism, no plagiarized image, quality presentation and use our tags .

Thanks for sharing these guildelines. At least we know the necessary #tag to use.