Announcing LID reporter Prizes for 12/4/2021. Explore Spotlight entries (Traffic Light)

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Welcome to the 3rd day after the restart. We are gradually gathering momentum and do the right things at the right places. Thank you all for making quality LID reports. Her e is your LID prize for 11/4/2021


Check our reporters for 12/4/2021

LID reporterPrizePosition
@smarto0.5 Steem1st
@mato4450.5 Steem2nd
@tayetaiwo0.5 Steem3th
@pricelesspresh0.5 Steem4th
@kingcent0.6 Steem5th
@beewrites0.5 Steem6th
@ngoenyi0.6 Steem7th
@yuceetoria0.5 Steem8th
@ladyofpolicy0.5 Steem9th
@xkool240.5 Steem10th
@meymeyshops0.5 Steem11th
@vhenom0.5 Steem12th
@uzoma240.5 Steem13th
@talktofaith0.5 Steem14th
@tenguhatanga0.5 Steem15th
@onyesoh0.5 Steem16th
@pocoloco010.5 Steem17th
@ruggedangel0.5 Steem18th
@eloksjoseph0.5 Steem19th


Your top 3 Spotlight nominations

Our LID spotlight for 10/4/2021 was Traffic. We had some beautiful entries for that and we want you to choose the top 3 for you from the entries below.

Traffic light by @ngoenyi

Traffic light by @kingcent


Congratulations to you all. Your prizes have been sent. Keep working harder and thank you for being a LID reporter.

Do you want to see all the LID reports for 12/4/2021, click here

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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Thanks to steemAlive

Prize received:much thanks to steemalive and @focus now for his had work.

I nominate

Prize received.
Thank you @steemalive

Thank you very much @steemalive. I have received my prize.

I have received my price many thanks to steemAlive I'm really great ful I will keep on posting good quality content....

Thanks, prize received.

Thank you @steemalive for the rewards and congratulations to us all.

Please it appears you credited my traffic light picture to someone else. That picture you said belongs to @uzoma24 is mine please

I reported it


Sorry about the mixup in the description. We correctly sent you 0.6 steem but made a mistake in naming the wrong person. It has been corrected. @ngoenyi


I thought as much, that was why I already thanked you for the price I already received. Thanks for making the corrections

Prize received
Thanks fir the encouragement
I nominate


Thanks a lot

Prize received thanks @steemalive

Prize received
Thanks a lot
I nominate

Thank you for the reward @steemAlive, I no nominate
@ngoenyi and @kingcent
#twopercent #cameroon

Greetings to all and thank you @steemalive for the prize.