LID is back: Lets kick it off with quality content. LID reporting for today Saturday 10/4/2021 Spotlight Roundabout.




We are delighted to have LID reporting back after about 8 days of taking some well-deserved rest. We have made some changes that will bring more quality to the project and we hope that all our valued reporters are set to make great LID entries starting from today.

So pick up your camera as you leave the house for your days activities. Look for great moments to capture and report as you go about your daily activities. You can report about an accident scene or people relaxing in a recreation center. You can report a queue inside a shopping mall, or traders in a market. Try to be creative and show us quality live events as they happen around you. Use the comment section of this post to submit your LID report. Click here to learn about LID


4 tips for quality LID reporting

1.. Take great pictures: Always make sure your camera can produce some standard images. When taking a shot, try to capture it from the best angle and distance. For example, your pictures should not be taken from a very far distance as it will capture less details. The picture needs to provide as much detail as you can make. So try to produce great pictures for your LID.

2.. Detailed: Make sure your description accompanying the pictures are very descriptive. Provide enough detail about what you have captured.1 or 2 lines of description would not be enough to summarize a big story or event. Remember, each LID entry should normally contain the time, address and city/state. Besides, your description should not be less than 300 characters.

3. Add location Coordinates: It is important that your report location should be verifiable. So as much as possible, use Whats3words to add location corrdinates to your LID reports so that it will be easy to check on your locations. IF you are new to LID or Steemit, your mentor will help you learn how you use the app to insert location coordinates on your images.

4. Engagement: We have a rule that for each LID report you make, you must engage meaningfully with at least one other persons report. If you you make 3 reports, we will be check that you reply 3 other reports from others. One of the main goals of LID is to drive engagement. We will strictly monitor not only the replies you make for others, but also its quality.

We believe that the above reminders will help us all to make a better and great LID reporting from today going forward. Again, we are ready to reward outstanding reporters that produce great or quality content.

Spotlight for today

Our spotlight for today is Roundabout. Look for a roundabout closest to you and take a great picture. Also include the name of the roundabout roads/ streets. We will pay you extra 0.1 steem if your spotlight is outstanding.


Support LID

Make a donation to @steemalive to help us reward our LID reporters. Send steem, tron, or SBD to us. You can also curate the LID post for each day and even resteem it.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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First lid report
Location: Imaculate road. Aba
Date: 10-4-2021
Time: 8:30

Good morning friends.
In the name of the risen Lord, I welcome you all back to our daily lid reporting.

Today, I woke up by 6:30am.
I went straight to clean up the bottles I broke at my fire Breck out last night.
I am about going to shop.
I will first of all stop over the market to buy fabric for an order I received last night.
After which I will go straight to shop to start working.
I intend to complete one clothe i was making yesterday before closing, and see if I will make two fresh dresses.
That should be all for now.
I will continue to bring you updates of all the happenings around me.
Have a lovely day ahead.
Stay tuned!


1st LID report

Date:10th April,2021


Location:Isi gate Umuahia,Abia state..

Good morning great steemians;

How was your night rest,i hope you all slept well last night,well i wasnt able to get enough sleep because i have to make preparation for my today and moreover I was chatting with my mentor @kadosh2340 with regards to my new recruit and I was also making my dairy post,so finally i slept around 2:30am.
Though just a newbie in this platform,I have heard a lot about LID so today i decided to be a part of it,this is my first picture for today.


I have so much activities for today and here is the lineups.
First,i will get myself ready for work,then i will go to the bank and get some cash for working,then by exactly 10am,I will head straight to church because we are having a yearly program called mother's unite,after the program,i will head back to work,I will also meet with my prospects because they are yet to complete their registration process,after that I will have to meet with my mentor @kadosh2340(though still under probability). There is no breakfast today yet because i will be fasting with many other women for the program ahead.
I just hope God will help me to meet up with my plans for today,and I wish all steemians the best today have to offer.


Lid is great an interesting, and am confidently sure you're going to enjoy if you keep participating everyday.. You have quite a lot of activities to engage in, I hope you fulfill all at the actual time...


Hopefully dear,with God by my side nothing is impossible,best wishes to you too.

My 2nd lid

You guys can see our spotlight for today

I took the picture in the morning when I was coming out for shop and the Roundabout is found at milverton beside park road I thank God for seeing it
stay tuned for more updates 😎

LID S/n. : 1
Location: Ilupeju 2, Ogo-oluwa, Osogbo
Date: 10/04/2021
Time: 08:25 am

Good morning, everyone and trust you are good today. It's good to be back on LID as we all have missed the reporting opportunity through LID. I am here to share my first LID of the day, kindly be my audience on this.

It was 05:21 am when I woke up for the day, I quickly observed my silent time and tidied up the room. I had the plan to engage in laundry so I packed my dirty clothes to get it started. And the laundry process went on for a while and at 08:03 am, It was completed.

I had my bathe after the laundry, picked up my note to put down my to-do list for the day and notably I would be visiting the market to get a few things today, although, no specific time yet.

My selfie after bathe

I will be making my breakfast, then I can conclude on when I would be heading out to get the stuffs. I will share more with you as new event unfolds. Thanks for reading.

This is Me!



good morning to you I am happy to hear from you again I really miss your report thank God you finished your laundry and necessary things that you had to do stay safe while visiting the market today thank you for sharing with us


Thanks so much, it's nice to have you back on LID. I will be careful during my outing and I'd be safe by God's grace. I wish you a blessed day, thanks.




@fredquantum Do you really need to write down your days activities (same day, not even a day before).?
I think it's not necessary, if need be, it should be done the previous night before bedtime.
My opinion!


I think you should get someone to guide you through how LID works, sir. Thank you.

Good morning friends, so nice to see you here again in LID.
1st LID Report
Location:. Aba
Time:. 8:37am

My sleep was cool and woke up strong and healthy. I have communed with Jehovah and appealed for His approval of engagements today. I will work hard to see that I did all things to His glory. Happy to read from you once again.



Morning ma'am. Happy weekend to you and It's nice to see you back on LID. I wish you success in all your engagements today.


@meymeyshops (63) good morning ma, glad to see your report this morning.
Happy weekend from this ends.
Wish you best of the day.


Good morning Ma @meymeyshops, finally our lid is back. Hopefully you would achieve all you tend to achieve today by his grace. Have a nice day.


Welcome back dear.
In all our daily dealings, we are encouraged to live a life worthy of emulation.
Do have a lovely day ahead


Yo are welcome ma
Im glad you woke up strongly today, happy to see your first report.

Location:Aba Abia state
Date:10 April 2021


(Morning selfie)

Good morning friends, it is nice participating again in the LID report after a week long break. Hope we are all good and doing well? I can say for sure that LID was missed. It was a better interactive session for some of us who barely have time to use other platforms. Anyway, my night was good and I woke up alot stronger. Not forgetting my ginger tea, it was well served.

(Ginger tea)

I got up from the bed as soon as I was done with the tea. There are some weekend engagements already lined up for our attention. We have two wedding events, and it was wise we split our attendance to each of this places to maximize time. The children and their mother would be attending the one closer while I attend the second one which is a bit far from the house.


For breakfast, I'm on this right now. @tenguhatanga, you're free to join me here.😊.

Nice day guys, more Reports would be updated here and spotlight also attended to.

Written by @xkool24


Good morning, sir and it's nice to have you back on LID. I've missed the view of your ginger tea, lol, and it's nice to see it again. Do have a nice time at the wedding events and we hope to see a few pictures from the events later. Blessed day I wish you, sir.


Chief @fredquantum, nice seeing you here again. Hahaha...the ginger tea is a going concern for me.
For the even pics, definitely pics would roll.
Nice day brother


Lol 😆 😆. Continue brewing your ginger on daily basis, sir. Oh good, I await the pictures. Have fun.


Hahahaha, brewing ke!!! You won't keh me ooo🤣🤣🤣. Thanks bro, we move!!!


Brew as in the case of coffee na 😆. I likened your ginger to coffee 😆 😆 😆.


Hi dearest, goodmorning...good to know you woke up stronger this morning, i must agree with you that LID was really missed, LID normally help me when it comes to my diary game, i wasnt keeping with that dues to no LID report. Well glad its back. And keep us updated on your day, have a great day ahead..


@xkool24 (66) good morning sir, I see you are already having a great day.
I would have loved to join you for breakfast.
That is if h don't mind 🤔
Enjoy the rest of your day.
Best wish from @pricelesspresh


I wouldn't mind, if you join me. I have enough to still go round.
Nice day @pricelesspresh


Good morning uncle,but seriously this is just 9:20am you've already had ginger tea now yam,chaiiiiii....come and see foodie like me oooo


Hahahaha, I can imagine your proficiency in eating. I'm still a leaner ooo.😃
Thanks for visiting here.
Nice day @ladyofpolicy


Omg the yamand sauce is tempting,ooo
Hv a great day too


Please just reach out and have some delivered to you quickly 😊 .
Thanks for visiting


Good morning Sir, you don't ever let go of your ginger tea. Please remember to keep my own share of yam and source. Have a lovely day.


Ewooo .. this ginger tea is gaining more popularity than me. Hmmmm... I'm going not review it's status 😂😂😂. The yam and sauce is just enough... waiting for your arrival.
Thanks for reaching out


Good morning @xkool24. It's nice hearing that you missed lid like me. Thank Jehovah your night was good and you have started your day well by your ginger intake and a superb delicious breakfast. I wish am around, I would have loved to come over.
Have a great day ahead!


Thanks for visiting. We all missed the LID for sure. For the meal, I still some still here for @tenguhatanga but she's yet to show up😊


Greetings from here too sir
Thank God you woke up strongly and not forgetting your ginger tea. I think thats so much good for our health.
I wish i'm there to join you and eat 😊😊
People missed LID a lot and a happy is back now. I'm happy too, although i never participated for once. I will give it a try. And i need more feedback about.
Have a nice day sir.

LOCATION:First bank close, ogwashi-uku Delta State Nigeria

DATE:Apirl 10th

Good morning friends, trust you all had a good night rest?

Mine night here, was great, because the weather cold, he threatened to rain but it didn't.
I appreciate God for the gift of another day 🙌.

Today is Saturday , I will be doing clean up this morning, before I will think of what to do later in the day.

Stay tuned for more updates.



Good morning dear, I hope you are doing great?
Do make sure you give us more updates about your day .
Best regards


Yes dear am doing great here


We thankGod for gift of life very important I really like girls who are industrious thank you very much for sharing your Lid report here after now tell me your location so that later maybe next month next time I will come join you do some all important clean-up.


@kingcent (65) ....... Sure I will
Thanks for your comment


Hi dear, you look so amazing especially your Eyebrow,you really did a great job there,i wish i can carve mine like yours.


@ladyofpolicy (44) thanks for your comment......!
For the Eyebrow my stylist is very good she can help you with the carve.
Hope your day went well.....?

Location: ihuoma, Orlu.
Time: 6:39am.
First LID report.

Goodmorning all, welcome to this beautiful day, i am so glad that the LID report is back. How was your nights? Mine was great due to the cold weather. I woke up around 6:15am and did a short morning devotion. I am actually in ihuoma, orlu for a traditional marriage with my sister and her children. We came here since yesterday to clean up her dusty house. So this morning i continued with the cleaning and other chores. After all that, i will be getting ready for the church wedding which will be starting at 10am. After the church wedding, we will come back for the traditional marriage which will be in the compound. I had breakfast already which was tea and bread. I will keep you all posted on how the day goes. Have a wonderful weekend.


So you people came to carry my sister. Abeg let me look for my own list. Everything will be done complete, hahaha. Am actually from Umutanze Orlu. Wish you a great event. Cant wait to see the bride and groom and how it went down in your next LID. @kinkyamiee


Hahaha...really, thats amazing ooo, dont worry we will send your own things.. More updates on the wedding.


Wow, really... didn't know you're from IMO talk more of Orlu. Nice state and hometown but @kinyamiee has been complaining of no internet access in your area🙄.


I dont know of Iheoma, but my own town Umutanze have no issues with data anytime I travel home. Maybe she could try another ISP. @xkool24


Flexing @kinkyamiee, didn't hear from you again yesterday.Goid to know you were still able to use the internet. I hope you guys are preparing very well for the events? Wish I'm there for giveaways or takeaways... Remember we didn't discuss anything o😊😊😊


Hello sis,please how was the wedding and traditional marriage,see honestly i was waiting for my cake and wedding rice,just that I didnt know tje location,i would have been there oooo.


Hahaha...really? Sorry my dear, i will send dont need to worry.

I'm so happy to hear about the return of the LID series. Thank you @steemalive and @focusnow for this wonderful initiative. It would only help to improve us as a community and also as individuals. 🙏💪😎


It is as if it has gone for happy to it has returned back


You are just right dear it will help all of us in the community

1st lid report

Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 8:50am
Date: 10/04/2021

Good morning my fellow @steemalive member and steemian, am very happy on the return of the lid report as it has been as if the break was for years, at ajegunle abalabi town the weather was cool and calm, as I had a long and splendid night, swears it was as if the night shouldn't end as I slept comfortable and never woke up untill dawn.


The sun is setting early this morning as I can hear people moving to and fro from the window, although I wasn't fully awake but when I remembered that lid has started today, quickly I stood up and took my morning selfie and proceeds into writing my report.

As I engage more in activities I will keep you informed..
Good morning once again.

My frist lid report


Goodmorning to all steamains
My schdule today as am already awake,by 4am.
I went out to streets around 7am to get bread for breakfast



I will br going to the market soon to get some finised stuffs at mums shop.


already at the shop by 9:15.
Today will be better for us all.


Wow. Your shop is inviting. You have a great things going on there. Thanks for sharing


Wow your pic is very clear, your day started on a good note hope you enjoy the rest of your day.

Have a wonderful day


Hu huhThanks dearie


H@rebecca97,I must confess that this shop is really full,please invite me so that i can shop bread only.


TIME: 09:33 am
DATE: Sat 10th April
LOCATION: Oko, Anambra.

Good Steemians, hope you all had a lovely night rest. I am happy that the Lid report is back with a refreshing insight. I woke up around 6amand observed my morning devotion, then I scrolled through the Steemit blog to know if there is any update. The weather is cool this morning unlike in the night when we had to cover up. I am currently preparing noodles for breakfast, then I would write out what I want to do later in the day.

1st LID Report.
Location: Aba, Abia State
Date: April 10, 2021
Time: 7:45am
Good morning steemians!
How was your night? I hope you all had a great night rest. I had a good night rest because I slept very very early and the weather was very conducive and there was light too.
It's good to resume our lid reporting and here this morning am presenting my morning selfie
My plan for today is as follows; I will get myself ready as soon as possible for a Bible discussion with some friends this morning. In the afternoon I will be going to check a friend doing some work building work somewhere then I will see a prospect I have been talking to about steemit. As usual there will be other activities that I will engage in which may not be captured here in my plan for the day.
In all, I hope and pray for a successful day for all of us steemalive steemians and many others.


Good morning, sir. I'm glad to have you back on LID. It's good to see you taking up the responsible to share the gospel with friends, and I wish you a safe outing while visiting your friends today. See you in subsequent LIDs.


Goodmorning dear, good to know you had a wonderful night rest. I see you have series of activities lined up for the day, i hope they all go as planned, have a nice weekend.


Mr @aizeeck (55) greetings from this side!.
Happy to see you reporting this morning..... Have a bless day ahead 🙏.


good morning sir I am happy that you slept well; it is important keeping spiritual things first I wish you success in your Bible discussions and have a lovely day😊


I pray the prospects understand and join steem,he/she wont regret it.


@fredquantum @kinkyamiee @pricelesspresh @sokar-star @rebecca97 thanks to you all for going through my first lid post. I really appreciate it.

1st LID report
Location: aba, Abia state
Date: 10, April, 2021
Time: 9:40am
Good morning my fellow steemains.
How was your night, hope you all slept well. I had a nice night because the weather was cool.
I'm glad LID is back again, although i have not participated on it before And i gonna try it out today.

I'm at office now, about to start work. I will be going to repair our fan that spoilt yesterday around 12 noon. Also i'm expecting someone today. The man that introduced me to steemit, he want to check out on the new person who is also interested in steemit. I hope when he comes he will explain more to me about this LID because i'm still bit confused.

I wish you guys a successful day at work.


Don't be confused dear,take it slowly bit by bit,by the end of the day you will realize that you achieved all your set goal for today,good luck.


Thanks dear


Try and reach out to the admin in the group chat or better still talk to the person that recruit you.
I hope that will help

Best regards


Thanks boss


lOCation :Aba
good morning steemians I am happy to be back again to lid it was as if I missed it for years .

I am so happy I woke up early this morning I was not feeling too well ;I have recently been having boils on my skin i wokeup around 2 in the morning and took my bath and rested I couldn't return back to sleep and I stayed throughout the night I woke up and did some chores logged in and saw that lid was back I was really really happy....

i will keep you guys upated thank you😊


You are welcome dear, hope you've took your drugs, glad to read you first lid report. We all are happy that lid is bacK again. Do have a nice night

1st Lid report



Location: Itori Ogun State


Good morning everyone, am glad lid is finally back..
It been almost a week that I make a report last.
I keep on checking the steemalive community for updates, I checked this morning and I saw it I was really filled with joy.
I will be attending a wedding party later in the day.
I will bring more update covering live updates as the new rules.



Location.. Access bank isi gate umuahia


So i already left my house ago work nd whem i got to work,customers scattered everywhere so i started working immediately,i worked until i ran out of cash so i decided to go to back.
Reporting live from the bank,access bank have about 3 machines with more than 50 customers waiting in the cue this morning and wants to make use of the machine but very poor that only one machine is working.


People standing in the cue to take money.

Since the machines is not working,road side pos workers like me decided to stand close to the bank and work.


So since am out of cash I have another appointment,I decided to go to church for the program,stay with me I will give you another live event in umuahia.

Note that all pictures was taken by my infinix 6 and the camera is very bad,i hope to get a new phone with a better camera soon.
Love you all.

My 1st lid post
Location: ABA ukegbu
Time 7:59
Date 10/04/2021


Good morning my follow steeamians how was your night,my night was great I sleep comfortably,I wake up early to do some work at home because today is Saturday, thank God I'm alive,I'm also praying for success to each of everyone....I'm very happy to this family. Stay tuned for more updates ✌️✌️✌️✌️

1st lid
Good morning friends how was your nightmine was good I slept well I didn't have any bad dreams all was good dreams I woke up this morning I knelt down and pray to God for keeping me alive all through the night and I'm about to go to shop I pray for open door so I will sell today more than the other days

Second lid Report
Location: Aba
Date: 10/4/2021
Time: 11am

The pictures Bellow is that of Brass junction.
I captured them at about 11am.
At that junction, there is a traffic personnel present commanding vehicles which helped the free flow of traffic.
Around here, people are going about their normal businesses.
That's all for now, stay tuned, because am committed to bringing you updates on happenings around.
Good afternoon.









My 2nd lid post

IMG_20210410_160821_594.jpgpicture location

I was at my shop so I need to find my today spotlight,where I lived there is nothing like runabout, I try my best to look for it, as I was going around the road the sun is too much the sun beat me don't tell anybody but at last I find my today spotlight, I'm now happy because I promised myself if rain is falling I will still look for it😂😂😂I'm happy now, stay tuned for more updates 😎😎

My 1st lid post

Date :10/04/2021
Location :aba ukaegbu
Time:09:24 pm


I slept off early tonight around 7:00 a.m. because I want to wake up early, when I wake up I thought that is already morning not even knowing that the time is 4:30 p.m. and I can't sleep again, I have to take my morning picture after doing that I pray to heavenly father for the gift of life


I had the scare of my life this morning. Immediately after writing my first lid, I finished making the noodles for I and my roommate, before we could finish eating the food, she started complaining that her stomach was paining her. I thought it was normal stomach cramps but I then remembered that she had an appendix operation exactly a year ago and it was that same spot that was giving her so much pains. I immediately stood up to take her to the school medicals though it was not easy from the school hostel. By the time we had gotten there she was already crying, the pains were too much, she can't sit down or do anything. The school medicals first asked her some questions then immediately gave her a bed when it was obvious that it was becoming something else. The doctor met with her, them ordered the nurse to give her an injection to calm the pains for the moment. I and my other roommates had to wait for her, finally she was allowed to leave the hospital. If you see her now you would not believe it was someone crying few hours ago.
IMG_20210410_115256_1.jpg(The one on green was the one that got sick, we are the only ones in the room so we went together to the hospital).
This is our school's roundabout, polytechnics are currently on warning strike so everywhere is very dry of students and cars. Those statuses are known as Mr and Miss of the school, it was put on the round so that any visitor could see it, big and proud.

My 3rd lid post


Everywhere is dry no work,and I'm also idle so I have to find something doing, I decided to join my friends to play game PSP, so that I can make myself happy,I also know that I will work, I'm keeping myself busy, the sun is too much, thank God is everything🤝🤝🤝 stay tuned for more updates 🤗🤗🤗

Thank you Sir for bringing back LID. Can we still take the first morning selfie and give a little report or is it cancelled altogether.


The first morning selfie can never be removed. It's the first report @yuceetoria

my second lid report
so i left my house tomy work place and i remembered we had a water fountain and a roundabout together at my landmark i was really happy....i took a picture of it immediately and im uploading it reports for today......i took it immefiatelyand rushed down for work....



onmy way tothe shop.i.encountered a traffic and we stayed there for some minutes before we could move..

the traffic was much i still.came shop.opened ,and brought stufs and the lookout for thingsthat are going to happen today ..stay tuned guys...😎


That junction looks familiar, I guess it should be around ogborhill axis. My dear, traffic has been a reoccuring thing this period. Hope your day is going well? Nice day


yes oooo thank you so much


@solar-star you got a good shot. It took me a while to get space for my shot. Road users were obstructing my view but al last I was able to get too. With today's spotlight, I came to know those living around that Obikabia, you are number one.


yes ooo,i had to clim the rails.and zoomed it thank GOD you.captured it at last..


Location: Streams of joy international,Umuahia Abia state.
Time: 2:50pm

Good afternoon fellow steemians,l am reporting live from an ongoing program is Umuahia,this is a program where women from the whole world gather to make prayers for their children both the unborn ones
You can watch the live stream of the program here, Am glad i made it to this life changing prayer session because everyone including the kids felt the touch of the holy ghost


Thank God this transgenerational prayer sessions was held in the city of umuahia and it was a success.



Finally ,work continues stay with me for more live events in the city of umuahia.

Second LID report
Date: 10, April, 2021
Time: 3:10pm
Location: obikabia junction
Good after steemains, how's your day going? Mine is going smoothly. Actually, i went out in search of our spotlight today, it was really stressful for me and the sun was beating harder. But thank Jehovah i finally found a round about at obiakabia junction aba, Abia State.
Photo of the Obikabia Junction, Aba in Abia


This roundabout was launched about 7months ago.
It has waterfall which currently has demised. The state government has done their best in constructing the roundabout which has eased the increase of accident scenes/case.

On my way coming back after i have took the picture, i mistakenly hit a mad man, i never knew he was mad, so he started shouting at me, and i come closer to him and was apologising. But get worsen and was still shouting more and more. So it was people around that told me that that guy is insane.


I was like "Oh no wonder " so i just find my way and started going back to office where i was heading.

I'm at office now, still waiting for my guess, he hasn't arrived yet. So i will keep waiting.
I will update you guys later.
Do have a nice day.


@ruggedangel am impress that you went to Obikabia to take this picture. That's very good of you. Keep it up ok


Ok boss

My second lid post


I found my today sportlight when i where going out for work , although the roundabout but very big I couldn't capture all the Cycles but I have to make an attempt of getting my sportlight.


My 3rd lid lid post


Am so happy to see drivers struggling on the road to make sure that they get passengers so as to help the family, and I found out how people used to work hard to to survive in this life.

My 4th lid post


Oritzo fuel station is the place I am many people right now fuel for cars so that it will enable them move their car from one place to the other ,for motorcycles ,generators there by makeing sure that their day, movements moves smoothly .

Ist Lid report

Date: 10/04/2021

Location: Rivers State


In the morning when I woked up I went for my morning daily work-out exercise before then I participated in the all important family prayers. After which I left and went for my work-out exercise me and my friends we ran from #NTA junction to somewhere around#Rumuokuta round about. We ran back imidiatly.

I got home I quickly took my bath and went to visit a friend after which we walked down to a nearby bet9ja shop and played our all important week end games.


Bro if you have included Manchester city in your game..then the tickets is loss... nobody expected such a dramatic game from Lee's city even with a red card ..I hope you didn't include man city in you ticket...

Location: Aba
Time: 4:26pm
Date: 10th April 2021


Hi friends, how is our day all going? Hope we are having a beautiful Saturday? Mine is good and going well. I'm in a wedding ceremony at Aba recreational club arena right now to attend a former colleagues wedding reception.


This is me driving into the premises, not to familiar with the area but was still able to locate the entrance. On my way into the premises, I also got confused again because i saw an ongoing reception at the field but when I approached closer i saw it wasn't the one I came for. I have to put a call through to another colleague who redirected me to another hall.

(Ongoing Reception at the field)

(The main reception I came for)

The bride and groom has been welcomed already and seated. The MC is about to call for toast.
Take care guys for now.

Aba recreational club

My 4th lid post


Because of no work my fellow engineer is sleeping because everywhere is dry I also thank God that in everything we need to give thanks to God, and I can't stop praying for successful day, stay tuned for more updates

Good evening,fellow steamains,am glad to share another view of ofhow my day is going.from my shop i dressed up to visit a friend who just delieverd a baby boy.




It was really an amazing moment with them. I will keep u updated,
Hope u are enjoying your weekend.


Congratulations to your friend!


Congratulations boss

My 5th lid post


I have closed for work now,thank God for today because I don't have any problem with someone,I'm about to go home to see my family,I'm praying for God to Grant us successful as we are going back to our various places, I love you all my steemit members.. see you people tomorrow 😍😍

My Lid spotlight for today


Location:Rivers State


This is location Round-about along my area NTA road to be precise. This particular place has so many channels where you can access to various locations. You can actually follow here to #mile3, portharcout and it also leads to #Rumuokuta all in portharcout city.


I know this location,I've been to port Harcourt for a view number of times,I can never forget my last visit because the bus i entered spoilt at #mile3

2nd lid report


Time: 7-22pm

Location: Itori Ogun State


Good evening guys, it my second lid report of the day and I am live at the bus stop where people are boarding Keke Nape.
The was a bit rainfall yesterday and it cause big flood causing the road to be rough.
Am going back home now to prepare my dinner and go to sleep.


2nd lid report

Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 6:50pm

Good Evening my fellow steemian I have been able to engage in a program hosted by sheik danjuma almisikeen in advance to the coming ramadan, clerics were present as we were lectured about the ramadan .

(Picture at the event)




Ramadan is a month in the Islamic calender,it's a month of fasting and its also one of the five pillars of Islam.. fasting in ramadan is mandatory for all Muslims who have reach puberty,this month brings hope and abundant blessings for all Muslims, we believe that during ramadan our prayer will be heard and our sins will all be forgiven for those who abide by the rules that guide it, am muslim that fast must not be seen in some drinking, smoking, lieing and all kinds of act that are not good. pregnant women, the unhealthy or mental being ,travellers and children who hasn't reached puberty are free from participating in the fasting.. the generous ones,the helpers helping those in need of food to fast and when it's time to break, one can help too, the reward will be rewarded in fold, I assimilated all of this teaching that most of these clerics did and we all went on our Separate ways at the end.

IMG_20210410_151411_326.jpg(arigbajo market)

On my way coming back I passed through Arigbajo market so I taught of giving it a shot from a tricycle

IMG_20210410_151408_119.jpg(arigbajo market)
Although the shot was from a distance


On getting back to my area a gala match was hosted for under 15 football player, this type of competition is played in one day and it's a knockout stage for every team.

Each players of every teams have to be strong and fit because some player will engage in 3 to 4 matches a day, without strength and fitness players won't be able to participate in the next match due to tiredness..this competitive are for the hardworking player that trains even after the team as a whole as finished training some of these hardworking player will still do some extra individual trainings on their such player can participate in competitions like this.
This might be the end of my today report has I have been busy with so many thing .but hopefully if I engage in something interesting I will keep you updated..

Thanks for reading my report,thanks for your time.

Hope you enjoyed my report,
This is how I spent my day,
Cc: @booming1

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Location: Ihuoma, Orlu.
Time: 6:30pm.
Third LID report.
So when the event finally started, the couple danced and moved in, they went start to cutting their wedding cake.
Cutting of the cake.

After that, the bride went in to change to her first out fit for the traditional marriage which she used to greet and welcome the guest and everyone present.

First outfit.

Next was collecting the palm wine from her father to location and bring back her husband to her father, so to do this, she had to change to her second outfit which was same with her husband's.

Collecting the wine.

Finally the couple after the blessing from the father, it was dance! dance!! dance!!!



These days are seeing more beautiful and creative decorations at marriage ceremonies. The couple too are beautifully dressed. I wish I was there to take a shot.

Hope you ate like no other person.


Lol...yes oo, i ate till i overfed my self. And i agree with you, the decorations was so beautiful. Are you also in to decorations?


@kinkyamiee No am not into decoration but computer works and network marketing. Where is your city?


Location..Umuahia,abia state.

Time..... 7:40pm

Good evening everyone,my great steemians and all @steemalive community,so far am reporting on what is happening live in umuahia,the capital city of abia state.
Currently in umuahia,staying out late is very risky because you can't get a cab back home. Because of the prison break in owerri Imo state,everyone is in hiding,drivers are no longer coming out at night as passengers including me have to be stranded in town.


Kindly note that this picture was taken by my infinix 6 and the camera is bad.

Love you all

3rd LID post
Date:10,April 2021
Time: 4:37pm
Location: Ehere market, beside opopo junction aba abia state

This is my third LID post. I went to ehere market to check on someone but didn't meet up with him, before i could reach he has left. So i decided to head back to office. Although ehere market was very busy, everybody were just focused.
picture of ehere market



So guys I'm about to go home, I will update you guys later. Thanks

LID S/n. : 3
Location: Old garage, Osogbo
Date: 10/04/2021
Time: 05:25 pm


Hello, dear Steemians. It's been a great day and glad to read many reports here, they are awesome and we are glad to be back on track.

This my LID report is centered on the spotlight for the day which is Roundabout. I took a shot of one roundabout in my town and I will be sharing it with you below. The location of shot is Old garage, Osogbo.


Thanks for reading and see you in the LID diary report.


2nd LID Report.

Location: Aba, Abia State
Date: April 10, 2021
Time: 7:40pm
Spotlight for today -Roundabout

This is Obikabia Junction in Aba, Abia State. It the the present governor of the state that reconstructed most of the roads around the junction including the junction itself, making it a known roundabout unlike before.
These are the roads that connect to the junction;
Ururuka Road leads to Umuoba road down to water side.
New Umuahia Road also known as Old Road which leads to Umuahia.
Ehere/Umuola Road in what3word you will see Umuola but in the signage at the junction you will Ehere. The reason is because it is divided into two. Though joined with Ukaegbu Road at Obikabia junction, but before getting to the other end point, the road was divided into Umuola Road and Ehere Road both joined Ikot Ekpene Road at different points.
Ukaegbu Road leads to Ikot Ekpene Road
Umuokahia Road leads to Obingwa L. G. A. headquarter. It also leads to express road at various points.
This is the signage that give details of the roads and the direction. You will see it of you are coming from New Umuahia Road or Old Road.
IMG_20210410_152733.jpg signage for the roads
The "Kota Sign" on the signage is the governor's slangs.


Location....Umuahia,Abia state


Good evening fellow steemians,am still reporting live from umuahia,because there are no vehicle for people to go back home and because i am living outsite umuahia town,some and trekking to a friends house to pass the night.

On my way to her house,I was able to capture a roundabout that is located at the center of the big city umuahia.


You can see how dry everywhere is,no human being,no car but am still trekking.


If you stand at the center of this tower,by the North,you will get to the heart of umuahia which is called Isi gate,come down to the North,it will take you towards Aba road,by the East is a small street that looks like a track road which when you follow it,you will get to bank road,and finally by the west side is where we called Bende road.


Thanks for reading my last LID report for today.

Location: Ihuoma, Orlu.
Time: 6:30pm.
Second LID report.
So after getting ready, we set off to the church weeding, though when we got there, they had already wore there ring and the mass was half way already. So we stayed till the end and took cute pictures with them and the family.

So after church, everyone went to the house where the reception and other event will be taking place. The whole event started last because the guest did arrival early. After much wait, people came and the party started.

Let me make the last report on LID this 11:48pm. Glad to present a report from Umuoba Road this night. If you live in Aba, you possible have know this road as old time road with no proper or beautiful serene. But now it has become a beautiful sight to behold lately because a new hotel called Dorakings just opened its services. It is gorgously located by roadside backing the Waterside River with superb lightings, everywhere around it shines. Just take a look.



Do sleep tightly.

LID S/n. : 2
Location: Alekuwodo Market, Osogbo
Date: 10/04/2021
Time: 05:13 pm

Good evening, everyone. How has been the day. I had a blessed and restful day. After my breakfast in the morning, I spent some time to read news on the internet which was followed by watching movies.

I got tired of watching movies at 01:17 pm and had a long nap which ended at 04:00 pm with the aid of my alarm. Remember I told you in my first LID that I will be heading out to get a few things at the market and I did at 04:30 pm.

I captured a few pictures from the market and I will be sharing them with you.





I got what I needed at the market and headed home. Thanks for reading my LID and see you in other LIDs.