LID is taking a break for 1 week. We are resuming on 8/3/2021. Here is why!




LID has been a great project that has brought amazing reports to us and we enjoyed it. We are really happy and want to thank our amazing reporters for making this project a massive success. Now its time to take a break, recharge our energy and come back, better and stronger. We will be taking a one week break, effective from today.

Why are we taking a break?

We are taking a break to enable us to make LID a better project. We want to achieve at least 2 things through this break. They are as follows:

  • Pay up LID prizes: We are lagging behind in this. The last prize we sent was for 9/3/2021 and we have entered a new month already. So this break will afford us the time to finish up the prizes so that there wont be delays again.

  • Improve LID: We want to make LID informative, fun and rewarding. This break will help us think about ways o make the LID project and make it better.

We may also get some feedback from @steemcurator01 and steemAlive members on suggestions to make this project better going forward.

Thank you so much everyone for supporting LID. Together we can!


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This is a good initiative, so as to grow and ad achieve more. I affirm to this @steemalive.
Growth is needed in every firm or aspect of life


Sure. Thank you @kadosh2340 for supporting LID. We hope to come back stronger.

All right. Hope you comeback stronger.


@maxwellmarcusart. We are definitely going to make it better once we resume.

Quite impressive reasons @steemalive. We hope for a better and more driven LID that will bring in more participants and prompt reward scheme.
All the best for this wonderful move


@xkool24. Sure we are going to get the best out of this project after the break. Thanks for supporting LID.

Hi @steemalive,

This is a nice concept.The return of LID would be promising and better.

Break on LID REPORT is essential at this moment just like #SteemitcryptoAcademy also went on a break.

Thank you @focusnow for always being on top of your game.



You have been very supportive of our projects. Thank you so much. @samuel20. We will definietly make it better after the break.

This is a lofty idea. I believe that, after this break, there will be a massive growth in the LID Report. I herein lend my support on this

My Able Community and Boss @focusnow, you have been of great leadership sir through this Lid Report Project. Paying people daily is not an easy task and the rewards are nearby for you.

Thank you for your all round support and patience, we would miss Lid Report for sure.

#lidreport #steemalive #nigeria

Okay, thank you for the update sir and I hope that is won't pass the 7 days pls.

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