LID reporting for today Thursday 15/4/2021 Spotlight:: Steemit Logo Art.

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We are happy to be back today for another interesting opportunity to report LID. Today is thursday, the 15th day of April 2021. You probably have your day planned out already. Whether you will go to the market, shop or any other place, you will likely meet activities or events that are worth reporting. Take your time to capture these live moments and present a quality LID report through the comment section of this post.


How to bring in Quality LID reports

There will always be room for improvement as you do your LID reports. These 3 tips can especially be useful.

1.. Start Early: Its best to start in the morning with a morning selfie after you woke up. Be sure to describe in as much detail as you can how your day would be spent. Then have a goal to capture beautiful moments that happen at different times of the day. If you work according to your schedule, you will surely find something to report.

2.. Be prepared: Make sure your device has enough memory space to store your images. Also make sure your device has enough power in it, so you do not end up with a flat battery. Then be alert to interesting stuffs happening around you so you can capture them without delay.

3.. Engagement: The engagement rule is 1:1. Each time you drop one LID report, also reply another person's report. IF you make 5 LID reports, we will naturally expect 5 replies from you.


Spotlight for Today

Our spotlight for today is Steemit Logo Art. Take a white sheet of paper and design the Steemit logo below. Then add an exclamation below it like Steem to the moon!! or Steem Forever!! or any other thing you choose to write

Steemit logo Source


Support LID

Make a donation to @steemalive to help us reward our LID reporters. Send steem, tron, or SBD to us. You can also curate the LID post for each day and even resteem it.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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1st Lid report

Location: Nkpolu-Oroworukwo
Date: 15/04/2021
Time: 7:32am


Good morning, steemians. I hope you ahd a beautiful night rest? Mine was really beautiful though...the weather was really cold so i slept every well in the little hours i did. I was awake till about past 12am because i was working on curating a post for cryptoacademy. Thereafter, i went to bed.

I woke around 6am, said my prayers and boiled water to have my bath. I will be going out very soon, i have a lot to do today and it is going to be a very busy day for me. I hope to achieve all that is on my to-do list.

Bye for now!


Good morning, how was your night?
I wish you an amazing day today


Good morning @chiomy. It's good to know that you slept well. I love chilly weather too and so I slept well. Do have a good day dear


Good morning dear,@chiomy
I'm glad your night was great..
Can't wait to see you spotlight for today
Do have a nice day..


Good morning ,you look beautiful,I hope you achieve you goals.....a post on cryptoacademy that's good 😎 so I hope you accomplish everything that you want to do today


I hope you have a beautiful day.


Yeah! My night was fine too. I slept very well because of the cold weather.


I wish you Success in all you are going to do today
Have a nice day dear

First LID Report
Location:Obohia road, Aba

Good morning great STEEMIANS..Hope the night was fare on us all?

Well mine was indeed fare,, although I had little body swings last night before going to bed,,but I'm glad I'm okay now..
For me,,the night was neither too cold nor too hot,,it was just normal and I enjoyed it.
So I woke up at exactly 6:15am,, though a bit late from the usual time..I immediately joined my dad that was already humming a worship song for the morning devotion..It took just few minutes to be over..
After which I prepared breakfast which was tea,, everybody drank it and went their normal ways..
Today I have lots of things to buy because I'm already preparing to go back to school..So I will first go to School road Aba and get a pair of slippers after which i'll head straight to Cemetery market to get my food stuff,then I'll go to my mum's shop afterwards.

Today's spotlight won't be funny shaaa,,but amidst my busy schedule,,I'll still make out time to do the drawing still..

inside a tricycle,,on my way to School road

Have a nice day all and stay tuned aswell!!

#twopercent #nigeria


Pretty girl I'm very excited reading your well structured post at this time, really good how was your body how you are nice now.

Something tells me that the breakfast you prepared this morning is great hopefully next time I will be seperately invited by you.

Have a nice day, learn well and stay safe...


Your post is simple and well structured! I hope you day will go the way you planned it.


I love your post dear
Nice content.
Well u really have a lot to do today.
I hope you can still make it up.
Do have a nice day dearie


Thank you so much @ruggedangel
I'm glad I achieved all I planned for today..


Hey presh love,hope you're good,to be honest i agree with you when you said that the spotlight for today is not easy,am just sweating up and down....hahaha


Hahahahhahahh,,yes oooo@ladyofpolicy
But we'll overcome it still👌


I hope you bought all that you desired to buy. I was wondering what you will be going to mom's shop to do. Be honest and tell us, what did you go there for? Is it not to add to genuinely loot her things? How was you day? Please can you send those food stuff to me let me take them to your school for you?

Third lid report

Today being Thursday, I always close early because I have a zoom meeting by 4 ,

so as I was going my street was busy , everybody with their individual businesses...I captured it and went straight to my house...

We concluded our zoom meeting and I took a rest😎



Wow nice post, I like this ripe plantain.


Lol I love it too

Today's LID is gonna be interesting. Fingers crossed to see what's gonna happen.


Hahahahahaha,,,likewise me oooo @maxwellmarcusart


Yeah, will be waiting for yours😄




Greetings @maxwellmarcusart hope you slept well?

I pray today's lid Report will be one of the best Reports so far.

Stay tuned and watch out.

Best regards from @pricelesspresh.


Yup, I did slept well.
Hopefully, it will be.

Location: ifite,Awka.
Time: 4: 30am
First LID report.
Hey everyone, goodmorning, hope you all slept well? Cos i did. I slept early last night because i was so tired, making me wake up very early this morning. The weather is so mild and cool so the sleep was sweet. Immediately i woke up, i did my morning devotion and prayers. After that, i went straight to ironing the children's uniforms. I prepared breakfast which was tea and bread then later made noodles for them to take to school for lunch. I will be going to school at 11am for my lectures and after that i will go pick the kids from school, i will keep you all posted as the day runs out.



Hi @kinkyamiee, you really had a good night rest and sweet morning.
You're hardworking so you met up with those activities.
Thanks for sharing.
Best regards from here


Thank you very much. Have a great day dear.


Nice post, you have a busy schedule for today. Take care!


Thanks man...


You really did much in the morning. How was your day? How was lectures today? I hope everything went as planned. Please its being a while you tell us about your workout, have you gone on strike like ASUU? I wish you the best of night.


Hahaha...i am planning on resuming that, cos i feel over weight lectures didnt hold again but my day went great, how waz your day?

Hello steemain good morning ..thanks for your good work here I really love what you are doing

I slept late last night and I woke up around 6am today and I won't be going anywhere today I will be staying at home thanks



Good morning boss good to have you post here it's really nice you resting today you know everyday one keeps going out it's really stressful some times.
You staying home today please make sure you achieve key something maybe reading your books and all the rest. Just have fun today.


Is very good that you have your rest today. Thanks for posting.

Location: Ogbomoso
Date: 15th April, 2021
Time: 8:10am

First LID Report

Good morning Steemians, how was your night because mine was fine but short. The sound of drum during the night concerning this fasting woke me up around 4am and I couldn't sleep again. I then decided to spend the time on YouTube. I think we are having longer day shorter night presently.


Though Crypto Academy is back and I will like to participate in any of the lectures and homework but they are difficult to even attempt. Who knows I might later attempt one today!

If there will be any update, I will keep you up to date with events as it unfolds...

It's @holayemine, reporting live from Ogbomoso

Stay safe 😷



Keep on posting and doing the homeworks. There is a reward for that.


Good morning people, hope we are all doing good today? I am doing fine and my night was all cruise due to the cold weather from the rain. I woke up around 5:48pm, grateful for the gift of life today. After a while, I took 5mins of my time to respond to some messages on my phone. After this, I went downstairs to tidy up the car, came back into the apartment before 6:50am to enable me handle some other tasks.


I quickly bathed my son and prepared him for the arrival of their school bus. Before now, he has drank his Morning tea and becoming playful due to the energy level. Anyway, the school bus has taken him out and I'm getting set to leave the house.
For breakfast, I will be doing rice this morning.


Nice day guys, remain safe always...


The rice though,,
It looks very attracting 🥰
Hope to have mine soon..

Have a nice day Sir @xlool24


Thanks @presd-omah... Hope you enjoy it too. Please keep small for me, may likely be having lunch in few hours time😊.
Nice day dear


Your night was cruise your breakfast looks nice and ,
you're a great dad for helping your son go to school ,
I'm told already for the rest of your activities today have a nice day😎😎😎


Hahahaha, thank for the accolades ooo... We are trying as Dad's 🙄... Any giveaway from your end, I'm just a stone throw


Is hard to find a man taking the responsibility of a woman. Keep it up Sir.


Thank you @capachino , It does not take anything to discharge such responsibility since we are there to help each other.
Thank boss, Do have a great day.

My Lid report for today

Location: #Rivers state portharcout city

Date: 15/04/2021



Hello steemians welcome once again to my first Lid report for today, I'm really greatful for the gift of life very important. At about 4am I woke up there was electricity in my house I quickly took my phone and continued my post courtesy #steemcryptoacademy.

As you all know posting out there requires a lot of time and research so that one won't make mistake. Successfully I posted. At about 5:30am I brushed my teeth and joined my family in the parlour for morning prayer's, I didn't go out for work-out today I was really tired to be frank.

More updates awaits you stay Alive and stay safe.


Prayer per say is always necessary,,
I'm glad you did one today..
Keep it up and keep updating us aswell @kingcent


Good morning my fellow steemians,hope your night was great.Mine was a bit cold even though there was no light so I slept long and very well.


I woke up around 7am today. So far I've washed my clothes and my footwear,now I want to put the carpet I bought yesterday before bathing and heading to school.
Thank you for reading my first LID report of the day.Stay tuned for more updates.


Dear @eloksjoseph,,
Already done another chores this morning??
That's very thoughtful of you,,keep it up..
I'm glad your night was great...
Just make sure that your carpet's arrangement will be straight and neat to avoid it from tearing easily..

Have a nice day and keep updating us..


Thank you prescious
I'll put that in mind when arranging the carpet thanks dear.

1st lid report


Location.... Mbieri Mbaitoli
Good morning my fellow steemians, I'm so happy to report this morning.
Thank God for today, I slept well and woke up by 7 am. The night was too cold and sick.
But I'm better this morning, I have test this morning.
But right now, we're doing revision in class.
But the test will soon show.
I didn't take any breakfast today maybe I'll take brunch later.
Have a nice day
Best regards from @chizikky187


I pray you pass in your forthcoming test and stay healthy...


I'm glad your night was good and you slept well aswell..
Success in your tests..
Have a great day ahead..@chizikky187

My first lid report

Location: Aba, Abia State Nigeria
Date: 15th April, 2021
Time: 9am
Good morning Friends. I'm so happy to be here again💃 😊 You don't know how much I've missed lid report and you my Steemian friends. I want to say a big thank you to @steemalive and @focusnow for bringing lid report back to us.
I woke up so late this morning 'cause I slept quite late. I had to be online with my new recruit, help set up her page and tutor her about a whole lot of things about creating contents on steemit. It was so stressful for me because she lives in a different State far from me. So we can't meet offline.
Yeah! I woke up, said my prayers and did a brief clean up.
My Sis is my hair stylist so I asked her to help me weave my hair so I can put on my wig.😄
We are almost done with the hair. So when I'm done weaving my hair, I'll go take my bath, brush my teeth and will hit the road. Today I'll be visiting our Steemalive office here In Aba with my two Sisters (recruits) and will be engaging in some other activities as the day goes by. Please stay tuned for more updates. Thank you and do have a blessed day.


The hair is very neat


Hello dear, hope you are doing great.
Make sure you give us update on your visit to the steemalive office


Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 9:30am
Date: 15/04/2021


Wonderful people of this community, I know things are really hard these but I assure you will scale through, for those that needs this prayer should claim it.

It was a stressful day for me yesterday, coming through from sango to ajegunle took a lot of time because of the traffic,on getting home again I branched the viewing center to watch the on going match, so when I got home I was very tired, I had a shower and did some free things on my phone and vooom I slept off, the night weather is still cool as it has been for the past few days, I slept like a baby and woke up at 5am to prepare my self for the day 3 ramadan fasting, after which I slept back.
It's all going good and fair as I just woke up from the second round of the sleep, the sun is setting already as I plan to do few chores and have my bath after then I will be resuming to the office and hope for activities to report.

#twopercent #nigeria

Location: Cameroun road aba
Date: 15/04/2021
Time: 06:59am
1st lid report

Good morning my fellow steemians,
How was your night, I hope you have a pleasant night.
I wake up this morning 05:45am,and I said my morning prayer and prepare for work and right now I snap my early morning selfie and am even close to my office, well stay tuned for more update thank you and have a nice day.


Hi @val123,

Nice to hear from you,friend.
I am glad you are strong and kicking.

You are serious devoted to your work/business.

I am expecting more reports from you.



Good morning, good to hear from you this morning, have a pleasant day today


Thank you and you too

First lid report

Location :ab,abia state

Good morning everybody,my night was cool,I slept fine and woke up this morning with many chores, my water last this morning and I had to fill my whole container...

I was very very tired I just had to struggle you know life of an only daughter, I took my bath I dressed and went to work and I had ideas so I will drop my today spotlights very soon ,stay tuned 😎😊



I look forward to seeing your spotlight.
Have a great day at work


Thank you 😊😊😊


You really do a great work this morning

First Lid report

Location: Rumuodomaya, Port Harcourt
Time: 9:30am


Good morning steemians, i had a really beautiful night although chilly because it rained heavy here yesterday. I woke up at 6am, said my prayers and i'm preparing to leave the house. I want to drive my brother to work and then go about my online courses. I hope to have a beautiful day..

Thanks for reading

My second lid report for today

Location: #Rivers state portharcout city


Time: 10:57am



Hello steemians welcome once again to my blog, I'm really excited to write again today this is a shopping mall. I went to a nearby supermarket to buy a spray called #Doubl-rabbit actually #mosquito has been disturbing our room for a long time now.

I bought it for #900 naira and quickly my mum sprayed it in the room as I speak to you now the room is still that all those mosquitoes will all die.

For more updates stay tuned.


Those tiny creatures called mosquitoes can be very crazy so whenever I have opportunity to teach them a little lesson, I don't hesitate at all 😄


Hahahahahahahah funny @graciee20

My 1st lid

Good morning steemians how was your night
I woke up ,and was feeling very cold ,i had to wear my hoodie and i decided to take my morning selfie Stay turned for all my activities for today.
Please enjoy your day.


Sorry about your cold,I'm tuned mr onyesoh...

My 1st lid post
Location ABA Abia state
Date 15/04/2021
Time 11:27


Good morning my follow steeamians how are you,and how was your night,my night was great i sleep well last night and also weak up in the morning.thank God I'm alive,I'm about to go out for work, have a nice day, stay tuned for more updates..

· look fat 😁😁🤣🤣,I'm tuned please can't wait for your spotlight

My second lid report

So I finished my today's spotlight,on STEEMIT LOGO ART

I really happy seeing the outcome, I have decided to participate in every lid that we have for that day as you can see my art work came out nice and I'm really happy..
I finished everything and I am on the lookout for other activities I'm going to capture today.... I'll be visiting a busy place so I can't wait to share my updates with you guys but as for now enjoy my logo

ART by @solar-star




You have a great work here


Thank you ,you too 😎


Good one dear


Thanks Love 💕


I love your work..... You did great


Your drawing is cute




Nice act work

First lid report.
15th April 2021.

Greetings dear friends.
Today I woke up at about 5:30am.
I said my morning prayers before I started washing clothes.
After the laundry, I had my breakfast.
For the rest of the day, I only have plans of going to the market to buy foodstuffs by 4pm.
Thats all for now.
Please stay tuned, I will continue to bring you updates on things that happen around me.
Have a lovely day ahead.


First lid Report
15tg April 2021

Today I woke up very late at about 7am.
That's because I couldn't sleep at night.
I was very hungry by the time I woke up, I quickly prepared indomie after which I went back to bed because i only want to go out by noon.
By noon, I will go to shopping center to buy Cap and staff for one of my customers at Abuja he is preparing for his traditional wedding.
When I buy them, I will waybil it to him after which I will go to shop to see what I can achieve for the day.
That's all for now, I will continue to bring you updates on happenings around me
Do have a lovely day ahead



Nice post, I wish you all your expectations for today and have a nice day.


Thanks you sir

1st LID post
Date : 15 April 2021
Time: 12:36pm
Location: ogborhill aba, abia state

Good day my fellow steemains, how was your night?
Hope it was good. Well i posted my first lid post late because i ran out of data.

I woke up by 6am, said my prayers and prepared my breakfast, while doing that, i washed some of my clothes. Before i could finish with the cloth, my food was done. So i ate and took my bath and left for work. I'm at office now, designing steemit logo 😊.
I will update you guys later
Morning selfie


Stay tuned.

2nd LID post
Date : 15 April 2021
Time: 1:10pm
Location: ogborhill aba, abia state

Hello guys, I'm back with our today's spotlight.
Actually it took me time to create this art with pencil. Hope it looks good.
I will continue my work now, because i have a lot to do here at office, but i promise to update you guys later.
Do have a nice day.


Stay tunned


You artwork looks nice,but we were asked to add an exclamation mark ‼️


Oh yea🤦🏻
Thanks for the feedback.

I will try to read carefully next time.


Nice one dear...... Keep it up Am turned already to more logo Reports


Thanks a lot


Lovely keep it up

Location: Cameroun road aba
Date: 15/04/2021
Time: 07:39am
2nd lid report

IMG_20210415_075214_042.jpgHello guys,
As i said before that am on my way going to work and then reaching my office was 07:32am and we are having a morning devotion and then I join the morning devotion, and within a short period we dismissed from the devotion and we all return back to our office and continue our work, stay tuned for more update thank you.

1st Lid

Location: Abule Egba


Date: 15-04-2021


Good afternoon from this part of the world,it another Thursday. The weather is very hot causing so much heat
I am preparing my homework task for the Crypto academy class .I will finish up and post it as soon as possible



2nd Report
My lid Sportlight

Hey guys hope our day is going smoothly.
I Have been able to create one steemit logo for our today's spotlight.

Stay tuned for more updates.


My 2nd lid report

Location: Azikiwe road Aba
Date: 15th April, 2021
Time: 1pm
Hello friends, how's your day going? Hope the weather over there is not as hot as it is here? Okay, I'm done with weaving my hair,
I had my bath, dressed up and left for the Steemalive office visit I told you about.

I'm there now with @beewrites, @succyzee and @mesonia. We're cleaning up the office and getting it ready for use. Guess what! We met our boss @focusnow in the office too😊 You don't know how happy I am to see him for the first time. Oh please excuse me I need to go back to work. I'm not done yet.😄 Please be here, I'm coming right back.


Good afternoon my fellow steemians,I hope everyone is doing well.
I'm currently in class which is supposed to start by 2pm.
When I'm done I'll go home ,finish putting my carpet and rest.
Stay tuned for more updates. Thanks for reading my LID.

3rd LID post
Date : 15 April 2021
Time : 2:15pm
Location : ogborhill azuka junction.

Good afternoon everyone, how is your day going?
Mine is going smoothly.
Actually i was working since morning.
More than 4 Corps was moved out from the mortuary today, just imagine.
People are dying like fowls this days. All we just need to pray, is for Jehovah's protection.

I decided to take a picture of it and share with you guys what's going on in my area.

bike men 👇🏻


Thanks for reading
I will still come back with more update by God's grace.

Stay tuned.


Jehovah will protect us, we are in his hands.


1st lid report
Location: oguta

Morning selfie
Good day friends, I was not able to post early in the morning, reasons because I went back to owerri again today.

Running BP test for everyone in the house.

FMC owerri

African salad for my lunch
I bought the African salad for lunch, after taking my lunch, I will start my drawing, it won't be easy, but it's possible.
Stay safe friends.

My 1st lid post

Location :aba ukaegbu

Good morning my fellow steemains hope you have a Wonderful night, i do have a sweet night and also know stress,


I woke up around 5 a.m. in morning after finish my morning worship then I fetch water so that i will take my bath,after doing that I dressed up for work I wishyou all a happy day, stay tuned why i update you.

My 2nd lid post

this is my steemit logo


Am so happy today when i hard today sport light,steemit logo art ,
I love drawing so i have to draw my steemit logo art with my pencil and other drawing equipment that is required, I have to make it look neat and fine and also my name is written on it@goodseed , wishing all steemian a nice drawing.


My own is finer😁😁😁😂🤣

Second lid report
Abia state Polytechnic, Aba

Good afternoon Friends,
These pictures are from the from front gate of Abia state Polytechnic, Aba.
Student ate done with lectures and going home in mass, reasons for the heavy traffic.




3rd Report
Location: ogwashi uku Delta State Nigeria.

Greetings my fellow Reports......!
I have been at home since morning.......!
I tried sleeping but sleep is not coming.

I just designed another steemit logo.
Which is the today's spotlight.

Stay tuned for more design.



Good morning friends,how was the night on your ends...?
My night here,went well.
The weather was Cold.....there was no heat through out the night!
I do enjoy my sleep,when weather is not hot.

I woke up 06:40am Africa Nigeria time.
As you can see am still on bed.
I still want to rest more before I will know the next thing to do for today.

I was really stressed out based on yesterday movements.

Stay tuned for more updates from my ends

Wish everyone a day filled with laughter and unmerited favour.



Nice post, our day will be a day of laughter and unmerited favour amen.


🤗 enjoy your day


Nice still look worn out. You should rest a bit more today. Have a beautiful day ahead


Yes my dear.
I stressed my self alot yesterday.

Thanks for your comment


Hey dear, goodmorning. Good to know you slept well and woke up well, thanks to the cool weather. I hope you have a great day and rest well to be strong for the day.


Thank you for your comment my friend...... Please stay safe out there.


I say Amen to those prayers @pricelesspresh

Your prayers always keep motivating us..
Keep it up,,keep updating us and the have a nice day..


Thank you my dear pls stay safe out there.


Wow...i hope your day is filled with laughter too


Nice post, yesterday was stressful for me too but am glad that today will be better.


Yes my dear have a nice day

My 2nd lid

Hi guys am back with our spotlight for today (steemit logo art)

I thank God I made my spotlight am so so happy to be a steemian

I was less busy today so I decided to draw my logo art because I can't do without my daily report that's why so I decided to do my logo art. When I was starting I was a little bit afraid because I'm not a drawing type but I thank god that I tried a little bit.
So you guys should stay tuned for another update🤔🤔


Yoooo ....steem to the moon 🌚 ,your spotlight looks nice and natural 😊😊

Location: Cameroun road aba
Date: 15/04/2021
Time: 02:17pm
3rd lid report


Good afternoon my fellow steemians,
I have been in the office since morning and I have not eating since then, and right now am feeling serious hungry, and it have not been easy for me since this week due to the extra task that was attached in my target but I prayed that I will achieve mine before the Month runs out, well stay tuned for more update.


Pls try and eat something, you need strength to get to the task. Pls do that ok

2nd lid report

My drawing..
Digging it gently.. it's not easy oo
But I'm going somewhere.

Spotlight for today
Almost rounding up, it will finish well.
Stay tuned for the final painting.. I hope I'm doing well.

My 2nd lid post



My steemit members,when I find out that today's spotlight is steemit logo Art,I was so happy because I can draw, I like drawing, when i can draw is when I'm less busy, I bring out my time to do my today spotlight, I thank God for the knowledge he gave to me🤝🤝 stay tuned for more updates..


You really killed it, not like me 😁

My 3rd lid post

IMG_20210415_190846_295.jpgpicture location

I was coming back to my house this afternoon because today is our zoom meeting so I have to go earlier, have some rest and prepare for it, I find out that Everywhere is dry because my street is always busy every time, I don't know what is going on, I ask my friend what happens he told me nothing, I was so scared because I don't know what is going on but I found out that there is nothing going on, everyone is inside there house but thank God that there is no problem,😎😎 stay tuned for more updates ✌️✌️

4th LID post
Date : 15 April 2021
Time : 5:20pm
Location : ogborhill azuka junction.

It was around 5pm, two keke drivers were quarrelling. I came outside to see what's going on.
Well, I was confused because i don't really know what's causing the problem. So i decided to ask a friend that was outside before me.
According to him, he said that one of the keke driver hit the other. But still yet the one that caused this problem was blaming the other one for not parking properly.
What could we say about this?



Lol ,my say is that they should just ignore and forgive each other, because one way or the other,unknownly both has hit someone beforehand ,so they should just go....

Location: Ogbomoso
Date: 15th April, 2021
Time: 5:50pm

Second LID Report

Good evening all, the day has been so tasking and tedious. I couldn't get time to steem much at work today compare to other days; that's an answered prayer though!

The high preparation of rainfall made me to rush home because I didn't close the windows and rain may branch via window. I was fortunate enough to get home ahead of the rainfall, atleast the heat will be reduced or gone self.
As the rain was dropping, I used the opportunity to engage my art nature to draw steem logo but I wasn't too good in drawing 🙈.


My day has been a pleasant one!
It's @holayemine, reporting live from Ogbomoso

Stay safe 😷



It's been really the same for me was no homo...we both gave the spotlight a shot...


Atleast we tried our possible best


Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 6:00pm
Date: 15/04/2021

Out of my tight schedule I was able to draw this, which is the spotlight for the day. I hope y'all are having a good day Good evening my fellow steemian...

#twopercent #nigeria


Nice work dear, remember to put your exclamation mark at the end. Just got to know mine .. will correct mine soon


Thanks for the reminder


That still looks good despite all.
Oh really, you're the olabillions that has keeping the group active. Well done bro. Nice seeing you here


Thanks boss

3rd lid report

The process


Final touch. Steem to the moon
Pls rate my work..

Me doing my work .
It's getting dark, let prepare dinner and do my assignment in crypto academy. Bye for now

My 1st LID Report.
Location: Aba, Abia State
Date: April 15, 2021
Time: 5:50pm
Good evening steemians.
It's unfortunate that I have not been able to post any lid today since morning. I hope you all had a wonderful night rest and a successful day activities.
That's my morning selfie
My day has been a busy one with so many activities. Since morning I have been working at home with some activities. I was also able to do the homework task of cryptoacademy. All the same I thank Jehovah for the success thus far.
I wish you all the best.


Sorry for the stressful day bro

Wish you the best too.✌️🏾

4th lid Report
Location:Ogwashi uku Delta State Nigeria



Friends this is my last Report for today.....I had succeeded is reporting 3steemit logs today.

Though am not too good in art works but I believe I did my best.

Sweet night rest everyone.

5th LID post
Date : 15 April 2021
Time : 6:30pm
Location : ehere market,beside opopo junction aba

Hello friends i think this will be my last report for today.
It was 6pm, i need to go to the market and buy some food stuffs.
So i went to the market, i was a very busy and crowdy place. I bought vegetables and some other things that I will use and cook.
Ehere market is the best market i love going to, whenever I want to buy food stuff. Is a very busy place.
After I'm done with buying, i started heading home.

Thanks for reading my last report for today.





You rilly mean you cook??
Are you for real??
Like it's rare to see guys that cook,,not just cooking but going to the market and getting the stuff by themselves...It's rare..
Keep it up dear..
Without doubts,,your day was just good..

Best regards from this end @ruggedangel


Thanks a lot dear

***2nd LID Report
Location: ABA

Hi friends, how's our day all going? I hope we are all doing well and also feeling well? I'm fine also from my end. It has been a busy and mobile day for me. As soon I left home in the morning enroute office, I stopped bye at a family hospital to pick up some documentations I've been postponing for weeks now. It was nice I got it 90% resolved for now. My next visit should be to finalize and close up the deal.

I left there for office and got busy immediately. I tried clearing my table on time so as to leave earlier too. I left the office around 4pm enroute market Square to pick up all that I've wanted for the home.






These are some of the points I visited while inside the Mall. It was just obvious I was hungry, the pics speaks for itself since it was almost food related. Don't mind me please, I still got some other household groceries. This is just the best time to visit this area, less traffic inside the Mall and sanity in the loaf section.

(Factory road)


I left this area as soon as I got all I wanted and headed home. But trust this factory road, it is usually at its traffic peak when it's 4:30pm and above. I crawled through the traffic and navigated through BATA junction and luckily for me I drove passed the gridlock.

I'm home now😊👍

Thank you guys for reading through


Wow,, Sir,,your day was full of achievements,from getting the documents to stopping by at the Market square to get all you wanted.. That's a nice feeling though..

I'm glad you're home now to atleast rest from the day's stress @xkool24
Welcome Back!🥰


Thank you @presh-omah for stopping bye. My day was indeed a handful. But It was all for good. How was your day? Hope well spent? Guess you're back from the days activities?
Best regards from here🥰

My 3rd lid post


I really enjoyed today's meeting ture zoom cloud meeting,do to Corona virus we dont have to gether like before , lot of people attend the meeting with their families the questions they answered impressed me most, I learnt from them and they learnt from me to all thanks to creator of all universe for his spiritual food given to us

My 4th lid post

IMG_20210415_190812_625.jpgpicture location

This my neighbour shop I came to buy something, action bitters,I find out that anything you need is here,small shop, but many articles, but everywhere is boring but all thanks to God for everything, stay tuned for more updates 😎


You should have bought the Action Bitters for two abeg @smarto


I will okay 👍👍


Wahala for who no drink action bitter😁😁😂



My 3rd lid post


Am so grateful to almighty god for today's meeting it went successful and I really enjoyed it, due to the coronavirus i have to use zoom cloud meeting for our meeting today ,lot of families with their kids attend the missing the questions they answered impressed me most I learnt from them and the learnt from me, we don't have to gather like befor everybody where in his or her house enjoying today's meeting all thanks to God for giving us a spiritual food daily basis I'm happy.


I've never had this zoom call of meeting before,,but I hope to do that someday so as to have and know the experience.@goodseed

Without doubts,,one can sense that your day went rilly well..


Yes you are right, have a blissful night

2nd Lid report

Time: 1:56pm
Location: Nkpolu-Oroworukwo, Port Harcourt


I went for a meeting later, i had to walk a long distance before i could get a cab because of the taskforce operations in the state. After the meeting, we were given lunch of rice and chicken which was very tasty and thereafter, i left for home.

Going home wasn't easy though, everywhere was blocked due to the campaigns for the forthcoming elections on Saturday...a journey that was ordinariky supposed to last for 10mins lasted for over an hour and i was so tired of sitting the the car adding to the fact that the sun was really scotching hot. It wasn't easy but i got home by 4pm



Location.....Umuahia abia state,Nigeria.

Good evening wonderful people of steemlive community and to all lid reporters,i believe you all had a fantastic day today because for me,today is really blessed by God himself.

Apologies for reporting on LID today very late,just that i had an engagement to attend as early as 5am and am just coming back now,but neverthelss here am i to make my report.


To be honest today's spotlight is relly tough because am not good at drawing but am going to do the task right away,sty tunnel.

My 5th lid post

IMG_20210404_222429_472.jpgpicture location

My day went well so I decided to Barb my hair,what about you people I hope una day went well,thank God for everything,


Your hair style is so nice..
Maybe I will come and have my own haircut in that saloon @smarto.

Hope your day was nice?


Hahahahahaha🤗🤗🤗 thank you. I'm waiting for you.


I like the mirror


Good evening guys welcome to my third lid report.I woke up a while ago.Before I slept I finished setting my carpet.


I decided to draw a logo for steemit for today's spotlight. I hope you like it.



I'm going to get dinner now, it'll be rice and stew, then I'll play some games rest then go to bed.Goodnight my fellow steemians.Steem on!!!


@eloksjoseph your drawing is rilly nice..
Hope your day was great?


Thank you 😊
It was fine
How was yours?

Second LID Report
Location:Obohia road,Aba

Good evening my good people..Hope the day was nice to us all?
Well,,I finally got the pair of footwear I went for today..
Should I say my day was a bit stressed??
Indeed !!it was not just stressed but busy aswell,,because from School Road I went in search of other stuff which I bought at Cemetery market..Then I left afterwards to my mum's shop,,just as I reported earlier today in my first lead..
I had lunch,,which was my usual,,RICE,but this time,it wasn't the portion I brought from home,,but the one I bought from the food vendors at the market..
We made much sales,,and we were grateful to God for that..
Immediately it was 4:15pm we closed from shop and went home.. Although we stopped by the roadside and got little stuff before going..We boarded a tricycle home..Did I mention i was with my mum..
On our way home,,I bought a cardboard paper which will be used for our today's spotlight..
So on getting home around 6:15pm,,I hurried and drew our logo because my day was too busy that I had no time to myself,,and the outcome of my drawing was great..
Although I did the drawing very late,,but I'm still glad that after everything I was still able to actualize it..
IMG_20210415_190117_497~3.jpgMy Logo lying flat on the table,ready to be snapped and reported

IMG_20210415_190603_082.jpgSTEEM'S LOGO,,Our today's spotlight


#twopercent #nigeria


Wow , fine girl your logo looks nice 🙂


Beautiful drawing.
Thanks for sharing

My 4th lid post

After todays meeting my mom was very happy because of the things she leant from the Bible,mom like know order her smile is a blessing mom you will leave long like Methuselah

My 5th lid post

Traffic everywhere

IMG_20210415_192244.jpgpicture location

On my way coming back from work reaching opopo Junction there was much traffic and there is no means of transportation, all vehicles has been full with passengers I have no other option than to trick done to my house at least I have saved that transportation money, I will use it to transport myself tomorrow morning for work, To all my steemit fans have a lovely night,i will give you update on how i spent my night tomorrow morning.


Nice post, thanks for sharing your post to us although my side there is no traffic jam at aba owerri road aba.

2nd report


Location: Abule Egba

Time: 8:00pm





Good evening everyone, I welcome you all to my second lid report for today
Am reporting live from Abule Egba, Lagos State Nigeria.
Tomorrow there will be an engagement party between one of my sister's friend Uncle. My parents where invited so I happen to follow my mum to the small hall they will be using tomorrow.
The party will be nice and eventful.
I hope to cover all the events and bring update to everyone.



Thanks for sharing your post to us, but I hope the small hall will enter people that is coming for the party.


There is a strict rules here in Lagos State.

Only 100 people are allowed.
We are following the covid-19 procedure

***2nd LID Report
Location: ABA



Am happy to be part of this spotlight for today.
My steemit logo Art


Steem to the moom

Location: Cameroun road aba.
Date: 15/04/2021
Time: 04:31pm
4th lid report

Hello guys,
As i just came back from my lunch and I have to take time and do stoplight and today stoplight it steem logo art.
Stoplight task.


And which I have to do, well thank you for taking your time to read my post, well stay tuned for more update.

Location: Market square aba.
Date: 15/04/2021
Time: 05:12pm
5th lid report


Good evening my fellow steemians,
How was your day, I hope is was okay and I close work for today and I have to market square because there is some items that I want to buy which I later it there and from there I will be going to my house, well thank you for taking your time to read my post.



Location.....umuahia abia state,Nigeria

Good evening my lovely LID reporters,still your girl reportimg live in umuahia,a live event That took place today shows how tax force people intimidate citizens,especially those who can't defend themselves,its so ungodly how a group of able bodied young men will chose 'agboro' as a work and derive joy in molesting the poor citizens.

What a world!!!!!





Still working on my spotlight,hold on a bit.


That stuff is everywhere..staff harassing worker all in the name of transportation...

My 2nd LID Report,
Location: Aba, Abia State
Date: April 15, 2021
Time: 9:50pm
Good evening steemians!
Its nice being here again to check how your day went and to share how my was with you dear friends.
I have gone through series of lid report and its obviously clear that most of us had a wonderful day. I really had a good day with a measure of success in the things I planned for today.

Spotlight -Steemit Logo Art.

Its high time to post my spotlight for today.

Getting this steemit logo art wasn't an easy task. It took me a while to get it done but as usual, it sharpen my creative skill once again. Seeing the effort of other reporters in getting todays spotlight makes up my day. Thanks to @focusnow for helping us to develop creative skill.
I wish you all a splendid night rest.


This is very Beautiful


Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 10:00pm

I praise my fellow steemian, it not easy reporting every day but still we keep giving it our all, been active as a great impact in this community and I hope we all stick to that by engaging every day. I celebrate y'll


This evening in the western part of nigeria, it has been a wet evening as it rained heavily..


but it didn't stop me from going to the viewing center to watch the 2nd leg of the europa league semi final ...the game came out positive as I had predicted both English team are through to the semi finals, both team had a comfortable win...
It's so late already but am on my way home i will be there in some minutes...

#twopercent #nigeria


Location....umuahia abia state,Nigeria


Hello everyone
So sorry am posting too late but I got back very late and after doing all my house chores it was late already then i stsrted the drawing,but finally am here with my spotlight.


My sketching work.



Finally am done.



Am done with my spoflight,pls dont laugh at me am goid in any other thing but not drawing,thanks lovelies and good night.


You did a wonderful job dearie, when I grow up I will be like you😁.

4th Lid report

Final shade of today's spotlight

Today have been really hectic me , but I have to do for the love of STEEM, I quickly did the perfect one for after practicing with the other paintings. It's really fun and at the same time hectic for me. My baby girl loves my work and volunteered to hold it and while I take the picture, she said I want to show my face on steem, I used my darlings picture, very soon she will join me.
I'm down with stress I need rest. My eyes aren't good to behold. Thanks friends good night from here.

3rd lid (report spotlight edition)
15tg April 2015

So I came home late to draw my own spotlight.
But the good news is that I did it eventually.



3rd Lid report
Location: Nkpolu-Oroworukwo, Port Harcourt
Time: 9:45pm


So, it's 9:45pm and i've been able to do my spotlight but before i go talk about the logo of steemit, i'll like to digress a little. My day was very funny...from unnecessary traffic jam from campaigners to having a runny stomach. That was even the most shocking of it, i don't know how it happened but i just started stooling and having stomach ache, i had to take flagyl for it to subside.

Now back to the spotlight, i hold this logo in high esteem. Steemit has been a happy place for me in the last few months and i'm really gratefuk to my friend @armstrongdiho for introducing me to this amazing community.

I have learned to be a better writer, communicate more effectively and most importantly, learn new things.

Long live, steemit!!!
Steemit forever!!!