LID Reporting returns in 24 hours - with just two changes.




Live and direct reporting is a project initiated by SteemAlive community which has had great success. Many reporters from the community enjoy the rich content and the rewards that has been part of this project. LID turns you into a reporter on the scene. You show us what is happening around you at any point in time by uploading a picture or two along with descriptions of what is happening.

We have enjoyed this project a lot. Many of our members are already asking when we will return from the 1 week necessary break we took. Through this post, we wish to announce that LID reporting will resume tomorrow Saturday 10/4/2021. If you want to learn more about the LID project, check this post.

As we resume tomorrow, there will be two changes to the project in order to ensure more quality LID reporting.

The changes to LID going forward

We are going to make the following two changes to LID:

1.. Less than 1% focus on the reporter: LID was modelled after live reporters on the scene. When you watch live reports on TV, the information given by the reporter is nothing about the reporter. Its 100% about what is happening elsewhere. The focus is on the event being reported and not the reporter. Going with this, we are going to make a change as follows:

Formerly: LID reporters report a lot about their personal activities such as what they did or are doing at home, their family, or personal business. While these may make for fun reading, it derails a little from the concept of focusing on the external events taking place around the reporter's environment. We have changed that going forward.

So from tomorrow's LID: We will no longer accept personal activities reporting as a valid report. All LID reporting MUST be about something interesting or informative happening around the reporter's environment. What we mean is that the following wont be counted as a valid LID report going forward:

  • Your meals - breakfast, lunch or dinner
  • Laundry
  • Cleaning the house or compound.
  • Working at your personal business.
  • Taking a rest
  • Caring for a pet
  • Welcoming guests
  • Preparing food at home, etc

The above is not an exhaustive list. But are examples of activities that revolve around the reporter which we have been seeing a lot of them in recent LID reports. We would no longer count them as valid reports. Apart from the first report which is usually a selfies and a rundown of things the reporter will do or places they will go (less than 1% about the reporter), all LID reports must be about external events or activities. This can include:

  • Live event like weddings, parties, etc.
  • Pedestrians/ road scenes
  • Bus terminals or other busy places
  • Shoppers in a mall.
  • Traders in a busy market.
  • Vacationers and relaxation spots
  • Other public places, etc

Our target is to produce quality LID reports that are focused not on the reporter's personal activities, but on interesting or informative events happening around them. This is the first change we have made and believe it will help us bring more value to the LID project.

2.. LID traffic Update: We are pleased to add a new feature to the LID project called LID traffic update. The traffic update will dedicate 2 days in a week to entirely traffic reporting and updating. We have selected Mondays and Fridays as the two busy days that would be ideal for making traffic reports. On these two days, the LID reports will be entirely about traffic on major roads, streets and routes.

What are reporters expected to do?

  • Its a normal LID, so it starts with a morning selfie and details of the reporter's schedule for the day
  • The remaining reports would be about traffic. The reporter is free to feature traffic situations of a busy road, road intersection or street at different parts of the day.
  • Traffic report of different places can be featured depending on the reporters movement for the day
  • Each traffic report must feature the name of the street/road, city, State and what3words code
  • Detailed traffic reports will receive extra rewards at the discretion of the admin'

We hope that this extra feature will make LID more interesting and information. We will include additional details in each days LID post if necessary.

Capture images with caution

Since LID is all about producing original images, you need to be alert to security situations in your environment. If you feel unsafe about your neighborhood or environment, it would be best not to risk your device to take pictures. Only take pictures in safe environments and at places where it is allowed to do so. Additionally, take pictures discreetly so as not to draw undue attention to yourself.

Outstanding rewards

We sincerely appologize that we have not been able to send your oustanding LID prizes for March. We promise to do so before the end of April. Additionally, we would like to avoid delays in sending the prizes going forward. So before the end of the next day, we will make effort to send the LID prizes for the previous day.


We are really grateful to all our valued LID reporters. We appreciate the efforts you make to bring quality LID reports. We hope that you will continue to work hard in making LID one of the best projects on Steemit platform.

We are also grateful to @steemcurator01 for supporting the LID project and our lovely community SteemAlive. Together we can achieve more!!!

Written by:@focusnow
For: SteemAlive community


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@steemalive (71) this great , with this change,I believe LID will have a good shape now..... We can travel round the world in a day through our reporters post 🦸🦸.
Let's get started 11more hours to Go🤗
Am fully IN

Can't wait to start reporting again.

This is lovely and I think it would add value to LID and quality of post released here. Thanks for bringing back our LID. We've waited for this as it has helped in fine tuning our diaries...
Thank you @steemalive for this update*

This is a good innovation i
On LID Reporting. I am thrilled and excited about this piece of information as I will get back to reporting LIDS

This is interesting@ focusnow..
I have shaa missed this event..

But sorry to ask,
What's the maximum I can report in a day?


Minimum is two. No maximum. As much as you have time to report. @godsbest

This is very good

It is a nice updates but what I am concerned with is the fact that concerns taking a shot in public. All those living in Akwa Ibom, please be cautious and to the rest of the Steemians.

Your report has put a nice smile on my face and answered some troubling questions I had in my mind but after reading through, I realized you knew what can happen. Everyone just needs to be careful.

This is my first time going through the lid reports and I am happy I am going to be a part of this from henceforth since I have gotten my new device and hope to learn how it is done from Mrs. @ngoenyi.

This new updates is really going to add more fun to everyone lid report. Thanks for this.

Woww, thank God it is coming back with a face lift. Hopefully each and everyone of us would participate. And we should heed attentively to be observant in the issue of taking pictures, Always is hot as it is now.

Thats goodnews

Am glad its gonna be bk tomorrow

Wow! This is good news. I can't wait to start making my lid report again💃💃 Thank you @steemalive

It's really great to have LID back and better, I support the changes they are sanitizers to our dear LID. Thanks @steemalive admin

Awesome.. that's great news

Great changes that makes reporting more formal and official. Am happy for these changes and I look forward to benefit from the changes especially the traffic report on Mondays and Fridays.

LID is finally back. Ready to hop on again

This is good news!
Thank You Sir @focusnow
Thank You @steemalive

Your explanation on LID engagement details has answered my question as to the meaning of LID. THANKS.

Wow!! this is a very good change about the reporting style. This so going to be fun with the changes on the LID. This what we call creativity and now we get to read other exciting activities around the world. Great job @steemAlive and @focusnow
#twopercent #cameroon