LID traffic Update for today Friday 16/4/2021. (Spotlight: Street light)

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Thank God Friday! Goodmorning and welcome to a new day for LID traffic reporting. The weekend is almost here with us and we cannot get more excited to report traffic updates as people rush to work or come back home anticipating the weekend. So pick up your camera, go to a busy road junction this morning and take some shots


3 ways to make a great LID traffic report

We want to see what traffic looks like in your area in as much detail as you can provide. Here are 3 locations

1. Location: Location of the road or Street whose traffic is being reported should be detailed. There, each traffic report should include the name of the Country, state, city, road/ street. The reporter must use What3words to provide location coordinates. If you are a new reporter or user, your mentor can show you how to use the What3words app.

2. The Picture(s): Be sure to choose an angle and position that would enable us see the traffic completely. If you can climb an elevated platform such as the first floor of a muilti-story building, then it will be easy to take a better traffic report. Take a look at the image below submitted by @focusnow in the last LID traffic:


3. Safety: You have to stay alive to do anything. Please make sure not to stand in a place where you will be hit by traffic. Make sure that safety would be your first priority while taking pictures. As suggested above, taking images from a safe building or some other locations would be important with regards to safety.

5. Exclusively traffic: To do this traffic LID reporting, your first report will susally be a morning selfie with a decription of how you will spend the day. The next reports should be strictly traffic. Please do not post any other reports except traffic. We will not consider reports other than traffic as a valid report for today

With these tips, you are good to go. Now take your camera, hit the road and give us that LID traffic report.


Spotlight for Today

Our spotlight for today's traffic update should be something related to road or traffic. So our spotlight for today is Street light. We will pay you extra 0.1 steem if you feature a spotlight.


Support LID

Make a donation to @steemalive to help us reward our LID reporters. Send steem, tron, or SBD to us. You can also curate the LID post for each day and even resteem it.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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Today Traffic update

Location: #Rivers state portharcout city

Date: 16/04/2021.

Time: 1:51



Here is the traffic situation at #obiri-ikewree, in portharcout city here at this particular time, in the last 4 hrs a Tanker carrying petrol fell down on this road but due to the effort of the Nigeria police l, everywhere has been solidified.

Although some recastrant citizens took a nap and was scrooping the fuel at the risk of their lives. Some peo attributed it to poverty ahh what do I even know.



Good morning people of God how was your night,mine was Good,just havent been too long i woke up,so i decide to make my LID,BEFORR THE DAY GOES BY,as for my day today,am already up,i will be making preparation of going to the shop,and i will go to the market too,to get the finished goods,i will surely keep,the family updated,you all should have a nice day and stay safe.


I pray you make much sales at the market today..
Stay safe and take care!!


Amen oo,u to dearie


It's seems like this cold is everywhere o,just make sure to wear a cardigan or a thick cloth.Have a nice day Rebecca ,stay safe.


Good morning dear.
Thanks for letting us know how your night went and your schedules for today.

As you go out today , may God protections be upon you


Its really everywhere o,do enjoy ur day dear


I will be waiting for your updates. I pray your day goes well and you sell plenty of your market today. Cheers!


It will surely will ,do enjoy ur day ahead


Your day will be great


Amen amen,same as urs


Good day dear
I see your day will be bit stressful
Hope you Succeeded on your today's plan?

Location: Aba-owerri road aba
Date: 16/04/2021
Time: 07:57am
1st lid report

Good morning my fellow steemians,
How was your night, I hope it was cool.
Mine was so cool and last night weather was so friendly and I enjoy my sleep.
And I wake up at about 05:45am and said my morning prayer and then start preparing for work, and this picture that I snap is when I was a vehicle heading to work, well my plan today depends when I reach office although I have a lot of work to do today, stay tuned for more update.


Good morning my good friend @val13, only you've abandoned me. Good go see you this morning in good health. Wishing you a wonderful day today at work.
#twopercent #cameroon


Good morning @val123, the weather is very cold with slight breeze in my area. Hopefully you will achieve everything you want to achieve today. Have a lovely day.


Great shot!
May God cause all your planned for today to come through.
Have a great day my friend


Good morning steemians.I hope your night wasn't too cold. Well mine was.I had to sleep with a sweater on.Im still even wearing the sweater .I think I'll have hot tea and bread for breakfast so I can counter the cold.


Well, I don't have much plans for today,but it's a school day so I'll be going to school later on.I have lectures in the afternoon so this morning after I eat and bath,and yes I'll still sweep and clean my room lol, @presh-omah would be surprised if I didn't , I'll take up some of my course materials and read ,exams are in less than 3 weeks so I have to prepare.
Later on when I'm going to school, I'll try to find a traffic light even though I've never seen one in this region of the state so I can use for my spotlight report.
Have a great day my fellow steemians.Steem on and stay safe.


Wow do much to do today from your side especially concerning school. It's a good thing to keep warm my friend as you won't catch cold like I did two days ago. Have a great day today. Good morning @eloksjoseph
#twopercent #cameroon


Thank you ,I'll try to keep warm. I hope you're better now


Okay cool. Yes bro we thank God for healings.


@eloksjoseph, sorry for the cold weather but somebody like me enjoys it more than every other weather climate. The antitodes to cold is hot tea but hot ginger and garlic tea is the best. I wish you success in advance as your exam is fast approaching.
The real secret of success is good preparation.

1st Report.
Location: Ogwashi uku Delta State Nigeria

Good morning friends.
Trust the night rest went well?
My night here was okay,the little hour's I slept........!
I went to bed 02:53am this morning,due to some stuffs I was doing online.

I remain thankful to God for the gift of seeing another new day.

This morning I will start with my house chores, which will be cleaningup the house and preparing meal for breakfast.

After which, I will make sure I update all my posts on steemit.

I will be visiting a friend later today, but I don't know how possible that will be, but everyone should stay tuned to my report.

As the day goes I will keep reporting on my activities and location.

May Mercy and Grace speak for us today as we try again 🙏

Best regards from. @pricelesspresh.
#twopercent Nigeria.


1st LID report
Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 7:25am
Date: 16/04/2021

Good morning dear family. How are you all doing today? My night was good and I'm feeling better today as I no longer have malaria pains on me again. We thank God for that. My night was smoothen by the release of the first semester examination results. I'm glad it was good although not as I wanted but a GPA of 3.2 isn't bad for the start of the program. I'm still in bed but woke up about and hour ago and went for prayers. I'm back into my sheets because of cold. Today I will go out and do some few things and attend to a customer's command. I will be updating you guys as my day unfolds. Have a nice day people.

IMG_20210415_075144.jpgmy morning glow
#twopercent #cameroon


Thank God your fine, and strong enough
Congratulations to on result


Thank you very much my friend. I'm grateful for the concern
#twopercent #cameroon



Time: 07:28

Location: Oko, Anambra

Date: 16-04-2021

Good morning Steemians, Thank God is Friday (TGIF). I woke up at 6:30am, observed my morning devotion. The weather is cool with slight breeze. School is still not in session so no lectures or exams which we were supposed to start this week. The ASUP organisation has slated meeting this afternoon, we are hoping that we that there would be a positive response to the situation. In absence of no classes, I would be able to do one Crypto academy homework and write some contest posts, but that would be after I have had my breakfast. Have a nice day and Stay tuned.

Good Morning
Date: 16/4/2021
Location : Aba, Abia State
Time: 7:42am


Woke up by 7am. The weather is cool on my area. Wanted to go to Onitsha this morning for an event but cancelled . Will be going out to visit a friend and drop off something with an Aunt.

That's all I have planned for today. Will also make some posts in the Women's group and submit my Crypto assignment as well.

#twopercent #nigeria

First lid
Location:Asaba Delta State

Good morning friends, i had a pleasant night rest, hope you guys slept well!

Will start the Day with cleaning up the house and then my breakfast and am off to class, after class i will be going to rehearsals. On my way to rehearsals i will be carrying out my report. After rehearsals will be going to Camp David @ Ingathering and Youth Foundation by 4pm.

I want you guys to have this in mind

It’s always possible to overcome a tough situation through out of the box thinking, and not give in to the only options you think you have to pick from.

Have blissful day, much regards from @basky14



Good morning my dear
You really have a lot to do today oo
Maybe i should come and help you with the cleaning.
Well i hope you will completes all you have for today.
And your laptop 😊 i really want new laptop oo
For my work. I love yours 😊

Do have a nice day sir


Lol thanks bro
Hope ur day is going smoothly


@basky14, your plan for today is surely filled with activities. I wish you all the best.

It’s always possible to overcome a tough situation through out of the box thinking, and not give in to the only options you think you have to pick from.

I quite agree with you because there are many ways to kill a rat. All that is needed is to widen ones thinking or to make consultation to reasonable persons.
Have a nice day!


greetings @basky14......

How are you doing this evening?
Hope you have been able.
To achieve all your goals for today?
Best wish from @pricelesspresh.

First lid report
16th April 2021
Immaculate, And

Good morning friends,
I woke up at about 4am, I went and eased myself and after which, I couldn't sleep again. I started pressing my phone.
About now, am about leaving the house to work. Am going to the market to buy isiagu fabric for a customer who requested for it.
After which I will go to shop to make it amongst other things.
Amongst "my to do list today" is the delivery of a set of senators wear to @focusnow which I intend doing by 2pm.
Thanks your time.
Please stay tuned, because I will always update you with happenings around me.
Do have a great day ahead


Location: Academy Road off target road, Calabar south, Calabar.
Date: 16/04/21
Local time: 8:20am

Good morning everyone, I trust that we all slept well last night.
I have a lot of things to accomplish today, i hope to come through.
I planned to go to the betting shop around my area. That is my new base now because they constantly have power (light), this would enable me to take on all the tasks ahead of me without worrying about light.
I have 3 new recruits that just signed up yesterday, so I need to be available for them as quickly as possible to assist them Incase they have any issues. I'm also partaking in the crypto academy programs. So I need to be ready to take on the challenges posed.


Good morning bro it's really nice reading your post rhankGod your nice was splendid we give God all the glory, at least we thank God for the gift of life.

You plan to go to a bet-shop today that's good I'm sure that you are a Chelsea fan, and I also hope you play vitual game wisely.


I'm a Chelsea fan yes, but I don't play virtual. I'm only there because of light, to be able to run my package on steemit.


Pls be careful and stay safe where ever you are hanging out to do things.. have a nice day sir


1st Lid report
Date: 16/04/2021

Morning selfie

Good morning friends, hope your night was awesome, mine wasn't that good, my child's temperature was so high and we could not sleep last night, He later slept off but I have to keep watch till I slept off, I will be going to hospital to run a test on him and get him treated as soon as possible.
He requested for spaghetti, I'm preparing it to serve him as breakfast, thank he has appetite to eat . I will get back to us and keep us updated. Stay safe friends


Please try as much as you can to take care of him, good to know your taking him to the hospital

My first Lid report

Location: #Rivers state portharcout city

Date: 16/04/2021

Time: 9:20am


Hello steemians welcome once again to my first Lid report for today, it's all started at about 5am when I woke up I took a nap and went to my neighbors house to call my friend so we can follow together and go out for our daily work-out exercise.

We ran from my spot #NTA junction to somewhere around #Rumuokuta round about it was really interesting as my body composition was flexible I really enjoyed the exercise today. Imidiatly I came back I took my bath and went to the nearby supermarket to get some stuffs. For more updates stay tuned.


Good morning, I hope you enjoyed your night?
Morning exercise is good,,,, it has a long time I did an exercise - no time.
Enjoy your day today

First LID report
Location: ABA

Good Morning steemians. Hope we are good today? ThankGod we all saw the last working day of the week (for public/civil servants), for our business colleagues,we still have Saturday and maybe Sunday to drive through the week. Anyway , my night was good with the serene weather coupled with the constant power supply till this morning.


I woke up quite early (around 4:55am) since I slept earlier than before now. But funnily everyone woke up almost same time in the house. I have to question them if they were already tired of sleeping till 6am especially the kids. But were all grateful to God Almighty for a blessed day like this.

I got up, helped my wife to prepare the children, and the school boy is already out of the house to school. I've also freshened up, had my breakfast and ready to move out for the days job. I ate Indomie and egg (that seem like ages).


Location: Ogbomoso
Date: 16th April, 2021
Time: 9:50am

First LID Report

Good morning Steemians, the night was cold because it rained. We've been expecting the day for long because of the heat, yesternight was good.

Though I slept late yesternight because of work related matter which I need to respond to before 12pm today, it has been tasking so far.

I don't know if I will be able to achieve much today because there's no light.

The day has started already, let keep it rolling!

If there will be any update, I will keep you up to date with events as it unfolds...

It's @holayemine, reporting live from Ogbomoso

Stay safe 😷


My 1st lid post
Location ABA ukegbu
Date 16/04/2021
Time 9:12am


good morning my fellow steeamians how was your night, my night was good because I slept comfortable last night,also I didn't sleep earlier last night I was busy browsing when I wake up it has been 9:00 a.m. so what I have to do is to take my bath and go to work but I really thank God for waking me up this morning, I also pray for God to protect us as you are going out today and come back, stay tuned for more updates ✌️


Hello bro goodmorning
Yea, we thank God for another day.

But you really woke up late oo😀
Well you said you were busy online.
Bro so you are living at ukaegbu street.
Thats my street too. But your face looks familiar though.
Do have a nice day bro.


Wow 🙃🙃


1st LID post
Date: 16 April 2021
Time: 10:55am
Location: aba, abia state

Good morning everyone, hope you had a nice sleep last night? I woke exactly 5:30am, i said my prayers and went to the kitchen to warm my food and do some chores. Also washed the white cloth i soak inside the water last night.
Then, i ate and had my shower and prepare for work, i went very early today. I sat down at office.
Immediately the person that suppose to clean the office called me on phone that he's going to come late at office today that he went somewhere.
So i need to help him with the cleaning. Which after I'm done with cleaning. I brought out our laptop to charge it. I was charging my phone too because it was really down. Well, today I'm not going out,
But i promised to be updating you guys.
morning selfie


1st lid



Location: Abule Egba Lagos


Good morning steemains, trust you are all doing great
The weather is really hot and the power is out since yesterday evening, so I decided to take a walk to one of my friends house, probably they might power on their generator and I can relax and take some fresh air and watch some movies.

Next report will be on the traffic in my area.


2nd LID post
Date: 16 April 2021
Time: 11:20am
Location: aba , ukaegbu road

Hello everyone, actually this is our spotlight for today, it was around 6am when i logged in to telegram and noticed that our today's spotlight was street light. So i need to rush out that moment to snap it from my street, because we have it there.
Around 6am👇🏻


Around 7am👇🏻


I will still update you guys
Stay tuned

1st lid post
Hi my fellow steemian how was your night mine was okay I slept well last night I woke up around 6:30 a.m. I had to do my necessary things. I boiled water, I took my bath I ate then I dressed up for shop. And you guys can see me at the shop
You guys can see my shop at 65 hospital road Aba

First lid report
Time 12:05
Location immaculate aba
Date 16/04/2021

Hello steemworld
Good day everyone,today I woke around 9am because I had a stressful night and today I will be going to see a friend after am back from work , though is part-time job so i will be coming back early..
Thank you all



Nice post, thank God you wake up early and your plan for will worked as you plan it.

Second lid report (spotlight)
Hospital road. Aba.
12 noon

Below is the traffic situation at jubilee, besides peace mass transit, Aba as at noon.
Traffic is very fluent, and people were seen going about their normal businesses.

Jubilee, Aba.

Jubilee, Aba

My 1st lid post

Date :16/04/2021
Location :aba ukaegbu
Time :7:00 am

Lovely morning


Hello steemians I hope you all have a great night, i have a cute night no disturbance, no mosquito,no rashes and I woke up around 5:30 a.m. and I also have to call my best friend to make sure that she wakes up and get ready for her daily activities, I prayed to God for the gift of life after doing that I take my bath dress up then straight to my working place ,
am wishing you all a lovely day stay tuned while I update you.


Hello good bro I really enjoyed reading your first Lid report for today, firstly we appreciate God for the gift of life, and most-especially we thankGod that your night was cool.


Thank you very much

** Spotlight: traffic**

2nd LID report
Time: 1:51pm

Good day to you my friends. it's been a good day all together. Having a steemit promotion with @njiatanga and @yeesja. It is a sensitization period for steemit to be known in our neighborhood and we did present all the beauties of steemit to the listeners. More if such programs will be runner for a period of 2months with an aim of getting more steemit users.

Myself, @njiatanga,@yeesja and City FM journalist

It was a good one and at the moment I'm at Silvia Beauty saloon food market. It's agood day and people are going about their activities smoothly.
IMG_20210416_131023.jpg a capture of ring way street from Nanga Bakery junction

From the picture you can see it's a calm sunny afternoon here in Bamenda town. See you guys later
#twopercent #cameroon

First LID Report
Location: Obohia road, Aba

Good morning beautiful people!! Hope the night wasn't that cold on us all?
Well,mine wasn't that cold from the start of my sleep,not until it was 2:56am,,I started feeling cold,,but the strength to get up and get my cardigan wasn't there,but I'm glad I finally did got up because the cold wanted to destroy me..
So this morning,I woke up by 5:25am,,the waking was done by the usual person,,my mum..I immediately joined my people in devotion..
After the devotion,,I took my phone to check my notifications and Lid for today aswell...
The breakfast which will be porridge yam is already on fire but this time not prepared by me but by my elder sister..
I don't have much plans for today though just to go to shop and help my mum..
And after this post now,, I'll go get ready for it, hoping that today surely,must favour us..

IMG_20210416_063821_880.jpgMorning Selfie

Do have a blessed day ahead!!!!!!
Stay safe and stay tuned!!!

#twopercent #nigeria


Its very cold here too,a bit too cold,maybe because of the rain that fell in the evening.This your porridge I won't mind to eat it o lol.
Have a great day ahead Precious, I'll love to read more of your lid reports


Thanks @eloksjoseph..
Yeah,,my day was great and a bit stressful,,but I still thank God in all

Sorry for replying late


Nice post, from my own end there was so much cold, well have a nice day.


Good morning @presh-omah. Seriously, I don't understand this morning cold. Remain my own porridge yam ooo. Do have a nice day.


This cold matter ,e don too much o,pls stay safe for me dear


@presh-omah, helping mom is something good to do and I sincerely commend you for that. Please I hope your have left over of the breakfast for somebody like me.
I wish you all the best for today as well


Tnx for the commendation.I rilly do appreciate @aizeeck

3rd lid report
16th March, 2021

Asa road
As expected, the traffic situation of Asa road at this moment is jammed.
But there are about three traffic personnel helping to maintain order.

Asa road

Asa road

My 2nd lid

Hi guys you guys can see I'm back with today spotlight I took the picture in the morning when I was coming out from shop the street light is found in back road so you guys should stay tuned for another update

My 1st LID Report.
Location: Aba, Abia State
Date: April 16, 2021
Time: 2:59pm
Good afternoon beloved steemians!
How has it been since morning? I hope your nights were ok. Seriously my night was good and my day is going pretty well.
IMG_20210416_102525.jpg my selfie for today
I have covered much of my plans for today.
Am almost rounding up my activities in the town and once am done, I will head towards Ogbor hill. I hope to do that as soon as I could to avoid traffic. Yesterday's traffic was terrible that most of us including me trekked home.
I wish you all the best for today


Without doubts,, your day rilly went well..
It's a nice thing though..@aizeeck

2nd Report
Location: ogwashi uku Delta State Nigeria



Friends hope our day is going smoothly?

I have been at home since morning,with house chores and others thing's.

I left my house an hour ago, to the saloon to fix my hair.


Am waiting for my stylist to attend to me.

I will bring more updates to you all, before the day runs out.
Stay tuned.
Much love from this ends ❣️



My 2nd LID Report.
Location: Aba, Abia State
Date: April 16, 2021
Time: 3:50pm

spotlight -Traffic.

Good evening dear steemians! I hope your day is going as planned. Am done with my activities in the town, am heading to Ogbor Hill now but there is traffic at Azikiwe by Asa.
Azikiwe Road by Asa Road is located in Aba, Abia State Nigeria. The major cause of the traffic is the loading of passengers at that junction. The people going to Ariaria International Market load from one side at the junction while those going to Ngwa Road both by East and by Mosque load from the other side of the junction. There are traffic warders controlling traffic there but due to the loading their efforts is not too visible.
Please if you have anything that will take you to that place, be prepared to exercise patience as the traffic moves slowly.
This report is proudly brought to you by @aizeeck

Good evening steemians,hope you're all having a wonderful day.I got back from school about 30 minutes ago.
When I was coming back I took pictures of cars and buses on the road for the spotlight of the day.Sadly,there are no traffic lights in this road .


When I got home,I made fried bread and eggs as lunch and now I'm going to shower and rest.
Stay tuned for more updates.
Steem on.

Lid spotlight for today street light.

Location: River's state portharcout city

Time: 5:44pm

Date: 16/04/2021


This is the street light in my area it's off at the particular time I took the snap-shot, it's usually switched on at 7pm, and it will be off at about 6am, the next morning.

Location: Ibusa junction Asaba delta state

Time: 5:50

Date: 16/04/202



This is the traffic situation in ibusa junction Asaba Delta State.
The situation is zoom jam.


Nice one bro........ You did great in your capture.
Keep steeming


My mentor i see u

3rd LID post
Date :16 April 2021
Time : 6:20pm
Location : ogbor Hill

Hello, good evening everyone. Hope your day went well. Mine was fun.
This is my 3rd report. Coming back from work around 6pm, there was a heavy traffic at ogbor ill
Caused by a trailer.
So i decided to take a picture.

I'm heading home now.
Thanks for reading.


Second Lid report
Location:Emebiriuwa street ,Aba
So I was at the shop today,then my elder sister called that she was I'll and that she needed my assistance at home..
They live at Emebiriuwa street, Aba.. Immediately it was 3:00pm,,I left to her house..The visit previledged me to take pictures of most traffics we passed on our way to Osisioma..
I'm glad that I embarked on such mini trip,, because if not for it I wouldn't have gotten a chance to take the pictures of those traffics..
And the traffics respectively include:
i) Osisoma junction,,by Express.
ii)Aba-Owerri road,After Rhema University
iii)Union bank,junction by Aba Owerri
iv)Brass junction
v) Constitution Crescent,before Bata junction.
vi)Pound road,towards Milverton
All in Aba,Abia state

So I selected and uploaded the pictures according to how I listed them above..








#twopercent #nigeria

Ist lid report
Location :Aba
Date :16-04-2021

Good evening everyone, hope you all are having a good time


The traffic today is a bit fare, compared to the one of yesterday, pictures was taken in number one okigwe road on my way back from work today

3rd LID report
Location: City chemist roundabout Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 4:20pm

Around 3:00pm I caught up with a school mate who makes this delicious chicken soya at City chemist roundabout in Bamenda. There was an urgent matter in school concerning the production of our student identification card. We sat chatting about it at the carrefou where he sells. It was a decision that we won't go for it until after two weeks. I sat watching at the circulation at the junction. It is a busy afternoon with so many cars ploughing the road. See picture below

IMG_20210416_133041.jpg Circulation at the roundabout

#twopercent #cameroon

4th LID report
Location: Nanga Bakery junction food market Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 6:57pm

My dear friends im back again with another report from my side. When I was done chatting with my friend I went back to the salon. Fortunately I didn't meet many people like the morning so I decided to treat my hair with a new look. See picture below
IMG_20210416_130409.jpg my new look

By the time I was finished it was evening already and rush hour for everyone. Looking at the insecurity in town everyone is rushing home before it's dark. I captured a picture of the Ring way street opposite the salon building just like in the morning. Presently I'm in a taxi heading home.

IMG-20210416-WA0030.jpg Ring way street junction food market
#twopercent #cameroon


Nice shot my dear.
Keep steeming my dear.
You look great on your new hair style.

3rd Report.
Location:Koka ibusa road Asaba


Today's Sportlight street lights👇

The above image was captured,koka U turn. Ibusa road.
I left the Saloon some hours back.
I'm currently in Asaba now to see a friend.

This is my last report for today happy weekend to all.


Location: Ogbomoso
Date: 16th April, 2021
Time: 7pm

Second LID Report

Good evening all, the day has been a fantastic day! There are many successful errands I ran in the course of the day and I thank God for safe journey.
During my visit to lautech University, I had to snatch the opportunity to snap this:


What3words location

This is my street light, maybe later in the night when there's light, I will make another post to have a view of the light.


What3words location

My day has been a pleasant one!
It's @holayemine, reporting live from Ogbomoso

Stay safe 😷


Third Lid Report
Location: Obohia road,Aba
Time :7:50pm

Good evening all,,,so I got home from my sister's place so late,at exactly 7:15pm..

I'm just so tired right now,,I just want to eat,,sleep and rest.
Meanwhile,,I'm glad I finally spotted our spotlight for today..A mini street light in my area..
And I think this will be my last report for tonight..
Goodnight all
IMG_20210416_193303_915.jpgA street light in my area

2nd lid report
Location :Aba
Date :16-04-2021




This picture was taken along hospital road on my way back from work

2nd LID report
Hi friends how's everyone doing? Hope all doing good. I really had a busy schedule today not forgetting the continuous mentorship one have to do for the new recruits. It was almost overwhelming today. But we have to continue to push on. I left the office by 6:05pm, and it took me almost 45mins to get to this spot at waterside bridge. I've been trying to Mingle my self out too from here.



As soon as I did leave this spot , I couldn't use the umoba road since there was also traffic at the other lane. I used the Ukaegbu route and I had to stop bye at Chrunchies to pick up a plate of rice. This immediately served as my dinner.


Spotlight for today




My dear a tired body needs proper nourishment which you've served yourself with this evening. Work seems to be very tough on your side. Maybe you need an extra hand. I'm just a call away. Good night @xkool24
#twopercent #cameroon


My friend Tania, I know you're a call away. I trust your team spirit and concerns always. I hope you did spent your day well?

Best regards,


Yes I did sweetheart and it was so great that I didn't feel the weight of my sickness.
#twopercent #cameroon

My 2nd lid post


I have funny with my customers, I was very busy today because I have a lot of work today, so for me to make my customers feel good and happy I bought them ice cream for them to chill themselves,they're so happy because of that I'm also happy to but all thanks to God that's my day is going great, stay tuned for more updates 😎 😎

My 3rd lid post

IMG_20210416_221717_594.jpgpicture location

As I close work for today I have to go home to see my family,I was in the park over like 20 minutes I can't find Kaka that will go ogbor hill because I live at ogbor hill, I can't stand there waiting for Kaka because once I'm there once the time is going, so I decided to trek with my two leg to go home,I go home without entering any public transport but thank God I'm at home and thank God that my day went well, stay tuned for more updates 🤗🤗

My 1st lid post

Date :16/04/2021
Location :aba ukaegbu
Time :7:00 am

Lovely morning


Hello steemians I hope you all have a great night, i have a cute night no disturbance, no mosquito,no rashes and I woke up around 5:30 a.m. and I also have to call my best friend to make sure that she wakes up and get ready for her daily activities, I prayed to God for the gift of life after doing that I take my bath dress up then straight to my working place ,
am wishing you all a lovely day stay tuned while I update you.

My 2nd lid post

IMG_20210416_185735.jpgpicture location

I found my spot light when i was coming back from work I followed through umuolaa road then I saw street lights the road we are brighter and it looks like morning hour people walking on the street uses the street light sio that they can see very well,and also it keeps the street lively, and for the safety of the people leaving around the vicinity

My 3rd lid post

Is time for work so i how to treakdown the street to make sure that i find keke that will take me to my working place, on my way the keke man told me that he need to buy fuel because there is know fuel in his keke ,so he have to stop at eterno fuel station

2021_04_15_IMG_0545.JPGpicture location

And there are some fuel pumps that is not working very well so they have to call the engineer to fix it,


There meter is very good and the prise is very good, people are rushing to their fuel station to make sure they fill their cars and motorcycles even those that is using generator likes to buy fuel from the eterno company.

My 4th lid post

Yes it's true that I don't know how to cook and I'm still a bachelor I don't have any other option than to buy nescafe and bread from one guy around around my shop that's my breakfast this morning

2021_04_15_IMG_0568.JPGpicture location

and I really enjoyed it the way the young guy used to Hustle so that he will be taken care of him self and I know that God will bless his Hustle, and I told the guy to keep it up my customer and more money

My 5th lid post

The truth is that I don't understand what the road construction workers are doing at ukaegbu Junction, due to the low quality of materials the construction workers use for the road trailers used to fell inside gutter and block the road no road for school children to cross, no road for workers ,no road for drivers

2021_04_15_IMG_0548.JPGpicture location

Is very risky For school children


Government should help us to fix the hood properly so that there will be no more fatter accidents so that the road will be free and I know they will fix it in not less than 24 hours.
Good night all

My 4th lid post

IMG_20210416_222542_577.jpgpicture location

I forgot to capture my spotlight today and also I was busy at the shop I don't have time to look around where I can find my street lights so I have to wait when I'm coming back from work, I know that I will see, but probably I find it closed to my place thank God I find my today's spotlights, it's shining 🤣🤣🤣 stay tuned for more updates ✌️✌️


Even though you forgot to take spotlight but you eventually shot a good one. This one is so beautiful and the background environment compliments it too. Good night my friend
#twopercent #cameroon


Wow thank you so much for that 🤗🤗

My 5th lid post


I wen't to the tailor shop because I gave him my clothes to soul for me and the clothes has been in his shop 2 months what he told me is that my clothes is on finishing but I don't know the slance finishing, if I come tomorrow he told me the next day I just give him last chance to stole my clothes for me, as I reached he has already prepared my clothes for me so I'm happy now because my clothes is ready that's why I captured it to show you people about it 😉😉 have a nice day


Good evening guys ,woke up a little while ago so I decided to do my third lid report.I hope everyone is good and having a nice day.It was so hot this afternoon and now it's very cold again now I have to go put on a sweater or I'll get hypothermia.
I bought biscuits because it's too late to cook so I'll just manage that till morning.Im currently resting ,after a while I'll read a little before j go back to bed.Im so happy it's the weekend tomorrow because the week has been really stressful.How has your week been?
Goodnight my fellow steemians,steem on.
Thank you for reading my LID reports for the day.