Live and Direct Reporting for today 24/8/2021 and Tomorrow 25/8/2021

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We have entered another week for LID reporting. Goodmorning friends and welcome to a new day. Lets get ready to start capturing those inspiring moments that we will come across as we go out today.

As a LID reporter, you are alert to developments in your area. So try to capture any interesting activity you notice and be thorough with your report. There are many ways o find something to report. For example, you can go to a place where it is obvious that you will find some action. If you live in a city, you can visit a car park and capture some of the interesting things happening there. If you are a student in a higher institution, try to capture students and school activities happening in your school. Basically, anything news-worthy happening around you should be captured and reported using the comment section of this post


General tips for Quality Reporting

  • Use Location Coordinates:Adding location Coordinates is a very great way to make your images verifiable. So try to use What3Words to add location Coordinates to your posts.

  • Image Quality: The quality of your report also depends on the quality of your images. So try to capture images that are very clear to see. The angle of your image is equally important. If the angle is not great, viewers would struggle to see what you have captured

  • Reporting Periods: All LID reporters must make at least 3 Reports each day. The reporting periods are shown below.

Morning: 5.30am - 11.59am
Afternoon: 12 noon - 3.59pm
Evening: 4pm-11.59pm

  • Length of Reports: Shot reports are not welcome. Each report should be up to 70 words in length.


Spotlight for Today 24/8/2021

Our spotlight for today is: Sign Post. Each of your spotlight images must contain a location coordinates.


Spotlight for Today 25/8/2021

We welcome you to the LID reporting for today. Our spotlight for the day is: Today's Newspaper Front page. We want you to snap the first page of any current newspaper. We want to see the date of today to really confirm its current. Remember to add the location coordinates.


Useful Links



Making quality reports involves time and efforts. So try and create the time it requires. Also be alert to your immediate environment and do not expose yourself or valuables to anything that will cause loss or injury. Enjoy your LID reporting.


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Location..... Asaba
Time.... 6:06am
Date.... 24/08/2021

Early morning selfie

Hello my wonderful people and fellow reporters how una dey this morning? How una side? How una take sleep?
I hope say all of una dey good this morning?

Kindly pardon me for using slangs in my first paragraph just that since I got to asaba,I haven't heard any good English just pigin so am kind of liking the pigin of a thing😁😁😁😁.

My night was very cold because it rained over here and for that reason,I slept like a baby.

So since Sunday I've been in asaba but am glad I will be travelling to Owerri today,too much Waka Waka.

I don't have much plans for today rather than to travel back to Owerri from asaba.
Hope to capture funny moments on the road and gist you guys ok.

Until I report again, you're the best and @ladyofpolicy loves you plenty.💝💝💝💝💝
Good morning once more.


Hi @ladyofpolicy,

I am glad to read your report for today.Wow,you have been flexing and enjoying in Asaba city;that's lovely.

Definitely,Warri and Asaba are the headquarters of pidgin English.I wish you a safe journey as you make your way to Owerri later today.


Thanks you so much dear for your best wishes and I wish you the best of today


My lady, good morning your Majesty, I can see the smile on your face, keep on smiling because when you smiles the devil will be sad..


Hahahahahaha boss how are you naw?


Am pretty 🦋 good this morning, and you?


Good morning @ladyofpolicy, I enjoyed reading your report. And when you say you enjoyed your sleep and sleep like a baby, note that babies wake up too often at night oooo so as to suck breast. Were you also sucking your mom's breast? Have a nice day.


Good morning @ladyyofpolicy I really enjoyed the pigin


You are not looking bad dear, the pigin is interesting can you please teach me 😌, I would be grateful, have a blissful day ahead.


Thanks dearest


Your welcome


If your movement is productive biko mne carry me along . weldone i enjoyed reading your LID more so for the cold you talk about just buy big bed cover and you will be fine big time


Thanks dear
I will buy the stuff ok


Time:7:20 am

Good morning great people of SteemAlive.Trust you slept well.I had a good night the rest although I went to bed late for some reasons beyond my control.


I woke and did the usual routine: pray,brush and check my phone to see the recent happenings on Steemit.

Soon I would be heading to the kitchen to check out things,you suppose know nah 🤣🤣.

Later I will take a shower and leave for the training centre because yesterday was a compulsory sit-at-home.I hope to see a d register new people that wants to join Steemit today.I will update you in the course of the day.



My Oga weldon sir, I see you..


@samuel20. Good to know that you had a good night rest.
Soon I would be heading to the kitchen to check out things,you suppose know nah 🤣🤣. I say, That's the life of a bachelor. But my suit is washed and ready for..., you know what I mean @samuel20. Have a blast today at the training center. Best wishes


Thank you so much sir @emjeak for visiting my blog.


@samuel20, good to see you this morning God bless you, your plans for today is in the right direction. Keep helping us in the center, God will perfect all that concerns you it's the word of God. Thank you very much.


It's good to hear you had a wonderful night, please I will like to know what in that kitchen 😄


Good afternoon Oga boss.
Please employ me as your kitchen attendant na.
Wish you best of luck in the office today


My boss good afternoon oooo
I like this your bedsheet I don't no if you can do give away with it
Your girl dey loyal boss


Second lid report
Industrial layout, Aba.

Good afternoon friends, how is your day going?I hope you are doing well?
Personally, my day is going on as planned. The waybill I send to okigwe have been received and I am bent on achieving my set target for the day. I intend to close from work by 7pm.
Since morning, we have had light in the shop and am very excited about it.


Bellow is my Spotlight for today. I captured it on my way from the buka where I went for my breakfast.


@samuel20 na money fit make me sleep late sha. Meanwhile sure your had a great day sir?

DATE: 24/8/2021
TIME: 1:50AM

Good afternoon to you all, how is your day going?
Hope you are doing well and great in your different territory.

Along Ezenehie road

This is @caleb-marvel on the transmitting line, and here is the new at 1:50pm.
Presently am on my way to buy fuel and we are in Ezenehie road in Asaba. The road is free, people moving freely no traffic conjunction and everywhere is cool.
  • Thanks for stopping to check on my updates, please stay connected and stay safe.

See you soon, Jah bless, Jah guide and Jah Loves 🌹.

First LID Report

Date: 24/0/2021
Location : Akwanga Nasasrawa State
Time :5:40

morning selfie after devotion

Good morning my fellow steemians. I trust we all had a pleasant night rest.
I did after making my post for yesterday which was interrupted by network failure initially.
Well, I had series of dreams mostly about steemit. Funny right?
Well, since I joined steemit, a night hardly pass without a dream about making a post or something about steemit.
😂 😂 😂 😂 😂
I now believe that most of the dreams we have while asleep are influenced from the day's discussion.

Well, my plans for today are:

  • Making breakfast which I'm on it already.
  • Cooking for workers on our site
  • Going to the shop to sew some clothes for a customer who will be celebrating her husband's birthday and book lunch on Saturday.

Hopefully, I'll capture today's spotlight on my way out since its common.

Do have a pleasant day.


Hello dear, am glad you're up and strong this morning which is our prayers to see the brand new day .
Dreaming about steemit while writing is something I love, even when the dreams are not forth coming I create one by imagination, hahaha that's so much addicted I've become to steemit.
Anyways you have quite a number of activities for today and am glad you've started doing some already.
Do have a blissful day ok.


Thanks dear, let's keep dreaming and bring hopeful.
Thanks for dropping by.


You really enjoyed your night, have a nice day


Thanks and to you.


Truly even the bible says that out of the multitude of discussions do we have dreams.


Absolutely correct


That nice dear, please can I come and join you to cook?? Remember my nickname 🤣🤣🤣


Don't bother.
I've finished cooking just come and eat.


Ok dear, on my way✈️✈️


How is Nasarawa?

It's true dear @patience90 dreams reflect what we did during the day and.
I hope you achieve all your plans for today. Good morning


Nasarawa is fine to the glory of God.
Yes sir, some have been achieved already and I know by God's grace others will follow suit.
Thanks for reading.


@patience90 your day is moving very well and very loaded with activities, it's good to be meaningfully busy. Maybe you are dreaming about steemit platform to produce some of the things that has not been established already to improve the platform to be more productive and more enjoyable than it is now, so sit down to think and ponder, God can use you. Have a nice day.


Thanks ma'am

I'll do just as you have advised.


It's wonderful to hear you had a good night rest, please involve in your plan for that breakfast.


Oya come and eat oo 😂 😂


Hope you had a great day finally

1st Lid report
Location: Worldbank Owerri
Date: 24th August 2021

Morning selfie


Good Morning Dear Lid reporters,I hope you had a splendid night rest?.
Today is one of those days I don't want to get out of bed at alllllll😩, nevertheless I woke up by 5:02am said my prayers and went back to bed.
The only reason I'm up is because I've been hearing sounds and they've been disturbing my sleep🥱
I think I'll pay my grandmother a surprise visit today at the village. She's been asking I come over to see her,maybe I'll go today and from there I'll head to Nekede for the school fellowship later in the day.
It's all on maybe. If I get the right motivation,but not to worry,I'll update you as my day pans out.
With love......❤️


@ngozi996 please when you get to the village don't forget to bring things for the girls.

DATE: 24/8/2021
TIME: 7:51AM

Good morning to you all, happy new day and a pretty 🦋 morning to you, hope you all slept we?

Morning selfie on the bed

By the grace of God, I woke up this morning, by 7:02am because because I slept very late. It was by 2:13am this morning I slept because after the class last night I went to my steemit profile and I was going through many things, and many ideas were coming my way so because of that, "sleep" was afraid to kiss my eyes.

Plans for the day

Anyway I will not be going out today, because I am already in the studio were I suppose to be, It was in the studio I slept. May later if I want to go and buy fuel may be the time that I will go out.

Prayers for the day

PSALM 37:5-10
The Heritage of the Righteous and the Calamity of the Wicked

A Psalm of David.

5 Commit 1your way to the Lord, Trust also in Him, And He shall bring it to pass.
6 fHe shall bring forth your righteousness as the light, And your justice as the noonday.
7 Rest in the Lord, gand wait patiently for Him; Do not fret because of him who prospers in his way, Because of the man who brings wicked schemes to pass.
8 Cease from anger, and forsake wrath; Do not fret—it only causes harm.
9 For evildoers shall be 2cut off; But those who wait on the Lord, They shall inherit the earth.
10 For lyet a little while and the wicked shall be no more; Indeed, myou will look carefully for his place, But it shall be no more.
  • So dear Lord, in this days we commit our ways in your hand, may it be done according to you words I our life's in Jesus name, Amen.

Thanks to you all for praying with me, see you soon.
Please do check for more updates.

Jah bless, Jah guide and Jah Loves 🌹🌹


Hello oooooo 🙈🙈🙈🙈


Location: New road Junction Bamenda
Time: 8:35am
Date: 24/08/2021

A big shout out to you my dear friends. I guess the day is moving smoothly and bright as the weather depicts? It's been a long weekend and a beginning of a new working week for us in the town of Bamenda. My morning has been busy since I woke up at 6:05am. I bought two bags of beans and corn from Ndop which my brother helped me in the process. It arrived on Sunday night and due to the ghost town yesterday I wasn't able to collect. This morning I'm at the off loading spot to get my goods. At the moment I'm spot with my bags to transport to the house. From here I will be moving to my experimental site in Bambili.

#twopercent #cameroon

1st lid report

DATE: 24/8/2021
TIME: 6:30am




If you're reading this my dairy, it means you're alive and I trust you had a good night rest too. Welcome to a bright new day, my great and beautiful steemians.
We thank our heavenly father for giving us life today. We expressed our gratitude in prayer to God, as a family.
I was able to prepare our daughter for her first school leaving exam this morning. After she left house, I started preparing for work. My wife will leave the house later.
Do enjoy your day, I will talk with you at afternoon, please stay tuned .


@emjeak Do have a wonderful day sir,we are waiting to see you later


I will surely wait for your next update sir. Thank God we are all alive today. Do have a wonderful day ahead!


Good afternoon sir.
Do have a favourable day at work.
Regards to your wife.


Good afternoon sir.
Do have a favourable day at work.
Regards to your wife.


Greetings to you my friend. Wishing your daughter success in her first school leaving examination. The Lord God Almighty will see her through it in flying colors. A blessed day for you
#twopercent #cameroon


@tenguhatanga. Thank you so much my friend for that success wishes for my daughter. I really appreciate. Best wishes

First lid report
Aba owerri road, Aba.

Good morning friends and fellow lid reporters, how was your night? I trust you did sleep well?
Personally, I slept well and and I am off to work, am currently on my way to main park to waybill a clothe going to okigwe, after that, I will proceed to the shop to commence the business day.


Below is the trafic situation at brass junction when I passed there. After the seat at home of yesterday, there is a a very Heavy human and vehicular movements this morning which have caused holdup both at brass and Bata, some are even tracking on foot to work as there are not enough buses to convey us all.



@uzoma24Oh the trafic is really too much but do have a great day sir.
We are waiting for your sportlight ooo😂😂


You have reminded of my days in Aba, very busy area. I enjoy Aba those days


@chichieze Aba is a good place to live. Just that it doesn't have good roads


Honestly @uzoma24, Aba is very nice area, food is affordable, housing and whatever thing you want, Aba will give it to you. Why am enjoying Uyo is the have good roads network

Sportlight.: sign post


First LID Report
24th august,2021
Location: fire service Aba.

Good morning great steem members hope we all slept fine. Today will indeed b a great based on my expectations.

I woke about 5am and was thinking about money, on how i will meet up with my targets. After which decided to go and take my bath. I took my bath early today because i wanted visiting eco bank this morning before go to my office.

Around 7am i decide to make breakfast, which was rice and it took alot of water after eating.

More so i was hoping for power to come so i could iron my dress but there was no power so i wore my cloths like That , greeted all the nieghbours i met on the way.

On my way out i decided to check my whatapp to see if there was LID report which i found out there was and i went to take the spotlight for today from practical computer school Aba.

More so after taking the spotlight i moved to the market square to buy some snacks that will keep my mouth busy for throughout the day. I bought coke, small chops , sweets .


Am heading to the bank now i will give you more update later on.


@peterabagi am coming for the cake ooo and sorry about the light issue you know this is nigeria where you don,t trust nepa


@jokkystar my dear you can come o. There is love in sharing . Mr Nice guy

First LID Report

Date: 24/0/2021
Location : Abia State.
Time :10:17


Good morning my handsome and beautiful steemian. Hope you had a wonderful night?
I woke up few hours ago before I said my morning prayers and I picked up my phone to check on today topic on 7 days contest in steemalive community so I can quickly start writing but before then I will have to eat and gain strength, I won't be going out today am just gonna be at home. Few minutes ago I received a call from my pastor. He wants to visit me and I wasn't expecting any visitor today but surprisely I was expecting a man of God so I remembered I haven't done my lid today which I quickly picked up my phone. See you all later and please remember to capture today spotlights oooooo.

Morning LID
Time: 10:am
Location: Abia State


Good morning beautiful people, how was your night? I trust we are all safe.

It's a beautiful day today, I slept and woke up peacefully, I did my morning choice, prepared breakfast and am ready for work.

I will be doing my left over work this morning at the office and then do other necessary things that needs to be done.

I will keep is updated at noon....

Best regards 💜💜💜


@ninapenda We be waiting for your update ma do have a wonderful day okay?


Date: 24:08:2021
Time: 10:09 AM
Location : Aba.

Good, good morning my beautiful people, friends and steemalive community members all over the place. Good to see you, hear from you and to know that all of us are doing very well wherever we find ourselves, thanks.

For me, yesterday being Monday was a resting day for those of us in I P O B region. I rested at home, did some abandoned house chores, interacted with my
family members. Made good meals, ate together with my family members and slept fine at night.

Today, I woke up by 5:20 Am, thanked God for his blessings,mercies and protections then sang to God danced unto him because his goodness knows no bounds.

Today I have to go to the market, come back on time to attend a traditional marriage of one of my sister in the church, I have been praying that there should be no rain fall today because for some weeks rain has been falling consistently.

I wish Glory a great martial success, she has been a children's teacher in the children unit in our church, winners chapel. Thank you my people, I will keep us posted as the day goes on.

Bless, bless, bless you all, see you later.


TIME: 11: 18

Pleasant greetings to all you lid reporters and welcome to my lid reporting for today, it was really a refreshing night rest yesterday, i just hope you enjoyed yours cause i did, i woke up today hale and hearty, did my
morning chores and joined my people in the kitchen to prepare plantain porridge,
will you love to see he the picture? Here it is;

Yummy right, well after that i had a bath and took my morning picture:


when i went there, i saw that @esthyfashion was already there, so i took a picture of her too,


well that is my morning for you, there is kinda really going to be a busy day for me so right now, i will see you guys later.


@fortwis09. You started your day right. So you gonna have a great day. That your breakfast looks yummy. Please remain some for me oooh. Best wishes

First lid report
Time: 11:17 am
Location: Ifa Atai, Uyo Akwa Ibom State Nigeria
Date: 24th August, 2021

Morning selfie

Good morning my beautiful ladies and handsome men. How was your sleep. I hope you all had a good night rest. My night was fine and full of waking up often to breastfeed my baby.
Now am doing my house chores, am done with sweeping and bathing my children. One of them is sleeping now. I will be cooking later in the day. And After cooking, I Will wash few clothes. See you all in my next report.


This is great to know, mothers are always full of activities on daily basis, but some people somehow will be asking what are you doing at home. Little do they know that a sit at home mom is busier than some workers that go out daily. Keep doing the good works at home and on the kids. @udyliciouz


Thank you my dear sister. I used to think like that too. That they just stay at home doing nothing. Now that am in the shoe I have seen it all. Those that goes to work are less busier than stay at home

Morning Lid

Lid: 1st report
Location: 4lane by Oron Rd. Uyo Akwaibom, Nigeria

Good morning beautiful reporters. It's nice to be a fellow reporter with you all.
Today started out well for me. I woke up at around 5.30 am after having a beautiful night rest.
As soon as I woke up I said a prayer and began my daily activities which normally begins with household chores.
I did some laundry and then went to the kitchen to help my uncle to prepare breakfast. We were soon done with the breakfast and it was served to everyone.
Mine is below:
IMG_20210824_083313.jpg I would have said come and join me but sadly the food is already finished

After having my breakfast we had our morning text or morning worship as a family after which I got ready to go to our steemit office.
@esthyfashion was already at the office waiting for us. She needed help to join steemalive citation trail and we helped her with that.
She also bought some jewelries. Which she paid with steem.


We are still expecting more people at the office to today. I shall be updating you on subsequent activities at the office. Into then enjoy your day...!


@madyiln02. Good to hear that you had a good night rest. Good to know that you are preparing to go and assist steemians at your location, it's a thing of joy to put smile on other people face. Please keep up the good work.
Have a nice day and Jehovah's blessings. Best wishes.

Date: 24/8/2021
Location: Uyo
Time: 11:24 Am

Morning selfie


Good morning friends and fellow Lid Repoters, hope you guys are doing great. I woke up around 4:30 am to ease myself, after that, I didn't go back to sleep again. I immediately log in to check some post I made and Contest alert. Within some times it began to rain, so I rushed outside to fetch some raining water because I needed water to wash my clothes today. I really thank God for the gift of the rain. I have many schedules today which I have accomplished some.
I have prepared my daughter for holiday lessons, took her to school. Right now I am in shop for today's hustling. See you soon with my second Lid.

Second LID Report

Location : Akwanga Nasasrawa State
Time : 12:22 pm
Spotlight: Signpost



on my way out

Good afternoon fellow steemians, I'm here with my second report.
I was able to capture today's spotlight on my way to the shop after cooking 3 different meals.
Chaii, I was so late.
I cooked spaghetti for the kids, rice and beans for the workers and gwate (middle belt delicacy) for my big bros.

Finally I'm attending to a customer's clothes as earlier reported.


@patience90. I taught as much regarding your lid report. I seen your first report, so I believe this one is your second lid report (you can edit it, to correct the mistake). Bravo, cooking 3 different meals, but what is the recipe for that middle belt delicacy [gwate] ? Have a nice day at work. Best wishes


Thank you for the observation sir.
I had Low Battery and was rushing to report before it off because there was power outage then.
Thanks sir.


I'll share the recipe one of these and I'll make you to mention you.


#patience90. Ok thanks. We're waiting for the recipe. Best wishes


Location... River Naija
Time ......2:08pm

IMG_20210822_134948_525.jpgWhat3words location

My people,good afternoon to you all oooo.
Actually I planned travelling from Asaba to Owerri today which am actually on my way already.

On getting to Onitsha head bridge/River Naija,there was a long traffic which kept me at the bridge for a very long time.
Although I tried capturing a better picture but I failed because the traffic was too much and for the rest of my phone I had to stop the snapping.

What3words location

On getting to Onitsha park now,I saw a large number of people who gathered together and guess what,both the police men and Army force were all there while they tied some people together and at the same time burning so many things at that particular park

As well,I tried capturing a better picture but for the sake of my safety and my phone I failed. I horridly entered a sienna that is heading to Owerri.

Naija dey hot oooooo.


Buy Dora bread for me ohhh.. I don talk am now @ladyofpolicy


Yes ma'am
I will do just that


It's painful, but I believe your safe. Enjoy your day

2nd LID Report

24th August, 2021.
IGHub no 10 calabar street Aba.

Ok after i was done at Eco Bank Aba What3words were I went to lay a complain I trekked down to my office because it was not so much of a distance .

While i was trekking i met some guy on the road , he was taller than me and fair in complexion , i called his attention to the fact that his bag was open and if he did not cover it someone could just take his money.

I made the young man my friend and i started talking to him about steemit and how i have been able to pay my bills via this great platform . His name is Austin and he agreed to go and think about it before coming back to join.

At the office i made sure i cleaned my space and that of my boss and i also made sure all the training rooms where kept clean and ready for class.

Most of our students coming for summer school actually came very late and most of them complained that programming and graphics designing assignment are usually too hard. Some are almost transferring to hardware classes.

More so i was asked to coordinate the online classes for today which i did successfully . The most interesting part of this 4 weeks coding camp we are running is that kids are becoming computer guru and have been able to prove to their parent that their money is not a waste.

The classes are still going on , thank God i bought snacks in the morning. Atleast i wont be starving till evening. I hope to bring you more dwtails on how my day is going soon. Remain plugged.


2nd Lid report
Location : Douglas Owerri
Date: 24th August 2021

Happy sunny and hot afternoon to you out there. Today's behaving like a human being with mood swings. 😂
First it was heavy rains all morning,by 12pm, the weather changed to heavy sun and now the clouds are gathering.
Biko who offended the weather today?
My day had been going very fine. Presently I'm on my way to visit my grandmother (surprise,surprise) and I've got some things for her.
While at the pos stand at Road 19 Worldbank last round about where I was withdrawing,I noticed the people were dismantling their shops and I asked why
They said the government asked them to move from that site,reasons they didn't know.
I also found out that last two years the government came to that same area and asked the shop owners to move,I know this because my mum was among those who moved out two years ago and it was painful,not knowing where next to go to.
How does a government stifle the little legitimate efforts people make to survive??

Dismantling their shops

I felt so sorry for them.
I'm very hungry and as I was passing I saw this mouth watering suya and chicken being roasted by the road side,I couldn't help but take a picture. You'd think I'd buy,but alas,I didn't budget for it

Yummy roadside meat
I didn't know suya is sold during the day...see upgrade 😂

I'll try to keep you updated as my day unfolds. Have fun


I hope you got some for me? Because I want to enjoy with you.


Lol. I didn't even get for myself @flint881


Wow you are indeed having a great day, I am sure your grandmum will be happy to see you, the suya is truly mouth watering, Incase you are coming back, keep some for me😋, well keep on sharing your lid with us, and don't forget my suya😌😌.


Lol. She will be. I didn't even get any sta for myself. @fortwis09


Eya I sad about that, I really wanted my own 😢


I'm also interested in the suya


Oh my God you people are killing me here. Who is posting meat ooo. Please show me love. Mbok


Lol. How will it be sent? @udyliciouz


There are always ways

2nd Lid Report.
Date: 24/8/2021.
Time: 2:09

Good afternoon friends on steemit, it's good to hear from you guys once again. I believe you people are having a wonderful moment?
Well, my day is moving very well, I'm just took a production department to show you guys how and where premier soap is been produce.


Do enjoy the remaining hours of your day

It1st LID Report
Location: Ogbor Hill.
Time: 6:48
Date. :24/8/2021

Greetings to you all my good friends, how was your night? I hope you guys enjoyed your sleep very well. my night was so beautiful i slept very early in other to wake up early too.So i woke up by 6am and said my normal prayers, quickly rush to bathroom brush my teeth and took my bath and rush to work.
morning selfie


i will update you guys my next activities for the day.

Have a blissfull day and enjoy your day.


My boss morning sir...I wish you a good day sir...


And you too have blissful day a head.


second lid report

Location: 4 lane traffic light
Time: 2:23

Hello friends and I am back for my second lid report, things have really been interesting around here, especially with the he weather, it looked like it was about to rain, but it did not


After that a freind came along to sign up in steemit so I and madilyn02 began helping her the sign up, she is still available in school and I won't say again you will see her intro post later:
I then went to check outside for the spotlight not knowing it is Just near me, it was my mum that reminded me about her jewelry on display so I took a picture of it :



Well that is for my afternoon, I'll see you guys in the evening so bye!🙋


Date: 24:08:2021
Time: 2:27 PM

Ehere Rd
Good afternoon my people hope the day is going smoothly with all of us, good to know.
I'm reporting this afternoon and also trying to capture an out standing sport light for today.
But this is a senerio where I captured pupils of a certain primary school matching along the road in Ehere road creating awareness for the public to know about them and their up coming inter house sports activities coming up on a certain date.
They were beating their school band and matching along the road, with their teachers directing and taking care of them.


That reminds me of my school days, we normally prepare and compete with other schools for inter house sports activities.

Have a happy viewing and good afternoon.


Seeing kids in such activities also reminds me of my primary school days and how we used to prepare for the youth day celebrations and other sporting events in the area. It was so much fun. I wish such days could return in my area. Have a nice day dearie
#twopercent #cameroon

Second Lid Report
Location: Uyo
Time: 2:56 Pm
Date: 24/8/2021

Today's Spotlight


Good day dear friends and fellow Lid Repoters, how is your day going? Mine is moving smoothly just that weather here today is too cool. It has been raining since morning. I didn't really move out today, all I did was to take my daughter to school and return back to shop, so I equally capture today's Spotlight as I was going to bring her back from lesson which is there school sign post. Right now, I am doing some laundry because I was less busy now, so I make out time for my second Lid Report. See you soon with my third Lid Report


@chicheze, your sport light is cute and clear. How is your area today, good night see you tomorrow



Location: University of Bamenda Campus
Time: 2:50pm

Hey friends I'm here again. As I said in the morning it's a sunny and bright day. I'm beginning to wonder if this is actually rainy season of dry season due to the heat of the sun. Fortunately I collected my goods, kept them at a friend's place and left for Bambili to do some work on the experimental site. I was to apply fowl manure which I got 4 bags of 50kgs to apply on an area of 260meters square. It is actually strenuous but I engaged in doing it and completed it within 4 hours.
IMG_20210821_112044.jpg My experimental area

While I was working something caught my attention. A group of men came down towards my field with some equipments and I was wondering what they wanted to do in the area. On asking the head of the team I was told they wanted to do some soil test and water level of the area so the can know how to plan for the buildings they want to construct. It is around my experimental site and I was worried they will destroy my filed but thank God they won't do any construction until after two years. The fascinating thing is that I I never knew such operations are been carried out for buildings construction I thought it was mostly for agricultural purposes. At least I have learned a new thing today.
IMG_20210820_100200.jpg Geographers working

I am done with my field and I'm heading home to have a good rest. See you guys later
#twopercent #cameroon


Hi @tenguhatanga,

Thank you for updating us with your afternoon report.It is indeed a sunny day.The farm is very large and beautiful.Your experimental work is quite impressive, though it will likely be stressful.

Me too,I never knew that they carry out soil and test level test before erecting a building nowadays.

Do have a great afternoon rest as you go home.


And I have also learned something reading your post.
You a re such a hard working lady.
I wish I am strong like you.
Best of luck on your field dear.

Second lid report
Date: 25th August, 2021
Time: 3:49
Location: uyo Ifa Atai Akwa Ibom State Nigeria



Good afternoon my wonderful people and friends. How is your day going. Hope your day is going as planned. Am having a busy day here washing , taking care of kids and the weather is not friendly for drying of clothes. I have just finished cooking egusi bitter leaf soup. Who is interested. My day was good. I went to the market and get some food stuff. Now am done with cooking. And while going to the market. I got my spotlight for the day.

See you all in my next report. Reporting from @udyliciouz


I think that your day, the weather over here was great, it was really dry though it had threaghthened to rain, have a great day

3rd LID Report

IGHub Number 10 calabar street Aba.
24th August , 2021.

Hello every one, we just closed from our lectures with all the kids both online on onland.

We went for a long break around 2pm , that gave me an opportunity to go out and look for a venue for the play day we are organizing for the kids which will come up on the third of september 2021.

I also went to see how i could get a government owned ICT center or hub so that we could take our children for excursion .
Was able to find Grace land amusement park aba , here they charge 500 naira for a child and the CEO told us we will have acccess to all the resources on ground.

My friend that went with me was Blessing Oche she did the talking while i did the writing ,after our meeting i filled the report for how our meeting went and then i sent it to our boss.

When we were done , we took a walk to the ATM Union Bank Aba to withdraw some cash which we used for transport back to the office. When we arrived the office we met parents who came to carry their kids home.

When i got to my sit i met a surprise from my friend , He bought me a sweet snack and kept it by my system , such a nice surprice , i was so so Happy, even if it was little it meant alot to me .

I appreciated him, then i started eating it and listening to good music. Work closes by 5pm and we are all exhusted at the office and waiting for 5m to exit the building .

I intend to go the supper market and buy bread and milk so i could use for breakfast tomorow .



You really had an amazing day. I know Graceland, it's a 9ive place and am sure the kids will love it.

Hope you bought the bread and milk as planned.

Good evening @peterabagi


I did and funny enough i have not eaten it yet


It's good that you have it, maybe it will serve you in coming days. Do have a great day


Wow! It's been a while I received any gift from a friend.
I hope the children enjoy and learn from the trip when you finalize everything.
Thanks for sharing

DATE: 24/8/2021
TIME: 5:58PM

Good evening to you all,my dear transmitters, once more this is @caleb-marvel a.k.a Always at your service.

Rain fall

Here is the new coming to you at 5:58pm, please don't touch the dial.

In Asaba by Bar, Justice street in Asaba is my present Location. It has be raining since 5:13pm and to this time is still raining, am in the studio creating some instrumentals but the rain no be here ooh.
Well, thanks to God for a great day like this, may his name be praised, Amen.
  • Thanks and God bless..

Everything at it's time. it's the rainy season. And we thank God for the rains.

May God bless you too @caleb-marvel


And you too my dear.. sleep well and wake up like a giant..

2nd lid report

DATE: 24/8/2021
TIME: 5pm




ABA south headquarters is located adjacent (on the left) to ABA town hall. There, is a big gate leading to the headquarters. Inside the ABA south headquarters there are different departments and offices, also the office of the executive L.G. Chairman/Chairperson.
About 50meters just inside the gate, there's a huge sign post of Steemit directing somebody to the office. There at the ABA south headquarters of Steemit office, they offer all YOU need to know about Steemit including registration at the steemalive training center located at 208 Azikiwe road, by east. It's a 3 deck building with Steemit office on the first floor front.
Trust your day's going great. Stay tuned for the next update.

Last lid report

Location: mbiabong oron road
Time: 7:24

Hello dear friends and I am back again for my last lid report, it really has been a busy evening for me, after everything I did at the office we began to come home, I took some pictures of my surroundings:


We got home after everything, we then went to the market for things to prepare egusi soup:





Thes are some of the ingredients we are going to use to prepare the evening meal, I can imagine how .my it will be, it already smells so good, I can't wait to eat it, well that is all for my lid report today
See you tomorrow, I have to go and consume my delicacy.

Third LID Report
Location :Akwanga Nasasrawa State
Time:8:30 pm

Good evening fellow lid reporters, I'm back with my last report for today.
My day was stressful but I thank God I was able to achieve all my plans by the grace of God.


After closing from the shop, I went to the market to buy okra and pepper for tomorrow's food.
I'm so tired right now that all that's in my mind is eat, bath and sleep.
I'll say goodnight here.


Third lid report
Immaculate road Aba

Good evening friends, how was your day, hope you did have a good one? I am back from the days hustle. I arrived home at about 8:10pm. Unfortunately. There is no light, I don't know the problem out light has in days now. Regardless, I will have indomie and eggs for dinner.

On my way home, I captured the traffic situation at rail crossing along Aba owerri road. It was a rush hour and there are lots of people on the road waiting for a bus to come take them home.

Finally, I can say that today went my way, and am grateful to God who made it a success. After my dinner, I will relax to my phone and enshure I make my entry for the ongoing contest in our community.

Good night



3nd Lid Report.
Location: Aba Owerri Rd.
Time 8:40pm
Spotlight: sign post

Greetings great steemians, i hope you all are had a wonderful day? my day was splendid though I'm just closing from work now due to the difficulties at work today but I thank God everything later went back to normal, and I also thank God that i got home safely and I took a snap of today spotlight too here it's 👎


I wish you all well for the remaining hour of the day, do enjoy your day.

3rd Lid report
Location: Federal Polythenic Nekede
Date:24th August 2021

Beautiful Evening to you from the city of owerri. It's a beautiful Tuesday night and the stars are brightly shining.
Right now I'm at federal Polythenic Nekede for fellowship and it's been an awesome time in God's presence.
While coming for fellowship I was able to get my spotlight:A sign post
Only for me to realize I didn't get a sign post,what I got was a banner 🤦🤦 so there goes.

Service was amazing with people lifting holy hands to worship and praise God

People worshipping God.


It was an amazing time in God's presence. At the moment I'm on my way home. Goodnight

Date: 24:08:2021
Time 9:42 PM
Location : Aba


81 Okigwe Rd

Good evening Lid reporters how was your day, mine was fine, I fulfilled most of my activities today, came back by 6:00 pm, I thank God for the success of the traditional marriage of one of my sister in the Lord in church. sister Glory is now a married woman. God did the miracle.

He that did it for her will do yours for you I wish to all our singles, wherever you may be now. Be very expectant that's how to receive from God. Thank you and good night. Have a good night rest, see you tomorrow.

Third Lid Report

Good evening dear friends and fellow Steemians, I have come to the conclusion of today's activities, after laundry in the day I went to charge my phone at the charging center because there was no lights in my area. When I get there, there was no much customers inside so I decided to take a picture there


No much work today in my shop, but I thank God for providing Steemit platform opportunity for me, with Steemit, I was busy with my phone, commenting, chatting and writing some Contest as well. Good night all


Location: St Paul's Catholic Church Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda
Time: 11:03pm

Good evening evening to you all. Coming back this moment some of you are sleeping already. It is normal to rest from today's activities. I actually had a good rest after I returned from work. I was so tired and hungry. Fortunately my sister in-law had prepared fried plantain and ndole which I ate with all appetit.

IMG_20210805_172649.jpgmy lunch

After the sumptious meal and bathe I had to take a long rest and only woke up at 8:34pm. There wasn't electricity and internet connection. I concerntrated on doing some work on my research write up till I was blessed now with electricity and internet. After this I will be having a final day's rest. Good night to you all
#twoperecent #cameroon


I am back again for my second lid report, my able lot d reporters,it has been really busy Around here and I am back again for my afternoon lid report, I just mapped out a little bit of time to complete my lid report, the weather is really cool around here and th rain drissled a little bit;


Well before I forget, let me explain the reason, I am busy, well you know my friend @favour11 is here and has successfully posted her achievement 1 and is now steemian also @udilicuous and @chichieze also arrived.
So the shop is really busy.
Oh sorry, I have a little question to answer, before she will show me 🙋😘


That's interesting to know that your friends have finally joined us.
Thank God for the rain


First LID report

Date :24 August 2021
Location : Akwanga Nasasrawa State
Time:6:11 am


Good morning fellow steemians, trust your night was fine.
Woke up by 5:00 am for a family devotion which was led by me and the topic was "unsuspecting bait".
The devil use what you like so much to trap you just like the Philistines used Delilah to trap Samson.

Today, I'm making breakfast for the household, cooking for the workers at the site and going to the shop.
The Lord is my strength.

I beg to drop here to concentrate on my cooking.
Do have a pleasant day.


Amen oooh ...God go help you oo


First LID report
Date :25th August 2021
Location : Abia State
Time: 07:27am


Good morning everyone. I woke up this morning to the glory of God. Said my prayers took my picture. And began this report.
For today it’s basically work work work for me.
Later in the evening I will go to church.
Also visit a friend of mine that is celebrating her birthday.

But for this morning, I will make white rice and vegetable for breakfast later on,
Take my bath and kickstart work.
Thank God there is light. So I will make maximum use if it.

See you later in the afternoon
I love you all.
That kiss is for everyone oh, so make nobody collect am alone lol


Wow @tripplem you are not looking bad, have a wonderful day ahead and keep my rice for me. And for your information that kiss is just for m, so see your own .


Lol….. Oya carry the kiss Abeg


Hmm-mm thank you so much


Wish you strength in your work work work dear colleague.
Send birthday wishes to your friend from me


Amen oooo. I definitely will


DATE: 25/8/2021
TIME: 7:35AM

Good morning to you all, am happy to see you all this great morning.

Morning selfie inside my house

I want to thank God for waking us up this Lovely morning, when I woke up this morning, I said my prayers and after that I decided to go to great my people in Instagram before any other thing.

Plans for the day

As time goes on, I will do my morning exercise and after that, I will do some practice and as time goes on, I will go up-town.

Prayers for the day

Lord we thank you for this day, we know that this day is good, we fill it deeply in atmosphere, we should be thankful for we know we should, So Lord we know this day so good.

Thanks to you all, see you soon.

  • Jah bless, Jah guide and Jah Loves 🌹🌹💐.

Thank you Jesus for waking us up.
You didn't invite me for exercise oo


An pretty sorry my dear, please you can come tomorrow by 7:30am 🌹🌹🌹💐💐


1st Lid Report

Location: 5 Nwanganga Drive off Umunkama, Aba.
Time: 07:44am
Date: 25/08/2021



Good morning to you all. My night was enjoyable. The day will be a happy one.

As usual i enrolled my self in our family worship. My daily routine was carried out by me. I brush my teeth.

I took my shower and ate my food. I got ready to go out for a burial ceremonial. But i am not full sure i will attend. God's grace can help me to attend the burial.

Now i am still preparing to go out. Have a lovely day out. I will keep on updating you about my lid.


1st Lid report
Location: Owerri
Date:25th August 2021

Morning selfie

Good Morning Dear Lid reporters?,How's your day going already?
Some days just feel like a punch to the stomach.
Is there someone you remember or mention his/her name unintentionally and can't help but become sad and downcast 😓? Sighs.🤦
I stepped out of bed to make breakfast,but I'm back in bed. I don't have any plans to go out of the house today,but let's keep our fingers crossed,something might come up. I'll keep you updated if it does.
Where's @ladyofpolicy that came to Owerri and didn't gimme my Dora bread?
Enjoy your day!!


Hello once again my able lid reporters I trust you had a great night cause I did, after I woke up in the morning, to did my chores as usual and once again hopped into the kitchen for breakfast, well the breakfast was yummy and sadly, no pics today, well after the breakfast I decided to wash the plates myself today,


Well after that I was given steemkidss T-shirt and I said"I am a steemkid I will wear the top today" and I did, I was really pretty and i had a match for it,


It is pretty, and I could stare at it all day, well that is me for this morning, I will get working soon, so bye guys🙋


Really this your morning selfie is beautiful and full of life, showing you slept perfectly well, that's nice enjoy your day.@fortwis09.


Thanks for going through my lid report today, I sure have a great day ahead


1st Lid Report
Date :25 :08 :2021
Time: 10:35:Am


Good morning beautiful people how has it been today, hopefully everything is going well and you are enjoying a little sunshine today than rain, rain, rain since some days and some weeks now.

Anyway, I slept very well last night and woke up today very well too, I believe all of us had same experience as well. It's the Lord's doing and it's marvelous in my sight and I appreciate God.

Today I'm at home writing and writing. God will really help me to fulfill the day's obligations, thank you all I will keep you updated later on in day.

Bye for now and see you later.



Location : Akwanga Nasasrawa State
Time: 1:18 pm


Good afternoon fellow steemians. Trust your day is going well.
After cooking, I went to the market to buy some tailoring materials.
I'm currently working but decided to give my afternoon report first.
See you later with my spotlight hopefully.


This is really a huge store for tailoring materials.

I hope you got all you needed.

Good afternoon from Aba.

Yes I did because there is hardly any tailoring materials you can't get in this store.
Good evening boss.


That's beautiful!


2nd Lid Report


Location: 10 Umunkama Road, Aba.
Time: 1:46pm
Date: 25/08/2021



The weather is bad. It is rainy but i am cool. It is heavily blowing and some trees are affected.

I am still thinking of how to come back home and join our meeting. Our meeting is hosted via zoom cloud meeting.

But things will be better. Have a blissful day.
Lid updated


Wow the weather looks really bad over there, do carry a rain coat when going out, have a nice day.


The rain is general. Just hold on a little more. It will subside.

Can't you join the meeting from there, or is the environment not conducive?


Don’t worry the rain will stop…. Because you must join the meeting by fire lol


Chaii it seems it rained everywhere today oo.
sorry about the cold


Date:25 August 2021
Location:abia state


Good morning great steemian, I hope we all slept well last night, i woke up by 5:30am i prayed for god to protect me for today,

Today I have to go to market and by some food stuffs before I will went to my shop,

Have a wonderful day.


Good morning nwanne M
I need to know your location in abia state ohhhh

So that we can turn up sometime in a steemalive way lol


Yess oh my dear.. sleep still even dey my eyes ooh


Second lid report
Industrial layout, Aba.

Good afternoon friends, how is your day going, Hope favourable?

Mine have been fine until the rains came and disrupted power supply.

Am currently resting and Presing my phone till when it subsides, so that I can turn on the generator.

Meanwhile, I took a picture from one of the stores I bought fabrics from. And I went to deliver a set of agbada to a customer towards CKC.

When the rains subsides. I will go out for lunch before i generator and continue working.

I intend to close by 8pm today because this rain have disrupted my plans for the day.
That will be all for now, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day.




Second LID report
Date :25th August 2021
Location : Abia State
Time: 02:30pm

Good afternoon everyone. Like I said in the morning that I will make rice and vegetable, here it is

Believe me when I say it was delicious.

Also I told you guys that I will make some outfits. I have been able to finish one complete outfit.

Here is when I was still on it


And here is the complete/finished outfit
Lovely right????? Lol

I am still making few dresses and it is raining in my area.
I pray it stops soon so that I can go to church and see my birthday celebrant

See you guys later in the evening.


DATE: 25/8/2021
TIME: 2:54PM

Along Asaba Onit-sha express way

Good afternoon to you all in the transmitting line. And to the viewers at home, how is your afternoon going and how is the weather condition in your Location.

The time is 2:54pm, here is the news by @caleb-marvel.
Presently am long the Asaba Onit-sha express way and the report is that;
Because of the bad stop on the 🛣️ road, on daily basis there is always hold-up on that particular spot.

Thanks for checking on my updates, Jah bless you and I love you all.
Please try to stay safe and out of trouble.

Jah bless, Jah guide and Jah Loves.


Date: 25 :08: 2021
Time: 2:35 PM
Location: Aba

Good afternoon my people how do you see this rain again, I was writing in my morning lid that we have seen sunshine today, it makes one happy.

Though I heard in the news in the radio this morning by the Nigerian Metrology office that
thunderstorm today is at 95% in the afternoon, but sunshine showed up this morning I thought they made mistake.

But I can see now that they were correct and right by their announcement. This is to confirm that they really can predict correctly. To me I never thought there could be rain fall today. They are doing a great job no doubt. Thank you and see you later my people.


Really most at times, weather forecasters may be mistaken, but most at tee their prediction are true. Thanks for sharing


Thanks for reading, it's a beautiful day despite the rain, it's just doing it's job ordained by God, good night and see you in the morning.


my evening lid report

Hello once again my able lid reporters, welcome toy third lid for today, I have been really busy Around here and I am finally writing my last lid report today. Well qfte the hectic day work, we began heading home, I took a pic of the traffic


After that we got home with the car, whoa, you needed to see what the rain had dinner ne the our street,infact, here it is;

Well since we are home, it is a little warm here, because the hous is always cool, bye guys


3rd Lid Report
Date :25:08:2021
Time: 8:17 PM
Location: Aba


Ehere Market

Good evening everyone how was your day.
Good to know that all of us came back home in good faith. For me, I was indoors as I reported in first Lid today doing certain home activities, I'm glad to say I fulfilled the day's obligations.

It's already night majority of families have eaten their dinners while some are still in the process of preparing dinner. Anyhow you find yourself, just be calm and calculated you will still do justice to the situation. But the most of them all is try to eat your dinner like between 5pm like say to 7 PM for easy digestion and a healthy life style.

Thank you and good night. See us in the morning.


3rd Lid report

Location :Akwanga Nasasrawa State
Time,: 10: 55 p.m


Good evening fellow steemians.
Hope your day went well.
I am so exhausted and already sleeping because of tiredness and my network is slow.

It rained heavily between 5:12 pm to 8:00 pm.
I was stuck in the shop because of the rain that I had to call my big bros to come pick me up.
Sorry I couldn't capture today's spotlight.
Right I feel like till morning.
Good night please


Third LID report
Date :25th August 2021
Location : Abia State
Time: 11:03pm

Today was a hectic one for me oh.
But it didn’t prevent me from eating noodles and egg in the evening. Lol


Then I went to see the birthday girl.

That’s cherish.

When I got there, her mother showed me some pictures they took with the birthday dresses I made for her




I prayed for her and gave her the gifts I bought for her.

Then I left and went to make deliveries of the dresses I made for today.

It rained heavily again and I was really affected.
Na cold never gree me type my report since.

But thank God.

That’s all for today



Time: 7:30pm.
Location:MCC Road Aba Abia State.

Good evening my follow steemit reporters.How was your day? I hope your day went well and the weather was favorable to you.

I have come back from Umuahia since 6pm.I reach home changed my dress and ate food.I also prepared dinner for my family. After eaten I captured my spotlight for day.





Good morning great reporters, I hope we all slept well last night. Cause as God may have it I slept like a baby and also wake up to be very strong.
This morning after saying my morning prayer I started preparing for work around 6:20am, and at 6:30am am off to work.

Believe you me I really have something in mind that I prayed to God to grant me this morning and I know he will.there I go cause he never fails me.
I will be back to complete the rest due have a lovely morning .

25th August, 2021. Spotlight



First lid report
10 am
Aba Owerri road, Aba

Good morning friend and fellow lid reporters, how are you doing today? Hope you did sleep well?

My night was almost perfect if not for the blackout we have been experiencing in days now. Regardless, I woke up at about 6am and did my routine morning chores. I prepared indomie for breakfast and had my bath. Am currently on my way to work, first, I go straight to my buttonhole point to drop off the clothes that need their attention. Then I will go to shop to continue from where I stopped yesterday. Am expecting a client from owerri, once he arrives, I will go pick him up. That will be all for now.
Do have a lovely day ahead.


Location - Owerri Road by Lagos street
Time : 2:44pm
Date: 25/08/2021


Good afternoon great reporters. Am most happy and grateful to God for life today even to this extent.
I have been busy with my customers and today's work is indeed a good one.
I have almost forgotten that am ment to drop my report.
I asked for more customers and my God did as I asked.
Even as am dropping my Lid now am heading straight to meet one of my customers to collect her own cash to pay in for her.
I surely know that God go bless my hustling.
Have a great day.

Third lid
Immaculate road, Aba
Abia state.

Good evening friends, how was your day spent, hope it was very favourable?
Mine was good.

After the rains stopped, I brought out my generator and started working. I worked about 6pm when my friend called to tell me he was around, I closed to go received him. He came in from Umuahia.

On my way home I stopped over chicken republic opposite Abia poly to buy fried rice and chicken for our dinner. On arriving home, I had my bath and retired to be while I followed up with my television programs.

Meanwhile, below is a picture of a shirt I made for one of my customers. It is a vintage shirt.