Live and Direct Reporting. Monday 11/1/2021. (Spotlight: Street/Road Intersection)

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This is a brand new Monday, the first working day of the week. You probably have your day scheduled out. LID has already started it's own day. So as you step out, we want to follow you. Make sure your camera is ready to capture great and exciting live events.

Capture everything interesting including street photography, Pedistrian bridge, water fountain, accident scene, peaceful protest, markets and shopping malls, schools,wedding ceremony, etc. Once you capture these live events, use the comment section of this post to report what you saw. We are ready to read your reports.

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How to start

First take a selfie after you woke up and report here. Your first report could include:

  • How you spent the night
  • The weather as you woke up
  • How you will start the day
  • Specific activities you will do
  • Specific places you will go

After your first report, your subsequent reports may contain your selfie, but must show other interesting, important events happening around you.


LID Spotlight(s) for today

For each day, we expect you to capture at least one or two general event in your reports. We call it LID Spotlight Todays spotlight isStreet/Road intersection. We want to see the point where two roads or streets met. Also tell us the names of the two Streets. We will pay you extra 0.1 Steem if you feature a great spotlight.


Picture Co-ordinates using What3Words

Please use What3Words to add Co-ordinates to your images. If you put at least 2 coordinates to 2 pictures in your report, we will pay you extra 0.1 Steem.

Other important things

1. Length of Report text: At least 250 characters
2. Numbering: Make sure to number your reports - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, as the case maybe.
Engagement Leaderboard: Remember to engage meaningfully with other reporters to have a chance to win 1st, 2nd or 3rd prize by weekend. We will count how many meaninful comments you made and reward you.


Support LID

We thank @steemcurator01 and Steemcurator02 for Supporting LID from day 1. You can contribute your own effort by donating Steem or SBD, delegating to @steemalive, Voting this post with value or Resteeming it.

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For: @steemalive


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Location: Esiaba street, aba
Date: 11/01/2021
Time: 07:00am
Second lid report

Hello guys,
After preparing for work, and I left my house at about 07:00am, and this is when I was still in my esiaba, trekking down to immaculate Junction, so I will still give you guys more update today, thanks see you guys in my next lid.

My 1st Lid report for today
Location: Ibb avenue, Uyo
Time: 5: 09am
Date: 11/1/2021

Good morning dear friends.
I'm up safe and sound and my night was cool as the weather is cool too. After this, I'll go say my morning prayers.
Today's as the first day of the week, I'll be in school and I guess lectures will commence full. I really don't have anywhere to go today but I think I'll go see my course mate after lectures. I'll be having pap and Akara for breakfast and spaghetti later in the day.
Do have a great day and enjoy the rest of your day. Much love


Goodmorning dear, good to know that you slept well last night. Hope you will be early to lectures? I will like to get more updates from you


Good morning ma'am. I was the first in the lecture room😊. I'll try to keep you updated


Good morning, @mhizerbee.

I really like your picture. It has some eerie excited feeling about it. Lol 😆😂

Did you not turn on the light/flash?
It'll be total darkness for me if I take my picture in the early morning or after the baby sleeping in my bedroom. So, I have to turn on the flash. Baby doesn't like light when sleeping. 🤫😴😴


Good morning my dear friend.... you're laughing at my picture abi? No wahala.
I actually turned on the light with my small phone to snap. Greet baby for me o


Hello there and good morning. I thank God for seeing you again today. If I may ask, please what's your field of study? I may be fortunate to take you online tutorial for 5000 steem per class. 😀😀......

You go just become an automatic guru..

Don't throw stone o....😂


Lol... well I'm reading English language/Social studies. Having known my field of study now e go reach 10000 steem per class o😉

Lol...I for throw stone but e no go hit you 😊


That's double major if I'm right. I will teach you on zoom. That 10000 steem is okay for start. You are now certified to join my class. You are welcome.

For the stone mata, you fit try throw am. If your hand dey straight, e go reach here...


Yeah it's not really double major that's why I combined it with social studies. Okay do we have a deal? If yes, how do I join?

About stone, I'm not a bad person so I will forgive you


Good morning @mhizerbee. I am glad to know you are up safe and sound and your night was good.
So you are a student. Where do you attend school?


Thanks dear friend and I'm glad you're good too. Yes I'm a student and I'm school in Akwa Ibom State college of education Afaha Nsit.


Wow, I love Pap and Akara, infact I love to take it in the morning.

Good evening dear


Yeah but it's always making one to feel sleepy.

my 1st lid report for today

Location : mbiabong Uyo


Goodmorning from this end my wonderful friends. Hope you are all doing great? I am too. I am grateful to Jehovah for life and good health.

My night was great though the weather was hot at some point but towards early hours of the morning, it became cool. But I had a wonderful night rest.

I woke up by few minutes past 4am and started up with my morning worship and reading of some Bible based articles. I have also login to my steemit account to check for some updates.

This morning, I have left over rice. I will turn it into fried rice for breakfast.
The kids will go to school, they are starting their exams today to climax first term which started late last year. I wish them success. Hope your wishes for them is the same as mine?

As soon as they left for school, u will be roasting soya bean which I will later take to the mill for grinding.

I will update you later on other activities. Stay tuned.

#twopercent #nigeria #affable


Good morning @ngoenyi. I am doing great ma. Good to know your night was great too.

Tell me how you want to turn rice to fried rice lol... Hahaha.


Madam of the madams. The number one sure mama on SteemAlive. I troway salute this monday morning.

I can't believe some schools haven't written their last term exam. My aunty's school completed last term activities totally. The covid-19 really affected schools. I wish them all the best.

I will be on a stand by to see the outcome of the soya beans. If it's what I'm thinking, you will have to waybill some to Abuja.

Take care and have a lovely day.

The laughing gas is waving. One love.


I wish your children success in their examination. Good evening ma

Location: Itam police station
Time: 6:47
Date: 11/1/2021
1st LID report for today

Good morning all
My night was well spent, I slept like a baby ☺ and by God's grace he wake me up this morning. Was expecting to feel cold since I was sleeping on the floor but very unfortunate I couldn't feel any cold 😔. Was just a normal weather. Wake up went straight to the bathroom to shower 🚿 after my morning prayer.
After now will be doing my morning chores (sweeping and washing dishes) as always.


Then will dress up for work after at, today being Monday I can't go to work late that's why I must make sure I finish everything on time to be able to meet up at work time, I really don't want my salary to be taken out. 🙅🙅

Good morning all, have a wonderful day ahead ♥ ♥



Hello, dear. Good morning.

I really don't want my salary to be taken out. 🙅🙅

Just like my old working place. I just let them cut my already low salary cause I didn't care anymore after few months. If I came in late one time or everyday, they still going to cut it anyway. Thankfully I have other merits so they didn't fire me. I thought they were going to fire me when I said just cut my salary and let me come in late. Lol 😆😂

I only lasted for 2 years before I moved to another job though. Where they didn't cut your salary if you came in late only once or twice a month. 😅😅


Yepa! Salary slashing!! No one likes to hear that. On a good day, it's very important to be punctual. You are doing well. Oiiin.

Do have a sweet monday...

One love from the laughing gas..


I respect you o, me I was feeling cold in the morning because I slept on the floor yesterday night. I was so tried that I slept off on the floor.

Good evening

Location: Terengganu, Malaysia
Date: 11/1/2021
Time: 2.32 p.m.

1st Report

Hello everyone~~
Sorry I miss my LID yesterday something bad happen to me. 😢


I'm at my brother's stall. The weather is nice and cloudy.

I was busy and wasn't able to help him for a few days. Seems like he missed me. Lol 😆😂


I had an episode of bipolar disorder yesterday afternoon and made my appointment with the doctor.

I couldn't talk so I wrote everything in papers. The psychiatrist was like, can't you tell me what happen? And I just shake my head.

She's a doctor, so it won't be a problem if I was writing in English. I could only express myself properly in English and in papers.

I got 4 days off from work which I'm not sure if I can afford. I have so much to do before school starts. Oh.. there. That was why she made me that letter to be dismiss from work. I got overwork. 😅😅

I'll try my best to rest. You all also take care, stay chill and try not to overwork like me. Lol 😆😆


Is nice reading your lid reports again dear @sarahraudhah. I am happy that you have finally got 4 days off from work even though women at home don't rest even when they should. But please try and find time to rest.


women at home don't rest even when they should

True that. Lol 😆😆

But please try and find time to rest

I'll do that, thanks.


We all one time or the other feel depressed. We can also control our mood swing I think you know that. However, a doctor or a psychologist would be of help. Free your mind dear and stay optimistic.

The laughing gas is cooling your mind with ease.

One love.


The laughing gas is cooling your mind with ease

Hahaha. Thanks @ckole. I appreciate your concern.


Sorry about that. How is your body now?


I'm better now. Thanks for asking.
Please have a good rest.


Good morning my good people. How una dey today? I salute baba Gode wey gimme the opportunity to shine my kororo eyes on another day. No be by power, no be by might, but na the spirit of the living God mAke am possible to dey shine like halogene light, eventhough my face dey rough like sand paper.

I slept very late yesternight. I was busy doing a documentation for a new website which took me hours, but I was able to finish by 4:00AM, and I woke up by 6:30 AM. Hustle no go kill man. We should do it now that we have the strength.

I'm planning to enter Lugbe today if my friend comes around. My coding course also resumes today, but I don't think I will be going because the Secretary of the organization hasn't call, and also, one of my colleague, Mohammed has travelled out of the country, and he's not back yet. We only chat on whatsapp and according to him, I'm not sure he's coming back this week, so I don't know whether the class will commence without him.

I Also called Tariq, he didn't pick, so today is already gone. I don't want to call Harrison or Mr Emmanuel because they might tell me to come. I rest my case till better go sama the mata.

Still on the mata. We go carry on as go dey go.

Oya, let monday dey roll dey go like a roller coaster.

The laughing gas is saying Una do.

One love


Well done my brother I respect you o. Coding is not easy o, more grace

my 2nd lid report

Greetings once more my people, trust your morning is going on well?

This morning has been a very busy one for me.
I got the breakfast ready, cleaned the pets' cage up and then accompanied my husband to take the kids to school.

This is a road interception at shelter estate. Youth Avenue intercepts with Everist Drive. what3word code

Another road interception at shelter junction. Here, Orun Road intercepts with shelter Afrique. what3word code

This is the sun set

These are my bunnies bouncing

I put this food for them

I will go now to begin frying/roasting my soya bean before taking it to the mill. Stay tuned for more updates

#twopercent #nigeria #affable



Good morning Lovelies. My night was fine, I hope yours was too. I slept very late because I was carrying my nephew who does not really sleep at night. I woke up at about 6:30am for morning prayers after which I had to sleep again. I just woke up and I decided to report lid. The sun is already up here.


I do not know if I would go out yet. As the day goes by, I will know if I would go out or not. No special activities for me to do around here.

As the day goes by, I shall bring more reports according to today's spotlight. Stay tuned.

Location.... surulere Lagos
Time....9:30 am

Good morning my family
Trust we all have a nice rest
My night was cool I enjoyed my sleep
I have said my prayers,do my house chores,and now am up to bed since my aunt refuse me to work

Am not going anywhere today
But I will be vigilant around my area to be able to update you all later or better still,I will try and creat a prose today to entertain you

Best regards
Much love

Location: Terengganu, Malaysia
Date: 11/1/2021
Time: 4.42 p.m.

2nd Report

Hello, beautiful people. Have you take your breakfast yet? Or do you usually start eating during lunch? I rarely skip my breakfast. 😋😋


The weather is great. We came here cause my husband was looking for 'something'. In the end, I bought 'something' and not him. Lol 😆

We could hear the athan (muslim calling for prayer) from nearby masjeed.

This girl is trolling the picture. 😆😂

Baby's going out with her aunt while daddy and mummy take care of uncle's stall. I can't wait for my brother to be back from masjeed cause I want to take my dinner. Lol 😆😆

Please have a nice day.



Great report dear. Why did your husband not buy something again? And you instead? Lots, it happens sometimes.
Skipping meal is not the best rather little quantity at a time will be great.

my 3rd lid report

Location :Mbiabong Market

I am back again with more updates

I went to the location above to grind my roasted soya bean were I came in contact with the village boys, dancing around with a trophy. On an enquiry, I discovered that they had played a league with other communities and they, mbiabong club emerged as winners of the trophy

This is the trophy donated my Hon. Itoro Etim Okon

The trophy

The keeper. This guy is also a plumber that usually fixes out plumbing works at home. I never knew he can keep not talk of winning a trophy.

This is a medal that one of them won

The boys dancing around

Thank you all for reading. More updates will come soon

#twopercent #nigeria #affable


Congratulations to the winning team, they really deserve the trophy.

Location: Immaculate aba
Date: 11/01/2021
Time: 06:03am
1st lid report

Good morning my follow steemians,
How was your night, mine was good;
I enjoy night because the weather was cool and I loved it.
As I wake up this morning, I do my morning prayer and commit all my activity to God, then I start preparing for work, because I don't want to be late today so i went inside bathroom and took my bath, brush my teeth and polish my shoe, then start going to work; see you guys in my next lid thank you.


Good morning, how was your night?

1st Report:

Location: Aiyeteju Kabba, Kogi
Date: 11/01/2021
Time: 06: 09am

Good morning everyone and welcome to another LID from @dprogress, how was our night? I planned to wake up at night but I couldn't I slept off, just waking up now. The weather here is ok and I thank God for that.


I will clean up now and start preparing for work and I also want to move around the town today.

More update will come from me very soon.

#onepercent #twopercent #nigeria #affable


Goodmorning to you too. I am happy you woke sound in health. Moving round for 10 pics right? Haha, I know you are going to get eye catching pics. I wish you success


Yes for pictures. Thanks @ngoenyi and good morning to you. Have a great day ahead


Good morning dear friend
It's good to know that you're doing well.
I wish you success in your today's endeavors and please while you're moving around town, can you buy me ice cream?


😂😂 so you like ice cream.
🤔🤔🤔🤔 Just thinking

why is it that girls like ice cream......?


I do like ice cream for real
I really don't know why girls love ice cream Sha but it's usually cool and sweet


Ok o, girls with sweet things


Yeah yeah
Good morning


Cheating nature especially when it has gotten a hold of us is somehow difficult. You couldn't wake because sleep got a hold of you. Sleep don carry me go several times my brother. E nor easy to wake when sleep dey sweet person.

Have a nice day and remain blessed throughout today.

This is ckole, the laughing gas.

One love


I tell you my brother, you are right o we can not cheat nature.

Thanks bro

2nd Report:

Location: Aiyeteju Kabba, Kogi
Date: 11/01/2021
Time: 12: 55pm

I did my morning devotion, read my Bible and pray to God. My eyes were open to the fact that I must surrender myself to God to use me in any way he want to use me. This was the lesson I pick from my bible study during my devotion.


At work I resolved some issue via phone calls, response to some mails. I also work on some network related issue.

#onepercent #twopercent #nigeria #affable

First report for today

Location: Abule Egba, Lagos State.


Hello everyone, i hope you are all doing great, i should have done my lid report since but the power was out and my phone was down. The power was just restored now so i decided to do it now.
I just finish the laundry and i have taken my bath am going out now to my friend's place he needed assist in repairing his laptop.
I will bring you more updates.


3rd Report:

Location: Aiyeteju Kabba, Kogi
Date: 11/01/2021
Time: 04: 05pm

After work I listen to messages from difference preacher just to edify my spiritual life.


Back at home I help my mom to ponder dry yam that will we use for amala. In yoruba tribe of Nigeria there is a food called amala.

I will step out side to visit another taylor very soon.

#onepercent #twopercent #nigeria #affable


Hey @dprogress. It's cool you help your mom out. That work isn't easy for a woman, so it's cool that you thought it well to help out.


Thanks bro

My 2nd Lid report
Location: Afaha Nsit, Uyo
Time: 4:10pm
Date: 11/1/2021

I'm back from school and I'm at home now. I just finished eating indomie and scrambled eggs with fried yam and bananas.


I later drew a man standing beside a car. I'm having a good time over here and I hope you are too.

Take care of yourself and stay safe.



You can draw very well ooo, wow, I don't think I am good at this. You really had a good time in school today and that your lunch, you could have shared with me na. In fact am on my way to your house


Me draw well? I'm surprised to hear that cos this is actually my first time of trying to draw something. Well, since it's coming from you I believe and if I'm consistent I can do better. Thanks ma'am for that

I had fun and enjoyed, I hope tomorrow goes that same way.


So you can draw


Not really too
I just tried something and that's what I arrived at.

Local Time: 11:50AM (GMT-4:00)
Location: Guayana, Venezuela.
Date: 11th January 2021
Report: #1

Good afternoon for you all my Steemit people. It's a bit late for making the first reporting for today, but it was Sunday and went to bed beyond the legal time, 😁😅 so I was woozy a while ago. 🥴 But I'm ready for another LID and I'll be sending my spotlight later. Let's see if cold/wet weather will improve a little. #venezuela #affable

Second Report

Location: Abule Egba, Lagos.
Time: 5:12pm



Welcome to my second lid report, as i said earlier i am currently at my friend's place assisting him in repairing his system.
The hard disk is faulty so we are going to a technician place tomorrow to repair it.


1st report

Good evening my dear friends and welcome to my first LID report for today. I have been very busy today, as I got to Onitsha in the morning, I went straight to shop. I started to clean up and dust everywhere and I went to Electronic Market to visit a friend of my who is doing business. Stay turned for more reports coming your way.


Second Report



This is the point where three roads meet. Three roads linking three different streets meets at that point where a sign post is written. The three streets are St Francis Street, Olu Akinkunmi Street and Agboguntesu Street. Where I live is not too far from here. I wished I could get a better shot but that is the best spotlight I could get.

Hello @tmighty. How have you been? Long time no write you. Happy New Year 🎉 Hey, you have to put the 3words coordinates of this place for the today's spotlight. It's one of the requirements to present a photograph that's showing a spot. Have a great day friend. My best Regards. 😊
#onepercent #venezuela #affable

4th Report:

Location: Aiyeteju Kabba, Kogi
Date: 11/01/2021
Time: 06: 45pm

When it was 4:35pm I picked the cloth material that I wanted to sew inside the room and moved to the taylor shop. The shop is close to my house but on getting there the man was not around so I came back home planning to go there tomorrow.


This is the cloth material that I want to sew.


I gave back around 4:49pm and I bought bread and tea and I took it.

Stay with me as I bring you my last LID report for today.

#onepercent #twopercent #nigeria #affable

5th Report:

Location: Aiyeteju Kabba, Kogi
Date: 11/01/2021
Time: 08: 45pm

I started working on the post I wanted to publish before I sleep. Immediately after I finished drafting my post, I start reading a christian book title A divine revelation of the Spirit realm.


I ate my dinner and continue with the book I was reading. Once I am through with some of the chapters in the book I will sleep in other to rest for tomorrow activities.

Thank you for following me on my LID report for today, see you tomorrow.

#onepercent #twopercent #nigeria #affable


Hello d progress. I'm glad you're doing well by reading a good book 📚 because there's always a meaningful nurturing of soul just for getting such a great knowledge. That's never having a previous price. It's invaluable. Have a pleasant night and get ready for another new day. Regards. #onepercent #venezuela #affable

Local Time: 06:16PM (GMT-4:00)
Location: Guayana, Venezuela.
Date: 11th January 2021
Report: #5

This is a gas station called E/S Guayana, located at the street intersection between Upata and Andrés bello avenues. This part of the city is important. It's usual to find this spot with enough traffic at the rush hours. So, for this reason you can see the traffic lights over here. Hope you like this photography. See you soon then. #venezuela #affable