Our very first LID traffic Update for today Monday 12/4/2021. (Spotlight: Traffic light)

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Its a brand new Monday!! Goodmorning friends and welcome to our very first LID traffic update. This is one of the changes we recently made to LID and we hope it will be both exciting and rewarding. On Mondays and Fridays, LID will focus fully on traffic update for these two days. All the reporters will try to bring in traffic reports from different parts of the city, state, country or world. We cant wait to follow these traffic reports and see what it looks like moving on the road on a monday.

How to Make a great LID traffic report

The essence of traffic reports is to help all see what the road condition is at any particular point in time. Road users can thereby avoid routes that have been reported to have heavy traffic and use routes that less congested. So to achieve this aim, the following can be very useful to reporters:

1. Location: Location of the road or Street whose traffic is being reported should be detailed. There, each traffic report should include the name of the Country, state, city, road/ street. The reporter must use What3words to provide location coordinates. If you are a new reporter or user, your mentor can show you how to use the What3words app.

2. The Picture(s): The pictures of traffic used for the report should be very clear and shot at an angle and distance that will enable the viewer to see as much traffic as possible. For example, capturing traffic from an elevated position such as from first floor of a story building or from inside a high vehicle will help the viewer to see as much traffic as possible.

3. Safety: Take your pictures from a very safe spot, away from dangers on the road. Please do not risk injury or other forms of disaster as you try to capture traffic. Do not stand at the center or close to a spot where vehicles pass to take your pictures. Safety first.

4. Detail: It could be best to take at least 2 pictures of the same spot being reported from 2 angles so that one can see the traffic from various vantage points. Fully describe the flow of traffic from one point of the road to another. If you are reporting from a road intersection, explain very well the flow of traffic from the various roads that led to the traffic.

5. First report: As this is our usual LID reporting, your first report is still your morning selfie with description of things you wish to do for the day.

6. Be creative: You can use 2 reports to analyze traffic at the same spot of the road, but at different times of the day. Just be creative in your traffic report and try to stand out with your content.

We are really eager to see how our very first LID traffic update goes. But we are confident it would be an interesting project worth undertaking.


Spotlight for Today

Since its a traffic update, our spotlight should also be related to traffic. So our spotlight for today is Traffic light. We will pay you extra 0.1 steem if you feature a spotlight.


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Make a donation to @steemalive to help us reward our LID reporters. Send steem, tron, or SBD to us. You can also curate the LID post for each day and even resteem it.

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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Goodmorning friends and welcome to my very first traffic update. Here is the location details:

Country: Nigeria
State: Abia
City: Aba
Address:208 Azikiwe Road, Aba.
Reporting time: 10.20am



As you can see in the traffic images above, this is a busy road intersection (Azikiwe road by East Street). Traffic is not heavy right now. Coming from East street and heading towards Ogborhill, there is free flow of traffic. Also coming from Azikiwe axis and heading towards the intersection, the traffic is not congested. That is why the intersection is not too busy too. I will bring you more images of this same location towards the evening time which is usually when the traffic congestion happens.

Thanks for checking my traffic update. Reporting life from Azikiwe road.


Aba is becoming busy like Lagos State, coming from work everyday will take me so much time due to traffic. Traffic warders should help us


You cannot compare Aba traffic and Lagos traffic @beewrite, Lagos traffic is "oga the boss" in the whole of Nigeria lol. Please come and visit us lol.


As in ehh.. What fits aba right now is building a lot of round about because the population is increasing daily if not there might be mehem in no distant time..


Greetings @focusnow (70) happy to see you report today........!
I guess this is your first time participating in Lid report.

Hope your day is going as planned!
Enjoy the rest of your day.
Best wish from @pricelesspresh


Good afternoon Sir, first time I am seeing your lid report. Aba is surprisingly free this afternoon or it is not yet time for the traffic jam?


Happy to see your reports


Very clear and Beautiful pictures.
Thanks for sharing


You guys don't really experience hold up in Aba, unlike here in Lagos where Traffic as been our day to day activities

TIME: 6:15AM.


My salutation goes to every lid reporters on @steemAlive. It is good to be back to doing Lid again. How was your night? I hope you slept well. My night was restful.

I woke up not quite long though I was up a number of times during the night hours to check up some things on the Internet.

Today I plan to wash some clothes, after which I shall visit the sport complex to see how the National Sports Festival is going on. I still wish to pay a visit to school to get some things done but I am not sure if I would do that yet.

I shall keep you updated whatever happens.
I look forward to reading your lids.
Have a nice day.


Good morning dear..... I see your night went well!
Happy new week to you .

Wish you the best of the new week.

We will be expecting more updates from you later today.

Have a great day ahead.

Regards from @pricelesspresh


Thanks @pricelesspreh.
Have a great week ahead.


You too have a great day


Nice one brother.. Your plans looks quit interesting... Have a very good day ahead..


Thanks @godsbest.
Have a joyful monday


Thanks alot brother.. Do have a wonderful day too


Good morning @tmighty. My night was good like yours. It's good to know your plans for today and I wish you success in those activities. Always take good care of yourself


Thanks @aizeeck.
I hope you have an eventful day too bro.
Take care of you too.


Good morning @tmighty, I can't remember the last time I read from you. Thank God you're fine.

You're going to be viying a sporting complex? Wow I always love such arenas. Wish I were there with you. Enjoy yourself bro.
#twopercent #cameroon


@tmighty thank you. And yes, I did sleep well.
Please keep us updated on happenings at the sports complex.
Have a lovely day ahead


Good morning sir
We look forward in seeing your update sir
Do have a nice day


No need to tell someone you sleep very well have a nice day

My 2nd lid post


I was at my working place everywhere is dry no work but the sun is too much it's hot in our body I feel like going to the swimming pool so that my body will be cool right here I'm sweating all over my body because of The hotness of the sun...

I bought some chilled watermelon and lick and was ok...thank you, stay tuned 😘

Ist Report
Monday April 12
Good morning friends hope the night was great.....?
My night here was awesome.
The weather was cool through out the night,there was a heavy downpour last night,here in my Location.

I appreciate God the giver of life for the gift of Another New week.

The birthday party yesterday went well.....!
The house is so unkept!
This morning I will be cleaningup the
House before I will do anything else.

🙏God bless this week as we try again
......... Stay..... Tuned.... For.... More....Updates!



Wow.. There was a heavy rain over here too.. And It really made our environment clean


Really that means the rain was general.
Thank God for his showers of blessings.

Have a great day.


You too dear


Hi pretty it's nice to read your #Lid report today you had birthday party yesterday without telling us in steemAlive ahhh we could have celebrated you because you deserve to be celebrated.

All together may God bless your new age and give you the reason to celebrate more birthday in future.


Greetings @kingcent (65) hope you slept well?

I was not the celebrants..... my brother was!
But you can still come enough drinks and food await you.

Have a great day.


Good morning dear @pricelesspresh, it also rained heavily in my area, everywhere would be cool today. Have a nice day.


Yes the rain was general from the report I had seen.

Best wish of the day from here.


My night was cool. So it rained overthere we have been expecting the rain over here but it wont rain. Will be expecting more of your update


You mean it didn't rain on your ends yesterday.
Since two days now it has been raining every night.


Hi dear celebrant,its nice to hear from you today after your enjoyment yesterday,please kindly bear it in mind that you're owing me a birthday gift.
Love you sis


Greetings @ladyofpolicy (44)my dear friend.
It was my brother's birthday party not mine.

But that won't stop be from giving you gift.
You can come over I still have enough cake and drinks.


The rain was sold general

my first Lid report


Location: #Mgbu-oba portharcout city

Time: 7:12am



Hello steemians welcome once again to my first Lid report for today it all started at about 5am when I woke up I quickly prayed and went straight to the bathroom and took my brush and brushed my teeth.

The weather today in portharcout is partly cloudy so I didn't go out today for my daily normal morning work-out exercise instead I took my laptop and checked some notification on my #steemit platform I quickly realized that @focusnow sent me 1steem yesterday God bless your sir.

Later today I will be going to our local g council to enroll courtesy my #NIN. As we all know it's very important now, just as we hear government will soon be blocking any SIM that isn't linked with NIN.


Good morning dear@kingcent, glad to hear from you. Please you need to be early for the NIN enrollment so that you can go back house early. I learned that crowd is usually much


Try and go early and accomplish the registration today


Hi dear good evening,hope you were able to enroll for the NIN registration and hope you got home safe @kingcent

First Lid
Time: 7:30am
Location: Aba, Abia State
Date: 12-04-2021
Good morning beautiful people..
How was your night? Mine was cool and calm, although I slept late, I woke up by 6am, said my prayers and devotions.
I'm off duty today so I have quality time to put my house in order.
Stay tuned
Have a beautiful day


After putting your house in order ... Try and rest


I will. I really need rest. I'm looking so stressed out from last week's work. Thanks for your concern @ajunwa12


Good morning girl, nice seeing your face this morning. Being off duty is a wonderful experience as you would be free to do as you like. But use you time wisely.


Good morning girl, nice seeing your face this morning. Being off duty is a wonderful experience as you would be free to do as you like. But use you time wisely.


I will be wise ma. Thank you @meymeyshops

lid no. 1

Location: Mbiabong, Uyo

My morning selfie

Good morning my wonderful people and welcome to my lid for today.trust you all had a wonderful night rest? My night was great and pleasant.

Morning chores are ongoing and neighbors are already out for the business of the day.

The weather is sunny this morning and I thank God for his creative works


Today will be a busy day as I will be having a meetup with some steemians here in Uyo by 11am. I also will go to the market and prepare soup. Later in the evening, we will have our weekday Christian meeting via zoom video conferencing.

Stay tuned for further updates


Good morning big sis, wish am there at Uyo, i would have love to go with you for that kind of meetup. Wish you the best time.


Good morning ma'am. I'm pleased seeing you in good health this morning. Have a beautiful day ahead @ngoenyi


Hello ma good evening,I hope you're good and hope your meeting other steemians was successful ma @ngoenyi

Time: 07:36 am
Date: 12-04-2021
Location: Oko, Anambra.

Good morning Steemians, how was your night. Everywhere is so cold today, Yesterday it rained heavily even resulting in a licking roof in my room. So this morning is for cleaning the aftermath of yesterday's mess and arrange the room. School is still on strike, so there would be no lectures but I would go to few offices to submit some files. I would wash some clothes and buy some drugs because I am not feeling too well. Then I would observe my online classes. Stay tuned.


Please endeavor to treat yourself, (health is wealth) while I wish you speedy recovery @yuceetoria. Wishing you all the best of the day.


Thank you very much @xkool24.


Good morning, I hope you slept well..and how did your day went?


Location..... Umuahia,abia state Nigeria.

Date...... Monday,12th April 2021


Good morning lovely members of steemalive community and my amazing coreporters of LID. How was your night??
Hope you slept well and you're up strong this morning.
Honestly speaking,waking up this morning isn't easy for me because my eyes is still heavy ,activities yesterday was very hectic coupled with the fact that i had to watch movie all through the night (princess agent,a korea movie) and i went to bed by 4am,but nevertheless am up.

So today being Monday,I dont have much activities aside going to work,and helping my new recruits do their achievement post.
Just hold on with your girl @ladyofpolicy,I promise to bring update on live event happening in umuahia to you.
Good morning.



@ladyofpolicy, it's good you are awake by this of the morning and also strong despite your brief sleep. Always endeavor to catch up enough sleep, 6hrs could be been ideal atleast.

Wishing you a great day at work and also nice outing with your newbies. Remember to update you recruit tracker😊.

Do have a great day

First LID report
Time: 7:30am
Date: 12th April 2021
Location: Aba


Good morning Everyone in the house. How was your nights? I guess pleasant and restful? I slept a bit late last night but hopefully I'm still strong this morning. I thankGod for the gift of life this blessed day. When I got up from bed, I had my morning ginger tea and headed downstairs. I was able to get the car tidied up in couple of minutes.

The schoolboy is already and ready to go out though still waiting for school bus. Would be preparing as soon as he goes out so I can also meet up. For breakfast, will be having white rice and stew.

Nice day guys as I give you updates later in the day.


Good morning,my dear friend ,its good seeing your face again,please share some food with me.....


Hahahaha, @solar-star... I trust what you can do. I know you won't miss your usual delicacy (rice, salad and chicken)😊😊😊. Please always remember me oo.
Do have a great day





Good morning to all,my fellow steemians,reporting live and direct from Anambra Nnewi precisely,hope u all hsd a great nite,well mine was awesome too,but the cold was too much,it rained heavily from around 9:pm-12:am,xo mighty and windy

Messed up the environment,and destroyed so much,ill be going of once its 8:30,to go and deposit some payment to my customer today,ill keep u guys updated,dont forget to enjoy ur day to its fullest.


Wow. This will really take energy to clean up. The rain seems really terrible. Have a good day ahead @rebecca97


The rain caused all these? That means the rain was heavy in all states because it rained heavily in my state too. I hope you all are okay?

  • DATE: 12-04-2021

My morning selfie

Good morning fellow steemians i hope you all had a wonderful night rest? I did my self. I was just waking up because i slept late last nigt.

Today i will be going to school i have lecture by 12pm and it will last to 2hours. After the lectures i will be going to the market to get some house hold materials. Then chilling with my friends.

Stay tuned for more update.

My 1st LID Report.
Location: Aba, Abia State
Date: April 12, 2021
Time: 7:50am
Good morning fellow steemians.
I hope your night was good. I really had a good night rest and woke up this morning with much energy. The weekend is gone with many relaxations. Here comes a new week.
IMG_20210412_074844.jpg my morning selfie
The weather this morning is clear and bright. Immediately after this post, I will get ready to leave the house for today's appointment. The first person already called me to confirm the appointment.
Today's activities will involve much running around but I hope to have success.
I wish you all the best for today and the week as well.


I wish u a successful day today.
Welcome to another week

My first LID report .
Location: choba, Rivers State
Time : 6:05am


Good morning my fellow steemians.
How was ur night? My night was quite okay an loving. I slept like a new born baby.

My great greetings goes to @steemalive who creates the nice platform.

I have many things to accomplish today. Firstly I want to go and cut my hair in a salon nearby.
I'll keep updating you people in my other movements.
Thanks to all for reading


Good morning, tis good to know that you slept like a baby... Im sure your look will change after cutting your hair.
Have a blessed day

Second lid
Time: 8:10am.
Location: Aba, Abia State
Laundry time
Last week was a very busy week for me so I didn't do my laundry. I have to do it today since I'm off duty. The weather is bright enough and promising for enough sunshine, so going to wash every cloth
Stay connected and have a beautiful day


Hello dear @beewrites, I am glad to read your reports. The weather is sunny here also. Hope the laundry is going as planned


Yes ma'am. The clothes should be dried in few hours. The sun is really hot

1st LID report

Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 8:30am
Date: 12/04/2021

Hello dear friends a big shout out to you all in this wonderful family. I'm back again to enjoy this beautiful moment. I missed you all so much. I guess you all are in good health too?

IMG_20210304_043809.jpgMy morning selfie

It's a new week and seems to be a good beginning as the looks cool. I just woke up now and still in bed too. I slept late watching films with my junior brother Lesley. I even missed familyprayer time can you imagine that? Well I will just do mine alone before I go outside. Today is a ghost town day as usual for us and no public movement. So this shows all activities are centered around the house. That will be be all from me for now. Have a nice day
#twopercent #cameroon


Good morning, I can deduce that you are still in bed, trying to catch up the lost sleep 😁... Try and do ur devotion before today's activities... Do well in your ghost town today, have a pleasant day today


Hello my dear @holaymine. I was really still in bed and didn't want to get out of bed too. Hopefully I will finish my activities for today. Have a nice day
#twopercent #cameroon

Really learnt something new. Thank you

Location: Ogbomoso
Date: 12th April, 2021
Time: 8:30am

First LID Report

Good morning Steemians, I hope we all enjoyed out night rest. I couldn't sleep early yesternight because I slept in the evening, making it hard to sleep in the night. The weather overnight was confusing, there were moments of wind indicating rain might fall but rain never came and there was a little heat. I woke up early today, around 6.30am, I had enough time to observe my morning devotion. I entered bathroom around 7am and left home 7:40am for work.


As today is Monday, I will have to prepare for the week ahead and also we want to begin NIN registration, so all the preparation continues today.
If there will be any update, I will keep you up to date with events as it unfolds...

It's @holayemine, reporting live from Ogbomoso

Stay safe 😷


1st Lid report



Location: Itori Ogun State


Good morning guys, hope you all had a great night?
Mine was lovely, I am up for today activities. I will be going to work now, hopefully we close early so I can quickly do some contest on steemit.

I will bring more update with time


Good morning friends, I trust you had a good night rest, mine was awesome. Today is a good day so may it bring great results to all of us.

This is my 1st LID REPORT
Location still remain Aba and time now is 9:01am.

Am yet to move out but I will before noon, I will first branch at a carpenter workshop to carry my table and chair for my steemit shop.

Have a great day.



@meymeyshops, nice seeing your beautiful face this morning.
Good morning ma.
Really, you have a steemit shop...? That's beautiful, please do share with us here in your report.
*Best regards"


Have a beautiful day ahead ma. I'm pleased to see you in good health. @meymeyshops


Wow you have steemit shop for new recruit i guess thats . great

1st lid
Good morning friends how was your night mine was good. You guys can see my face is very very dull it is because I traveled to owerri yesterday and I reached very very late around 11 a clock so I slept very late and I'm very stressed up this morning and I'm about to enter bus back to ABA for my business today and I pray for journey mercy and also pray for open door today for me to sell today


Wow ,sorry about your stress from your journey,i wish you safe journey back home ..bring sharawama for me please


Later come and collect ur shawarma


Good morning, trust you had a lovely night. Have a nice day ahead and stay safe

My 1st Lid Report

Date: 12/04/2021
Time: 9:17am
Location: Lateef Magbero Barriga Lagos Nigeria


Hello guys, welcome to lid resumption after a long break.
It's been a while I reported my lid even before the break, it's nice to be back here again to see the beautiful faces of fellow steemians.

I woke since 5am, I prayed and read a couple of the Bible.
I am trying to catch up with my weekend diary posts.
I had been so busy lately that I couldn't do my diary.
I will be going to pick up a perfume I ordered from a store, after which I will be visiting a recruit to put her through in some of her steemit issues.

See you in my subsequent reports.
*Best regards"


Please, i hope the perfume you ordered is for two. You and me. I need to smell good ooo. Hope you had a great weekend. Did you order the perfume from an online store? @talktofaith


@focusnow, I ordered for just one person oooooo.
My weekend was good.
Yes I ordered from an online store, stakexchain.

First lid report
12th April 2021
Factory Road, Aba

Good morning friends.
This morning, I woke up around 7am.
This is because there was an assignment I did that lasted into the night that I had to sleep at about 3am.
The few hours I spent sleeping I enjoyed.
(No mosquitoes, no heat.)
After I got off bed,1 went to fetch water from outside since water isn't rushing in the building because there have not been power supply in two days now.
I prepared and left for work.
I just arrived my shop.
Today I plan to send a waybil to Lagos and make two new dresses.
That should be all for now, please stay tuned.
I will bring you further updated as they come.
Have a beautiful day ahead.

Abuja, Nigeria
1st LiD Report.

Good morning guys and compliments of the new week, am glad LiD Report is back and better. My night was smooth and was happy waking up to our new Telegram group.


The weather is partially cloudy since it rained yesterday and am up and preparing for the day's task. I would be working from home and later have to go for a meeting I have by 1pm.


See you guys later with more reports for the day, great week ahead y'all.

Warm Regards,


#lidreport #nigeria


Good Morning @iamlynxie.
Good to know your night was smooth.

What do you do and why do you still work from home?


Good morning @@iamlynxie happy to your report this morning.

Congratulations to you we made it again to another new week of Grace.

As you go out Today, may your day be filled with blessings.

Best wish from @pricelesspresh


@iamlynxie, good morning. Am happy to hear that your night was smooth. Thanks for acknowledging our telegram group. I really appreciate your wonderful wishes and I wish the best not just for today nor for the week as long as we keep breathing.


Good morning dear @iamlynxie,thanks God your night was smooth,please Abuja is one big city i love so much though i havent been there before,do well to update us especially me with the top gist over there OK??


Good morning my friend @iamlynxie. It's nice to see your handsome face again... Oohh did I say handsome?! Anyway that's a joke. This seems to be the best weather for me with rain. What about you? Wishing you the best of the day today
#twopercent #cameroon


Hello and good morning from this side, hope you had a great night?


Good morning and it's nice to see you back on LID. I wish you a blessed day working from home today and I hope to see more from you today.

1st Lid

Location: Abule Egba




Good morning, it a brand new week. Today activities is not really much. I will be spending most of my day in my friends place .. I will try and go to the main road to get traffic pictures , I will then bring the update later in the day.

Before that you all should stay safe and have a nice day ahead.



First lid report

Location :aba

Good morning everyone ,i hope you all slept well im happy reporting again ,my night was chilled we had light so no mosquito bite or heat...i slept comfortably.....i woke up early to attend to my morning chores..i had to dress my baby for school and also go to shop.

The burden was a little heavy because mum travelled so i had to do everything ,i have gotten to my shop already ,cant wait to share some of today's activities ...stay tuned


You really woke up radiant. I wish you a beautiful day @solar-star

1st LID report
Date: 12,April, 2021
Time : 10:43am
Location:no. 49 ukaegbu road, aba abia state

Good morning fellow steemains, hope you slept well.
My night was very sweet, because the weather was very cool. I woke up around 6:00am. I had my prayers. Then went out to buy beans that i will cook.
I ate beans for breakfast. After that, i took my bath and prepared for work, but i will have to branch to my boss's dry cleaner to give him his cloth. Then i will start going to office.
Morning selfie


I will update you guys later
Do have a wonderful day.


Good morning sir, I hope you had a great night, have a nice day ahead and stay safe.


Thank you sir

1st lid report

Location: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 10:30am
Date: 12/04/2021


I hope my fellow steemian and @steemalive members are doing great it's been a very busy weekend for me as I worked both online and offline throughout the weekend but it's all for the good.. Here in my area, it rained yesterday night so the sleep was sound although I slept late an woke up early but I still enjoyed the rest...as usually I did all the necessary things I do in the morning like pray exercising and cleaning.afyer which o had my bath .....


Am still lying on the bed though,and also I had a morning tea earlier after bathing, I will be out in some minutes to go open the office...

Stay tuned as I give you my traffic update soon...

Hello dear friends and welcome back to my lid for the 2nd time

I am currently on my way to 20 Udi street to have a meet up with some steemians here in Uyo.

En route, I saw men at work. The major roar that leads to Oron and Air port known as Oron Road is under a major expansion. It is currently 2lane but it is being expanded to 4 lane. Most buildings that are along the road are being pulled down to expand the road the more

The pictures below were taken at [ring road 3by Oron Road]. Hensek is the constitution company that is handling the project







I will be back with more updates soon


Hello @ngoenyi.
Were you walking while taking those pictures? You did well to have taken these clear pictures. Safe trip to your destination.


@tmighty, I was inside a vehicle when I took the pictures.


You did great.

My 1st lid post
Location: ABA ukegbu
Date 12/04/2021
Time 7:58


Good morning my follow steemians how was your night I hope it was good. I feel comfortable lest night because the weather is too cold, I decided to wear jacket so that I won't have pneumonia but thank God I'm alive, I boil hot water so that I can take my shower, I'm praying for God to guide us as we are going out for work today, stay tuned for more updates ✌️ ✌️


Location.... Umuahia


Good morning everyone,its still your girl @ladyofpolicy reporting live in umuahia,as at the time am making this post,I have been in traffic jam for like 20minutes.


This location is around Ochendo Aba park,Aba road in umuahia and I snapped the photo right inside the the keke.

On getting to work now,another serious traffic jam is happening right at the city gate.



This is owerri road and the traffic is still there till now.

Hold on,I will get more updates for you as eh deh hot for umuahia,I will be back in a guff.

LID S/n. : 1
Location: Ilupeju 2, Ogo-oluwa, Osogbo
Date: 12/04/2021
Time: 11:32 am

Good morning, Steemians. Trust you all had a great weekend. It's a precious new week and how has it been up there? I wish you a blessed new week ahead.

This is a report of my first LID of the day and I enjoin you to kindly be my audience. My day kicked off at 06:30 am, I performed the daily house chores and made my breakfast at 09:36 am. I already listed the events for the day in my to-do list and I am heading out to make an enquiry from a printing press.

First selfie

Thanks for reading my LID and I am sharing more with you sooner.

#twopercent #nigeria #affable

1st lid report
Date: 12/4/2021
Location: aba
Good morning friends hope you all had a good night rest, I woke up energetic this morning . I had my breakfast and left for work.
Everywhere was clear unlike the other days, no traffic. I pray for heavy traffic this evening, and am sure God will answer my prayer

2nd Lid Report
TIME: 12:00AM

Good day steemians. I hope you day is going well. Mine is going well.

I am reporting from the Uniben Sports Complex at the moment. Going on right now is a football match between the female junior football teams of Lagos State and Edo State.


The match is one goal against the Lagos team at the moment. It was not too long I got there that the match ended. Edo State won by a goal to nothing.

As I move round the Sports Complex, I shall bring you more reports.
Stay tuned and have a great day.


@tmighty. Hope you read the latest changes we have made on LID reporting. Today being Monday, you are to report only traffic. So after your first LID report which is your morning selfie, every other report should be about traffic. So this particular report you just did wont be counted for today Monday, and on Fridays too.

If you missed the update post about LID, check it here.


oh... I thought it's the spotlight that is traffic

Third lid report
Time: 12:20pm
Location: Aba, Abia State

First meal for today. I just finished my laundry and house chores. I'm really really hungry
Spaghetti, rice and egg sauce.. I prepared it yesterday but couldn't finish it up.
You can join me. Come with your spoons. I will eat something better soon


@beewrites. Hope you read the latest changes we have made on LID reporting. Today being Monday, you are to report only traffic. So after your first LID report which is your morning selfie, every other report should be about traffic. So this particular report you just did wont be counted for today Monday, and on Fridays too.

If you missed the update post about LID, check it here.

2nd LID report

Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 11:48am

Hey guys I'm back again my friends. Going about activities of today has been successful as I have completed almost all house chores. There has not been water in tbe quarter for day so we went water hunting. The street looks so desserted as everyone is home. On my way I first saw a man mixing sand and cement to mould blocks for one do our neighbors. This man does this for his living and provide for his family needs.

Man mixing sand and cement along the street

Boys splitting firewood

Due to the socio political crisis here in Bamenda many youths have engaged in income generating activities on Mondays around the quarter. Some along my walk to the well I spotted some guys plitting fire wood. Rather than staying at home doing nothing they engaged in activities that yield extra income. Their employer is a big supplier of firewood in the quarter and makes a lot of money from the firewood business as he sells 4 of the pieces for 200frs at times 3.
#twopercent #cametoon

My 2nd lid
Hi guys,
U guys can see my spotlight for today I took the picture on my way coming back from owerri this morning
I thank God I found our spotlight this morningy


UNILORIN,Kwara State, Nigeria.
12.47 pm

Good afternoon steemians, @eloksjoseph reporting from my class at the science lecture theatre. I'm currently having mat112 and you can see my lecturer in the picture. I have to go now so I can lay attention to what he's saying.


The class will end by 2pm after which I'll follow my friend friend @vhenom to his faculty before going home.
Stay tuned for more updates in the comments.
Steem on!!!


Hello @eloksjoseph.
I love the settings of the classroom. The way it is, everyone can see what the lecturer is doing. Do learn well and have a great day.


Thank you very much I will👍

Ilorin, Nigeria
First LID report

Good morning my fellow steemians ,happy new week everyone.This is my first ever LID report,thanks for reading.My night was cool and I really enjoyed it.
Today is Monday so I'll be going to school for lectures around 9am. Classes would end by 2pm today . I'll be updating you as it goes.
This morning I'm going to do my morning workout and do some chores,then I'll get breakfast which will probably be bread and eggs.After breakfast I'll bath and go to school.

Stay tuned for more updates in my comments.


Good morning @eloksjoseph. Thank you very much for the courage to post you first LID Report. It's good to know that your night was ok. Also good to know you plan for today. Please while in school, just focus for what you are there for and stay out of trouble which include cultism, drug abuse and other illegal/criminal activities. Steemit will fund you well if you work diligently.


Thank you sir... I'll do that


Good morning, dear Steemian. I am glad to read your first ever LID and you've done it perfectly. With time, you will get more about LID. Do have a blessed day at school today and share a few moments with us later.

Good Afternoon friends
This is my first afternoon traffic report

Country : Nigeria
State : Enugu state
City :Enugu
Address : eke Agbani market
Reporting time: 1: 07pm



Reporting live from the coal city is the situation that has caused a traffic conjuction as a result of impatience and careless drivers at the T junction.. This road leads to Akpugo, ugbuoka, orieagu, oriemba etc.. So any wrong interception causes a lot of traffic jam.. Some individuals are currently controlling the line to ensure people go to their respective destinations.. Keep tuned for more update..
I am@godsbest reporting live from agbani enugu state..

2nd LID report
Date:12th April 2021
Location: Aba

Hello guys, goodafternoon from this end. Hope our day is all moving well.



This is factory road Aba at this time. Traffic situation is less congested during this period. It is assumed this is off peak for this most busy axis at this time. But in the next 3hours down to 8pm, this same axis would witness high human and car traffic. For those coming from Aba Owerri road, Ikot Ekpene road and Park road are all having a smooth drive for now.


2nd report
location: First Bank colse ogwashi uku Delta State

A man preching the word of God


The Busses set to carry passengers going to Town (Asaba)

Hope everyone day is going smoothly?

Stay tuned for more updates!


my 3rd lid

Greetings to you all once again. My day is going as planned.

I met about 8 steemians during the meet up. We had lite refreshments and discussed the way farward for the cities I am cordinating.see pictures below

@amplegiologist, @ngoenyi




The weather is sunny and hot. I am on my way with @eliany to visit someone who is Interesting in joining us.


Am so happy to be in the meeting I really learnt a lot from you @ngoenyi, and I hope to hear more from you. All the best in promoting the interest of this great community. Lovely post.

TIME: 2:45PM

Hello Friends.
It has been a sunny day here in Uniben, Benin.
I am still at the Sports Complex. When I left the stadium where the match was played, I came the Indoor Sports Hall.
I am reporting live from there now.


I have witnessed many wrestling matches between different states right here. It's been a struggle for victory between different wrestlers. Nevertheless, Bayelsa state remains dominant as they seem to have won all of their wrestling matches.






Also the Bayelans have been very motivational here. They have been singing songs of war and drumming, motivating their representatives.



It has been a wonderful viewing experience for spectators and officials.
That's all for now. Thanks


You're really having fun. Wow. This is interesting. Hope your team is winning


Greetings my friend........ I see you are enjoying your day,lots of find around you.
Your caputures are very neat!

You must be a good photographer.🤔

Bless up my dear.
Hoping to see more reports from you


Wow you are having fun i guess
I wish am there to witness this, i love watching match like this. Nice content from you bro.


Wow this is really interesting I wish we have something like this over here in umuahia ,I wouldnt hesitate to always attend it daily,meanwhile have fun.

First Traffic report

Location: Ifako Ijaiye

Time: 2:29pm


Hello guys, am reporting live from Ifako Ijaiye, Agege Under bridge.
This is the current state of the traffic over there right now.
I took the picture while standing under the bridge


So I went to another angle zoom my camera and took another picture


Screenshot_20210412-143325.pngFrom another angle

3rd report
location: Stop over junction busa road Asaba.



The traffic situation at the scene is not much now!
Because Worker and market women are still in the various places of work.
This location is usually busy,in the morning by 7:30-8:40am and in the evening from 05-8pm.

would have loved to make Report about it later but I Will be going back to school ,few minutes from now.
I just came to town to buy goods for my customer.
Stay tuned!
More updates loading........



People are really enjoying this report oo..I haven't seen a picture with real traffic..this is a sweet area to live.


Lol.... The report is very interesting.

Where original traffic is on the way just stay tuned.


People are really enjoying this report oo..I haven't seen a picture with real traffic..this is a sweet area to live.


Kwara, ilorin
03.39 pm
Good afternoon again guys,this is my third lid report. On my way home from school.Lectures are over for the day so I'm heading home to have some rest.


As you can see I'm in the van going home and there is no traffic on the road at all. The sun is very hot so when I get home I'll have my bath and rest a little.Maybe later I'll have lunch but I'm not sure what I'll eat yet.
Stay tuned for more updates,thank you for reading my LID Report.

2nd lid report

Good evening my fellow reporter, let me update you on the traffic condition of

Country: Nigeria
State: ogun
City: ajegunle abalabi town
Time: 3:23pm



This is my second report of the day, live from ajegunle abalabi road there has been less traffic congestion here as the road is free for cars to move freely.
The road is a two laned for those coming and other going, this road as always been a free road where you can't expect traffic to occur,the traffic situation is really fine by Rider and cab driver as they use this route for shortcut to ifo.
I Will be make another road report in my coming report..

2nd Report

Time: 3:59pm
Date: 12/04/2021
Location: Ikeja Lagos Nigeria

Hello guys, I'm back with my second Report.
Just like I told you guys in my first Report, I had gone to the Ikeja I talked about.
I took my dinner before leaving, you can join me here 👇


Spotlight: Traffic

I captured this traffic at Computer Village Ikeja Lagos Nigeria.



Please stay tuned for more reports from me.
Best regards

2nd Lid report


Good afternoon Steemians, this is my first traffic update happening at the Federal polytechnic Oko, School Main Gate
The afternoon is quite and free. School is not in session so the roads are clear, I will still update in the evening to see how things are.

my 4th lid

Hello dear friends, I am back again with another updates

Behold the beauty of Uyocity, I took this picture


This is a fountain as well as a roundabout. It is connecting Wanna and 4 lane, Nsikark Eduok Avanue

This is the traffic light at General Edet Akpan Avenue by Oron road

General Edet Akpan Avenue

I saw this tree with a strange fruit, I don't really know the name of this tree or even the fruit it bears. But I like the fruit and I took this picture

This traffic light is at Ufo Udoma by Osong Ama Avenue

Thank goodness I was able to sign the new user up today. Her username is @goodybest. Meet her

From right to left is @ngoenyi, @goodybest and @eliany.

The newest user is trying to write her Introduction post when I left her to my house.

Next is our meeting, thank you all for reading through my lid reports.

My Lid traffic report for today

Location: Mgbu-oba portharcout city

Time: 4:01




This is a clear snap-shot of location round about in portharcout here as you can see the traffic is stagnant, courtesy the precautionary measures that the #nigerian police is observing now in portharcout city.

They blocked the road and all vehicle are now condem to follow one-way, reason been that there is an intelligent report that some hoodlums are about to attack police stations in the state.

This is my traffic update reporting live, coming from #location junction #mgbu-oba portharcout city.


This is a good way for the police to play safe because the rate of insecurity now because of bad guys is so alarming. I pray it works for long. Nice evening
#twopercent #cameroon


Thank you pretty...


Your traffic update was timely. Every police station is now in fear of being attacked. Chaii


Location..... Umuahia

Time....... 4:10pm

Good afternoon lovely family,hope you all are doing well this hot afternoon.
Am reporting live from access bank owerri road in umuahia,it feels too bad to know that business people and their customers often have chaos
This is a live event taking place right now in umuahia as a customer was seen harassing a pos agent with reason being that the pos agent did a fail transaction for her over a month ago.

Pictures below shows the event scene.




Note....all pictures was taken by my phone,dont forget am still at work but i will still bring more gist to the table,love you.

Time: 5pm
Location: Bata, Abia State

There is traffic along Bata area of Abia State. The traffic is quite massive,from Bata to Shopping center. Some bus passengers are already alighting From their buses to walk to their destinations..stay tuned. More coming up


3rd LID report
Spotlight: Traffic

Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 5:10pm

Hello friends I'm back again, how's the day going? It's been a cool day here and it has been raining Alla afternoon. I love rain as it makes the environment fresh. Taking a walk in all the streets in Bamenda you will see it's deserted due to the restrictions on movement. Only few people can be seen on the streets, no cars and some bikes. It is very dangerous and so we all stay home. It was reported this morning that there was serious gunshots in a village (around Njinibi) in Mbengwi between the military and terrorists leaving 5 dead

IMG_20210412_171839.jpg a stretch of mile 3 Nkwen street Bamenda

From the picture one can see just a bike ploughing the road along with. Some pedestrians. That's how the town looked like today.
#twopercent #cameroon

LID S/n. : 2
Location: Osun Mall, Osogbo
Date: 12/04/2021
Time: 05:25 pm

Good evening, everyone. How has been work for this day? It's been quite soft here because I spent most of the time indoor working from home. I will be reporting my 2nd LID of the day via this post. Be my Guest.

A few minutes ago, I stepped out of the house to get a few things from the shopping mall and it was crowded as if it's the weekend already. The crowd hasn't been like this before on weekdays. I took some pictures while I got there.

Cars parked at the Mall

Customers waiting to pay at the counter

I got what I've went there to buy and I am heading home. Thanks for reading my report.

#twopercent #nigeria #affable


Time: 5:45
Hello guys how are you guys doung today i hope you all having a great day i will be making my second lid for the day

I left my hostel around 11am this morning i have lecture which is to hold from 12-2pm i got to the lecture theatre on time and get a sit at the front in o time the lecturer came and and the class started immadiately. After an hour of the class the lecturer told us he will stop for today that he had a seminal so so he discharged the class.


After the class I to my faculty with my friend @eloksjoseph and some other friends I went to write down my name so i will be given tag for my ID card but the told me that write down of name is on hold for now as there are no tags available. I went back to the park the we took a bus going off campus

I didn't sopt any traffic on the way back because mostly there are no traffic on the campus road.

When got off k we bought food and took a bike home
My lunch

I will be expecting a friend very soon
Stay tune for more update.


This is a good #Lid report I really enjoy the meal you are enjoying especially the chicken laps I love eating chicken alot, you could have made a post na via @steemAlive inviting us to come enjoy the meal with you.

Hope you got home safe, we always preach safe journey.

2nd LID post
Date: 12, April 2021
Time: 5:45pm
Location: ogbor hill, water side

This is my second lid post. Here is our spotlight for today. There's a serious traffic at water side now.
The traffic guards are trying their best to make sure everything goes smoothly. But i think they need more hands for that.
Well i must say they are performing well.
I later figured out that there was a car that spoiled at the middle of the road
spotlight for today



Today spotlight

Traffic light

Date: 12/04/2021

Location: Portharcout city

Time: 6pm



Today spotlight is #traffic light I took safe and took this great snap-shot I'm really excited to report this at this particular time of asking.
Rivers State here is really congested you see traders trading along the road-side but with the help of the #Rivers-state tax force the road is been deconjested. Also with the help of traffic light everywhere is pretty sanitized.

3rd LID report
Time: 6:09pm
Date: 12th April 2021
Location: Aba



Hello everyone, this is my third LID report for the day and traffic situation at Ogborhill axis of Aba. Precisely, this is Ikot ekpene road by waterside. As you can see, we are having high traffic for those going home from town (or commuting towards Ukaegbu junction/Opobo junctions) while the other lane seems much free for vehicular movements.

This one sided movement also signifies that people are returning from their various activities to their homes. Invariably within this period, this is the peak period for this axis.



Location...... Umuahia abia state


Good evening all LID reporters,I hope we all are enjoying today's spotlight,because for me its not just a report,its also fun.
So this is actually going to be my last report for today but it covers a whole lot of location in umuahia.

So i decided to close work by 6pm so that I can move around the city of umuahia to see how umuahia looks like at night with regards to traffic.

Pictures below will show the spots of traffic jam is umuahia this evening.



This is warri street by Isi gate,opposite family chemist in umuahia,as you can see there is no movement.



This place is coperative,by Isi gate,this place has so many route within it and as you can see its blocked.


This junction is Okpara square,from here you can go to express tower,bank road and still come back to Isi gate,its also blocked.



This is umudike junction,from here you can go to Ikot ekpene road,bank road,aba road and still back to gate,it is also blocked as a result of traffic.
There are other junctions in Umuahia that might be in traffic now but I need to go home and rest.
Thanks for reading
Love you all.

Second lid report
12th April 2021
Aba. Nigeria

Traffic report: Aba, NIGERIA


Aba Main Park, Aba
Aba Main Park, Aba
This is traffic situation at Aba main park, Nigeria.
As at 5pm when this pictures were taken, the traffic at this point was very heavy unlike
Aba, vehicles stood at same point for close to 20minutes before making any moove.

Thanks all for now.
Please stay tuned.

3rd lid report

Country: Nigeria
State: ogun
Location: ajegunle abalabi town





As you can see this is papalanto ilaro express road, free from traffic...motorist coming from papalanto to illaro are free to move to and fro without traffic problems.. This road is a federal road that lead to fredral ploythecnic of ilaro and cities like ipobe, oja odan and to the border of Nigeria cotonou border, this road is mostly used by inmporter who deal with the importation of rice and turkey from contonou..

This will be my traffic report for the day
Thanks for reading
Hope you enjoyed my report,
This is how I spent my day..

Cc: @booming1

#lidtimeline #steemalive #steemit #steemexclusive #nigeria

My 3rd lid post

IMG_20210412_220242_392.jpgpicture location

Thank God for today we just close earlier because of the coffee in Abia State, we don't need problem to the police people so we have to go earlier, also traffic is always at ogbor Hill, but thank god that my day was successful, what about you?

Stay tuned for more updates


Location: Itori Ogun State.

Time;8-15 pm



Good evening guys, trust your day was great.mine wasn't bad either .
Well I welcome you all to my second live and direct report and my traffic report.
It was a stressful and busy day, I was inside the cab going home when I took this picture.
I am home right now
I will be having a dinner of white rice and stew.


My 4th lid post

IMG_20210412_223351_508.jpgpicture location

This is what I'm saying there must be a traffic at waterside, I've been in traffic like 30 minutes, I'm running away because I don't want the police to catch me I don't have money to Bell myself so I have to go earlier to see my family,but thank God I came back successful. I'm at home right now,, stay tuned for more updates😊😊

My 5th lid post

IMG-20210412-WA0002.jpgpicture location

Thank God I find my today spotlight..


Good evening guys,welcome to.my 4th lid report. I woke up a while ago and decided to take a stroll to clear my head .


I got home from my walk not too long ago,took my bath and ate. I'm going to my friend @vhenom room to read a little before I finally go to bed. Stay tuned for more updates thanks for reading.


I will be expecting you in my room soon so we can finish with the reading on time

TIME 21:10pm

Good evening guys i hope you all had a nice day. Mine was great too. I will proceed with lid

My friend came around some minutes aftwr i made the second lID report I already prepared rice for him when ge told me he was coming. I also introduced him to steemit he signed up already he will be making his acheivement 1 post probably tomorrow @alala1240 that his user name.
He stayed in my side till past 7pm he stayed in the school squatters and cab are scares when you are going back so he got up and i excorted him to oke odo where he will take the cab. We pass through item7 and i took a picture

When we got to oke odo i was able to spot traffic but i couldn't take a clear picture because everywhere was rough

He was able go get taxi in time i took a bike back to my hostle. That will be all on todays lid post. Thanks you all.

3rd LID Report

This is the second traffic update which I took around 5pm but I was unable to upload it.
This was around the school's first gate which is usually rowdy, today was no exception, this area is usually congested. Travellers usually pass through this road from Enugu or Akwa to Ekwulobia so buses are causing holdups.


Second lid report
12th April 2021
Aba. Nigeria

Traffic report: Aba, NIGERIA



This is traffic situation at Aba main park, Nigeria.
As at 5pm when this pictures were taken, the traffic at this point was very heavy unlike
Aba, vehicles stood at same point for close to 20minutes before making any moove.

Thanks all for now.
Please stay tuned.

2nd lid Traffic report

Date: 12-04-2021

Location: Abule Egba Lagos

Time: 9:59pm



Good day guys, hope you all enjoyed your day.. I went to Ikeja to get a new harddisk to my brother's system but unfortunately I didn't meet the shop keeper, actually the thing is that he is the one that promise is to get it for us and we have already paid him in advance



2nd Lid



Location: Ifako Ijaiye


Good evening friends, hope you all had a fun day.
Welcome to my second traffic report for today 12th of April 2021, this picture was taken in the afternoon when the traffic as died down small.
When I was coming back from work I took bike so no chance for me to snap the picture.

I hope you all love my traffic update today.

Thank you for stopping by.
My name is Taye I am reporting live from Ifako Ijaiye



Ilorin, Nigeria.

Goodnight steemians,this is my final lid report today.Its late ,I just left my friends house, we're done studying for the night so I'm going to bed.


Goodnight I hope you have a great night rest.
Thanks for reading my LID reports today.


Good night too @eloksjoseph. Hope the study time was quite enriching with your friends? I do believe in group studies as I learn from my friends. Good night
#twopercent #cameroon


It was very fruitful thank you.Goodnight.Sweet dreams.

4th LID report

Location: Mile 3 Nkwen Bamenda Cameroon
Time: 10:40pm

IMG_20210110_043601.jpg my tired self

It has been a pleasant evening although some parts of the day was so boring. It was overcome by chatting with grandma and telling her stories to make her feel better and hence hasten her recovery. It's night time and everywhere is so quiet and one can hear only cats crying, dogs barking and no voice of anyone heard from outside. This is an effect of the lockdown for Monday. Lesley had to Mayne watch a movie after we finished with grandmajust because he couldn't sleep. Well guys see you tomorrow as I head for my bed.
#twopercent #cameroon

Good evening dear steemians, have your day wined down graciously? Same with me here. Am here to make my 2nd LID Report and its spotlight. The time is 10:53pm from my location Aba.

It is raining now but I thank God for this rain because the night will be very cool.

Here is the traffic update as I met it at Bata Junction Aba.



This evening the traffic was jam-packed, it is almost always like that at Bata junction.

That was all. Thank you for reading.
Good night.