Steem2dworld 2.0 Recruitment Contest tracker - Summary after 1 week

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Steem2dworld 2.0 is the second recruitment contest SteemAlive community organized with a bumper prize of 700 Steem. We are really eager to take recruitment and mentoring to the next level which was why we decided to do the contest again. The first Steem2dworld contest resulted in the recruitment of 20 persons. We hope that this second attempt will bring more persons. Our target is 45 persons. Since 45 is the maximum number the contest reward of 15 steem per recruit can accommodate, we have decided to do this tracker to help us know on a day-to-day basis how many persons have been recruited by the participants.

To learn more about Steem2dworld 2.0, click here.


Recruitment Tracker

Here are details about the recruited new members

RecruitRecruited byPosts madePost link
@ojoyceoma@ceendy2041st post. 2nd Post, 3rd Post, 4th Post
@bytania@ceendy2011st Post
@wesperjordsan@ceendy202Ist post, 2nd Post
@ekwe@davchi1Ist Post
@uk17@davchi1Ist Post
@ladymoon12@graciee203Ist Post, 2nd Post, 3rd Post
@nneoma08@graciee2021st Post 2nd Post
@sir-vic@graciee2011st Post
@kelvincole@xkool2471st Post, 2nd Post, 3rd Post, 4th Post, 5th Post, 6th Post, 7th Post
@hisgeneral@xkool2441st Post, 2nd Post, 3rd Post, 4th Post
@coolsammy@xkool2421st Post, 2nd Post


Steem2dworld 2.0 Leaderboard

The table below shows our top recruiters so far for this contest

RecruiterNumber of recruits


useful links

Steem2dworld Contest

Steem2dworld Winners

Steem2dworld 2.0 Contest

cc: @stephenkendal

Lets Steem2dWorld!!!!!

Written by: @focusnow
For: @steemalive


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Hello, @focusnow. This is really a very beautiful summary. You've done well in following up, although i'm quite surprised that my recruits were not accounted for. I have recruited three persons and neither my name nor theirs is here.

Here is the link to my tracker post: